Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unique and Innovative Beverages have Come from Power Brands Reviews

When you reach for your favorite bottle of vitamin water or your routine energy drink you may not put much thought into the company behind the development of the product but that doesn’t mean that hours weren’t spent making sure the taste you enjoy so much turned out just right by a variety of beverage professionals. Someone somewhere envisioned each and every drink we enjoy today and professionals not only worked on the taste but what the container would look like, how the label should look, and how the product would be marketed.

Power Brands Consulting is a beverage consultant company that has extensive knowledge on more than just how to market a beverage. They work on the formulation of the beverage, the management, production, and launch of the product as well. And Power Brands Reviews has been involved in over 400 beverage products so they have years of experience to work off of.

However, working on standard drinks is one thing, but Power Brands Consulting is proud to be a company that is innovative and capable of developing a variety of beverage products. As a business, Power Brands Reviews have had a number of notable clients including Gatorade, Pepsi, Nestle, Lifeway, and Evolution Fresh.  However they have even worked on an energy shot for rapper and actor Curtis Jackson more commonly recognized by his stage name of 50 Cent. For 50 Cent, Power Brands Consulting helped to formulate and launch his own energy shot called “Street King.”

That is just one example of the recognizable accomplishments that Power Brands Reviews has made as a business. Another success they’ve had was with the beverage Evolution Fresh. The Power Brands Reviews executives did a re-branding and re-launching exercise with Evolution Fresh that led to its recent acquisition by Starbucks.

Power Brands Consulting is even more proud to offer the first relaxation drink in the U.S. market. Called “Drank,” the beverage is formulated to promote relaxation instead of energy. It is one of the more innovative beverage projects that Power Brands Reviews has offered the U.S. Market.

So if you have any questions regarding the unique products that Power Brands Consulting has helped develop you can address questions to: or call (888) 675-1245.

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