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Zahnweiss Info Helps People Preserve the Sparkle in their Smile with Dental Health Tips

Featuring a large range of information about the best and most cost-effective oral health solutions, people are turning to Zahnweiss Infoto arm themselves with the proper dental care knowledge.

Smiles are the ultimate universal language. Transcending race, religion and culture, no matter where a person travels in the world, the simple act of smiling signifies an open, welcoming demeanor.

Because a person’s smile is typically one of their first actions when meeting someone new, having clean, white teeth can greatly impact the way they are perceived.

And yet, millions of people who have the means to take care of their teeth neglect their dental health, whether due to a fear of the dentist or simply not understanding the importance of brushing or flossing regularly.

Featuring a large range of information about the best and most cost-effective oral health solutions, people are turning to to arm themselves with the proper dental care knowledge. In business since 2010, Zahnweiss Info, is a German information portal on dental health and cosmetic dentistry that aims to provide simplified details about a variety of dental procedures and reviews on popular dental tools and products. The online resource also provides a guide on how to save money on professional teeth cleanings and how to pick the right dental insurance. Additionally, visitors of will also find insightful articles discussing common teeth problems and phobias.

Most people understand the basics of good oral health and dental hygiene, but there are a number of ways to even further improve the appearance of a person’s teeth.

To educate visitors on a variety of popular cosmetic dental options, features in-depth information about these and other topics, including teeth whitening and veneers. 

The site also features a host of information on an array of common issues associated with dental health, including bruxism, teeth grinding during sleep, the effects of smoking and gum on a person’s teeth, and how to overcome a fear of the dentist.

With all of the dental improvements available and dental problems that can occur, choosing which dental insurance to purchase is an important decision.

To help people understand the differences between insurance providers and plans, provides an ultimate guide to dental insurance. The guide compares the available types of insurance plans and defines what is typically covered. It also features a list of the most important things to look for in a policy and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

For more information on a variety of dental health and cosmetic dentistry topics, visit

About Zahnweiss Info:

Since 2010, Zahnweiss Info has been a German information portal on dental health and cosmetic dentistry. The site provides general details on the different dental procedures in a simple fashion. On a regular basis, products are reviewed, such as current electric toothbrushes or toothpastes. The site also provides helpful guides on how to save money on professional teeth cleanings, how to pick the right dental insurance and how to get over a fear of the dentist.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Shoe Club Reviews Helps Shoe-a-Holics Determine Which Monthly Club Might be Best for Them

Brand New Website Offers Comprehensive and Helpful Reviews of Various Shoe Clubs

Most people have heard of book of the month clubs and fruit of the month clubs, but what about shoe of the month clubs?

Actually, monthly shoe clubs are one of the hottest crazes going on in the fashion industry right now. Shoe fans can sign up for one or more of the various clubs and stay up to date with fun and fashionable shoe trends, usually at a pretty affordable price.

Unfortunately, not every online shoe club is created equally.  Some are reputable, offering a great selection of fabulous shoes, and others are lacking in customer service and other issues.

A brand new website was recently launched that is helping shoe-a-holics across the country figure out which shoe of the month clubs might be best for them.

Shoe Club Reviews is already getting a lot of attention for its in-depth and helpful reviews of a variety of the most popular clubs, including JustFab, ShoeDazzle, ShoeMint and more.

“No two clubs are exactly the same and each has their own pros and cons so we created this site to give consumers as much information as possible before they sign up,” an article on the website explained.

“We take a look at a number of different aspects including the website and ordering process, overall shoe quality, selection, price, customer service and any extras that a club may offer. Read about our review process for more information.”

Using the website is extremely easy and user-friendly; shoe fans may simply log on and begin reading through the many reviews and articles about the different shoe clubs. A list of tabs across the top of the home page, each containing the name of a specific shoe of the month club, makes it a snap to get to the specific information and reviews of each club.

For example, clicking on Sole Society brings readers to a page devoted to this shoe of the month club. Information includes: how the club works, website and shopping information, shipping and return policies, customer service, if the company offers any extras or perks that really makes them stand out amongst the competition and of course—if the shoes they offer are worth the time, price, and effort.

Visitors to the site are also welcome to add in their own reviews of each club, as well as leave comments about their experiences.

About Shoe Club Reviews:

Shoe Club Reviews offers detailed information, reviews and comments from actual members about various shoe of the month clubs. The new website features in-depth reviews and information, and can help interested consumers make informed decisions about which club they may wish to join. For more information, please visit

Thursday, January 5, 2012 Takes Socialization to a Whole New Level

“Sosyalan” literally translates to socialization and brings socializing to a whole new level. Socialize with friends online and get more. Drop by for entertainment, news, apps, events, recipes, tutorials, and a whole lot more. Join the forums and participate in discussions. Find a directory of Philippine businesses. Search for jobs. Watch Filipino movies. Need we say more? is the best place to be.

