Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Type of North Carolina Health Club Sweeping The State

With the busy schedule of so many professionals and PhD students in and around North Chatham, Raleigh and Wakefield, it’s no wonder that a new type of health club has popped up in seaboard gyms. The type of health club with the flexibility, space and atmosphere that is making other Wakefield gyms seem obsolete and old-fashioned. All over North Raleigh fitness centers, people are talking about O2 and what kind of health club it is. There’s only one word to describe it: innovative.

Looking for a Personal Trainer in North Chatham?

At O2 Health Clubs, you’ll find it all. From the latest fitness machines, to personal trainers in Wakefield, there’s something for everybody. And because of the vast amount of O2 locations centered around the North Raleigh fitness lifestyle, you are guaranteed to not have to deal with the sweaty masses that hold up the line for machines for hours. At O2, you can work out on your schedule, when you want and with who you want.

That’s because you’ll find a wide array of certified personal trainers Wakefield, or wherever you are - Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Fuquay Varina, Wake Forest, Wilmington and many other locales. With the rapid expansion of O2, chances are if you don’t see one around you now, you soon will.

But why are people choosing O2 health clubs and fitness centers over the other “bigger” chains? Well, the answer has half to do with the smaller crowds and flexibility at O2, but it also has to do with the unique innovations they offer their clients.

Find Services That Serve You In Wakefield Gyms

Those innovations include some of the best personal training in Wakefield as well as the surrounding areas. O2 provides their clients with a clean and supportive atmosphere which makes the journey down the road of well-being not only fun, but easier as well. They understand that goals vary for each person and by offering a vast amount of membership options, O2 is able to help you meet your individual goals head on.

But that’s not all these seaboard gyms have to offer! Here’s what you’ll find:

● More than 250 group exercise classes a week
● Les Mills and O2 Fitness-branded classes
● 2 O2 Express locations that offer 24/7 gym access
● 8 full-sized O2 Fitness locations around the North Raleigh area
● Certified Personal Trainers that are supportive and motivated to help you reach your goals
● Over 50 classes offered each week
● Over 75 cardio equipment units for use
● A wide variety of free weights
● Extensive lines of the latest exercise machines
● Full lines of classic exercise machines
● Individual plasma TV screens
● Cardio getaway theatre
● Group cycling for motivation
● Fun, professional child care available for those with young children
● Yoga taught by the leading instructors from the best Wakefield gyms and more
● Indoor Turf Training taught by some of the most experienced leaders in fitness today
● Kinesis Personal Training System
● TRX Total Body Suspension System
● Dedicated stretching space to ensure you’ll never cramp up
● 2 FREE Personal Training Sessions with Every Membership!

And if that isn’t enough, O2 offers you a free 7 day pass so that you can try the best that North Carolina health clubs have to offer, risk free. Plus, you’ll find out all about Custom Fit Meals and Visalus, two of the revolutionary nutrition plans that are offered at the convenient locations of O2 from North Chatham to Wakefield.

Get Started On The Road To Health

So, if you’re looking for the best personal trainers in Wakefield, the best North Raleigh fitness centers and the best overall health clubs in the Triangle area, click here right now to take advantage of a very special introductory offer before time expires!

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