Thursday, July 5, 2012

Margaret Hubbell is Proud of the Hubbell Eye Clinic

Margaret Hubbell is happy to work and be a part of a business that cares so much about community involvement. Not every business cares openly about the community they exist in. Many businesses are designed to make money both for the business and for the business owners. However, the Hubbell’s have a very caring and giving nature and are proud to help aid the community that has helped to make them so successful.

Located in Florida, one of the Hubbell Eye Clinic’s doctors is Dr. Gerard Hudson Hubbell, III. Margaret Hubbell’s husband is a very talented doctor and like Margaret, is very well-educated with many awards himself. And just like Margaret Hubbell, he is happy that the Hubbell Eye Clinic helps out the community so much.

Margaret Hubbell has worked at the Hubbell Eye Clinic both as the Clinic’s Corporate Buyer and its Public Relations Director. She knows that community involvement is extremely important for boosting a business reputation. However, the Hubbell’s community involvement isn’t just for reputation but because it is something they know is right to do and they enjoy it.

The Hubbell Eye Clinic helps feed the elderly each year. They provide Thanksgiving dinner for the elderly and are proud to have joined the VISTE organization to make this an annual event. The VISTE Organization (Volunteers in Serving the Elderly) counts on the Hubbell Eye Clinic to assist in this annually Thanksgiving dinner event.

The Hubbell Eye Clinic also helps people stay active in the community as well. Margaret Hubbell participated in Gymnastics while she was at Auburn University so she is happy that the Hubbell Eye Clinic helps sponsor community track, soccer, and baseball. She knows how important it is to keep everyone—especially children—active in a healthy outdoor activity.

If you have any questions for Margaret Hubbell about the Hubbell Eye Clinic community involvement, you are free to contact her at (863) 293-1803. Or questions can be sent to Margaret Davis at JD Advertising & Promotions, Publications, 2161 Michigan Avenue, Orlando, Florida 34744.

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  1. It's very much appreciated that you are giving healthcare to people.

    There should be a regular eye check-up also besides all important precautions.

    I suggest two donation based eye clinics for poor patients for checkup and surgeries, Vision Trust Eye Clinic and Mehr-un-Nisa Eye Clinic for Eye Surgeon

    Best regards