What is is a growing Philippine social networking site. Meet members from all over the country and socialize the way you would in Facebook or Twitter. In case you didn’t know yet, social networking sites allow you to build a network of friends, interact with them online, be updated with what’s going on among your network of friends, and have post updates about you as well. is “the” social network site the Philippines can be proud of. But this place is more than a social network hangout online. Sosyalan offers so much more and brings socialization to a higher level. The Sosyalan site boasts of multi-media functions you won’t find in other social networks. Check out the categories on the upper section. These are prominently displayed even when you scroll down. Tabs include home, friends, pages, Filipino movie, classified ads, Philippine directory, entertainment, news, apps, events, recipes, forum, and tutorial.

Whichever tab or page you visit, the operative word is “share.” Members can share photos, videos, links, news bits, and everything else which relates to a category. lets you share Filipino movies and stream what others have shared in the Filipino movie category. You can post photos and music on the other hand through the entertainment section. News gathers feeds from various sources including Yahoo, Google, INQ, Sunstar News, GMA Showbiz, ABS-CBN, and more. You can also post about events, recipes, tutorials, pages (sites), and even apps through their respective sections. Each section is further categorized into sub-classifications.

Classified ads and Philippine directory features jobs and businesses all over the country. You can post about a job offer or find one for employment purposes. The forum lets you discuss topics of choice within the bounds of the site’s rules. is a one-stop shop for everything you need online – from movies, news, entertainment, apps, jobs, and so much more.

How to Join

After hearing the good stuff about, I’m sure you’d like to become a part of the site. Joining is easy. All you need to do is register by providing basic information including uploading a profile photo. But before completing the necessary fields, you need to solve a unique captcha. No, it’s not the usual unreadable letter and number characters. Neither is it a mathematical equation. It’s a Pinoy social relevant question everyone in the Philippines can relate with. See for yourself. Register and find out.

If you’re not yet on, you’re missing out on a promising local social networksite which promises more than socializing. You can watch free Filipino movies; find news, photos, apps, job opportunities, and so much more. Experience sosyalan on a whole new level with!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alkaline Water Secrets: What Most People Do Not Know

Water is Now the Source of Life

Alkaline water is known to help balance the body's chemistry by helping to lower the pH of the overall system. Instead of just making your cells work better for energy, the balance also helps for repair. The repair can help reduce the signs of aging and help even surface cells reproduce more effectively. In general, you probably need to be more hydrated than you already are and if you use Alkaline water for that hydration you are giving your cells the help they need to reproduce quickly reducing the wrinkles on your body and giving the surface of your skin the moisture it needs to stay healthy.

Skin Flaws

You can easily see the difference in your skin when you are dehydrated or living in dry climates. As you age, your skin has a harder time creating the moisture your skin needs to stay healthy. You often combat this with surface solutions but internal solutions such as water can help as well. As your pump your body full of Alkaline water, your cells are able to plump up and be better hydrated. This then fills in the fine lines and wrinkles all over your body.

Ability to Absorb Moisture

When you are putting surface solutions on your skin, your cells need to be able to accept the moisture you are adding. If the cells are too acidic they cannot absorb the moisture. Alkaline water balances your pH back, it removes the acid and opens the cells up to moisture absorption. This will help your skin look better as well as keep it healthy. Beyond looking better, your skin is your first defense against infection, so the stronger your skin, the better off you will be when it comes to staying healthy.
Energy Transfer

When you are run down, your skin is often the first to show how exhausted you are. This is because your body is busy making sure your energy is more effectively used and this means your skin suffers. This adds to the aging effects. By using Alkaline water, your cells can transfer energy more efficiently and process food to energy more effectively. This means you have the energy you need for inside your body and the excess energy can be used to make the outside of your body look and feel healthy. By fixing your pH you are slowing down the aging process.


The Alkaline Benefits is a website that is dedicated to making people to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water. The website helps millions of people on how to get high-quality alkaline water. It also contains a lot of tips on oxygen-rich water and how to use it to improve your health.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ten Great Healthy Diet Tips

A healthy diet consists of the highest amount of nutrients that help your body perform its functions smoothly. No matter how tasty a diet is, if it doesn't provide enough nutrition, it cannot be healthy. Indeed, most of the delicacies that people eat today have fewer nutrients and therefore are not healthy.

