Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Should Doctors Worry About a Tarnished Reputation on the Internet?

When it comes to providing care, you strive to give the utmost professional care to patients at all times. And when it comes to choosing you as a high-quality doctor, many patients first turn to the Internet for their due diligence, researching that their doctor has the appropriate credentials plus a well established reputation. 

Studies suggest that the rise of doctor rating sites has caused a ripple effect within the doctor-patient relationship, both positive and negative. Patients use these sites to give immediate feedback on their experiences. For doctors, the sites add another line of communication that too often goes unsaid.

Negative reviews can have a tremendous impact on your practice and your livelihood.  The Internet allows you to find out just about anything there is to know about anyone.  A doctor’s reputation not only affects the doctor, but his/her clinic, colleagues, employees, and current and past patients.

Of course no one wants to be defined by negative information on the Internet for all to see.  Privacy laws limit how a doctor can respond online.  As a leading advocate for doctors, Medical Justice has taken the initiative, and launched a comprehensive program exclusively for helping doctors manage their Internet reputation.

The eMerit Program by Medical Justice is available to help doctors and other health care professionals repair potential damage caused by unregulated anonymous reviews on the Internet.  The eMerit program can help doctors review and respond to comments on the Internet that may potentially harm a doctor’s reputation.

The first step begins with an analysis of your current online reputation.  An evaluation by experienced eMerit professionals will review positive and negative reviews on the net.  After this initial audit, specific recommendations are made - how to potentially respond; and how to obtain real-time actionable feedback from all of your patients.  The ultimate goal is for the public to have a fair representative balanced view of your practice. The best way to accomplish this task is crowd-sourcing real reviews from confirmed patients. eMerit makes this process seamless.

With over a decade in protecting doctors, you can be assured you are receiving the gold standard in reputation management for healthcare providers.

To learn how eMerit can help you and your practice, please call at 1-877-633-5878 for a free reputation management analysis.

eMerit is designed exclusively for physicians and dentists to help manage and leverage your online presence. eMerit can build your business and enhance your reputation on the Internet. For more information contact us at http://emerit.biz

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