The diet you eat should make you healthy, rather than cause illnesses or malnourishment. It should be able to provide the right amount of energy and make you feel enthusiastic. But you should not deprive your body of calories as it does not help in the long-term. It is okay to fast, but it should only be for a temporary period of time and when your body is strong enough to cope. Well, the following are ten great tips you should try for a healthy diet: 

Boost your calcium levels by consuming things that help in its absorption or action. Such things include insulin found in garlic, asparagus, and Jerusalem artichokes and essential fats like omega-3 and 6.

Take probiotics - you should take probiotics as they ensure that a good number of beneficial bacteria survive digestion. They help you bring down cholesterol levels, increase vitamin-B levels and boost your immune system.

Keep a balance of supplements you take. You should make sure that even if you are taking some supplements, the nutrient balance in the body is maintained. And instead of taking individual minerals, take a mineral complex.

Stay off super foods. Super foods are just a creation of super-marketing. You will do well, even better, if you eat four apples or even a handful of expensive and exotic berries.

Consume the required supplements. Make it a point to consult a nutritionist in order to find out what you need, instead of self-medicating.

Allergies are actually uncommon. Contrary to what many people believe, not many of us are allergic to or intolerant of some food or the other. And before you leave out some food groups in your diet, let your doctor know about it.

Never crash diet. If you diet too quickly, your body will be alerted to potential famine. And if you want to lose some weight, take it slow and know how much time it will take.

Get the required education. You should learn about nutrition, rather than dieting. You will get so many benefits from healthy eating. Do not regard what you eat as something that will make you add or lose weight, but rather something that will benefit your health.

Always be prepared. For example, make sure you have got cans of legumes and beans in your kitchen. These can always be added to salads or soups to supply fiber and proteins to your meals, even if they are rushed.

Mind your language. You should never speak unfavorably about overweight or obese people in front of kids. We can blame the media all day long about images of ultra-thin celebrities but we also have an equally bad attitude to fat.

In conclusion, a healthy diet involves understanding you body's needs with the help of a doctor. Finally, what really matters is implementing a healthy routine of a well-balanced diet every day.

You can find more dieting tips on our website
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Tampa Bay Rainy Day Things to Do

Tampa is a beautiful city to visit and offers countless recreational opportunities. Tourists can go sightseeing or spend time in amusement parks or at festivals. However, what type of recreational activities can people take advantage of in the Tampa area on a rainy day?

There is no need for disappointment; it is still a great city, even in wet weather. Tampa provides dozens of indoor activities and entertainment options. The following is a list of suggestions of what to do in Tampa on rainy days.

The Florida Aquarium is a spectacular structure inside which over twenty thousand different types of aquatic life can be admired. If you are interested in history, don’t forget to check out the SS American Victory, a World War II victory ship which was transformed into a museum inside a ship. It is located right next to the Aquarium. 

The Tampa`s Museum of Science, The Florida Holocaust Museum, the Ybor City Museum, the Salvador Dali Museum and the newest one, the Bay History Center are just mentioning a few of the most popular museums. Here, adults and children can learn about the Tampa history, appreciate some artwork or be flabbergasted by a butterfly garden, amongst other things.

It is always a good idea to watch a movie while is raining outside and Tampa has great theaters to entertain you. A popular and extravagant movie theater is CineBistro: Hyde Park, which offers a full bar where martinis, mojitos and a selection of draft beer can be ordered. A hostess will accompany you to your seats and a waiter serves you meals, such as flatbreads, burgers, ahi- tuna, pasta and desserts. If you wish, you are served drinks from the bar during the movie.

Inside sporting events will make you forget that it is raining outside and Tampa offers good places, such as the USF Sun Dome. In the USF arena, not only sporting events take place every year but also trade shows, ethnic festivals, rodeos and concerts.

A nice evening can be spent in the St. Petersburg’s Mahaffey Theatre, in the Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall or the Tampa’s TBPAC. With such a great variety of plays, there will always be one that pleases your taste. 

A fun way of ending your night is the perfect combination of food and theater. In a dinner theater, you can spend a romantic time with your partner or have a fun time with your family or friends. Among your options, you will find places like Bollywood Café, Detective Dinner Theater, Angel Cabaret Theater, Early Bird Dinner Theatre, Show Palace Dinner Theatre, and hundreds more.

Go shopping. If you are running out of places to go on rainy days, check out the International Plaza; it is a charming and entertaining shopping and dining destination where you can find trendy stores and an open-air village with nice restaurants.

If you follow these suggestions, you will discover another side of Tampa and discover that it is a place where even on rainy days there is no reason to stay at home.

Are you looking to find the best Tampa Florida attractions? Visit to find out where to go and other information such as options for Tampa airport transportation.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Have Optimal Health and Wellness? Then You’re Already Successful!

They say success always starts with a healthy brain and body. But I say that if you have a healthy brain and body to start with you're already successful! Many people see success in terms of the amount of material possessions they have or the size of their bank balance. Sure these are very important. Material abundance is your natural birthright. But so is an abundance of health and wellness! And success in acquiring material abundance can only truly occur if an abundance of health and wellness is present first.

An abundance of health and wellness is your natural birthright? This is true but hard to believe given the increasing number of sick and pre-maturely-dying people in the world. But why is this? Why is the world filled with chronically ill people who die before they should? This is a crisis. In fact it is an immense crisis. A global crisis in healthcare. But hey, enough of this negativity already! I don't mean to spoil your day with all this talk of doom and gloom. I'd rather tell you about something positive. Something really positive.' But what's the answer?' I discuss it briefly below.

So what’s the positive 'something' I'm going to tell you about? Simply this; you are an infinite being with infinite potential (this is scientifically proven) including the potential to achieve optimal health and wellness. What is optimal health and wellness?

Optimal health and wellness is not just the absence of illness and disease but also the presence of an abundance of energy, vigor and well-being. It is characterized by vitality, physical and emotional fitness, mental clarity and a profound awareness and understanding of what is good for the mind and the body. People who are optimally healthy and well are happy and feel good most or all of the time.

So how would one know whether a person is optimally healthy and well or not? You measure their level of health and wellness! As you may know if you don’t measure something you want to manage, you generally can’t manage it. So what exactly is it that you have to measure with respect to health and wellness? You measure all aspects or dimensions of health and wellness. Aha! And what are they? Well, I’ve identified ten vitally important dimensions of health and wellness and if they are all optimized, produce a profound state of health and well-being. In fact given the alarming global crisis in healthcare we need programs which incorporate these ten dimensions and which are designed to assist individuals and organizations to prevent, reverse and eliminate illness and disease and achieve optimal health and wellness. And in this way of course contribute to solving the healthcare crisis.

Now in my opinion all health and wellness programs should be structured around achieving regular milestones, should be based on solid science and should be focused on achieving results. They should include an assessment of each of the dimensions of health and wellness to determine the state of each one of them and provide a list of actions to be taken to ensure that those dimensions which are suboptimal are optimized. They should also include a current diet assessment to determine whether what is being eaten is conducive to optimal health and wellness or not. And they should provide an ideal or optimal diet if the current diet is not optimal. But I think most importantly all health and wellness programs should include a subconscious mind reprogramming toolkit. The unfortunate reality is that most people purchase programs and services and then never use them. For example I know a person who purchases gym memberships every year but never goes to the gym! It’s the same as people who make New Year’s resolution and then never do what they’ve resolved to do!

Why is that? It is because there is a mismatch between their conscious and subconscious beliefs and intentions. Although they actually state verbally, based on their conscious beliefs, they are going to do one thing (go to the gym) it is their much more powerful subconscious beliefs, their subconscious paradigms, which determines what they will actually do or how they will behave (not go to the gym in this example). I see the same thing in the healthcare environment most days of my working life. As a doctor I've come to realize that most people are not interested in preventing illness and disease. A preventative lifestyle is not 'their thing'. Many are not even interested in reversing and eliminating illness and disease. They would rather remain chronically ill or do nothing when they are well and risk getting ill and only then do something to get better temporarily - or worse they don't get better again. They never regain their health. This is understandable given the immense power of our subconscious paradigms in controlling our lives and determining our fate. So the inclusion of a subconscious mind reprogramming toolkit is important in order to significantly increase the person’s chances of achieving their goals of optimal health and wellness.

And finally all health and wellness programs should include regular one-on-one sessions with a mentor or coach to discuss the progress – or lack thereof – that is being made and any questions the person may have regarding the program or any medical condition he or she may be suffering from.

Are you interested in learning more about optimal of health and wellness? Then perhaps you would like to read my e-book entitled "How To Achieve The Best Health And Wellness Possible". In it you will learn about the global crisis in healthcare, the myths that keep people sick and perpetuate the crisis, the solution to the crisis and the Ten Dimensions of optimal health and wellness. And you will also learn about my Optimal Health and Wellness program which includes another, more comprehensive book The Ten Dimensional Solution To Your Health and Wellness Problems. If you'd like a copy of "How To Achieve The Best Health And Wellness Possible" Go here. It's free!

Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it - Josh Billings