Friday, May 25, 2012

Ionizer Oasis Takes A Look At Alternative Water Ionizer Machines

Numerous companies now provide quality, efficient machines to clear up regular water.

At Ionizer Oasis, the company continues to pride itself on being for the consumer. Recently, the reviewers took a hard look at Enagic USA and their Kangen Water machines. The results of their study show that consumers can find other quality machines for a fraction of the price.

Other websites might suggest to people to just get Enagic USA products because of their reputation. The company is well known for providing quality products for a number of years. found in their study that they are no longer the only quality company out there making water ionizers.

IonWays, Tyent, Chanson, Life and KYK are just a few of the companies that are also featured on Ionizer Oasis. The reviewers for the website actually rent water ionizer machines from many different companies to give them a test run. They then report on which machines stack up well with Kangen Water. Enagic USA’s machine has long been the standard, so consumers only want a product that is comparable.

Each company that is featured in the comparison has its own URL to check them out more specifically on This makes it very easy for a person to do head-to-head comparisons on a pair of water ionizers. Smart shoppers will love this opportunity to learn more about a company from unbiased reviews and comparisons from a third party.

The employees at Ionizer Oasis know that some water ionizers can become fairly expensive simply by buying based off of name recognition. By being a smart shopper and reading about the alternatives, people can either buy or rent water ionizer machines that fit their budget.

For more information on all the water ionizers that stack up with Enagic USA’s offering, visit

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Subliminal Messages Are Helping People Everywhere Access the Power of the Mind

The subconscious mind is complex and fascinating. It is also susceptible to suggestion through subliminal messaging. Although the conscious mind has developed resistance to sales pitches, the subconscious mind can still be shaped. Subliminal messages are so powerful that it is unlawful for companies to use this method to influence consumers but individuals now have a way to choose for themselves to take advantage of the power of subliminal messages to make positive changes in their lives.

MindMaster is an innovative new tool that uses words and images to help people change the way they think about themselves. MindMaster works simply: it takes words and images chosen by the user and flashes them on the user’s computer screen while they work or play. The messages are virtually invisible and as a person works or plays their subconscious mind takes in the messages and soon positive changes start to happen.

MindMaster leads to changes so profound that users will be astonished, and the changes all come from within. Users typically begin to feel more joy, a greater sense of personal freedom and an overall change in their attitude towards a more positive outlook.

Reprogramming the mind with the help of MindMaster is easy and no matter what goals an individual has or what they would like to accomplish, MindMaster can help. These include but are not limited to:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Overcome Shyness
  • Develop Self Confidence
  • Eliminate Fears and Phobias
  • Improve Memory
  • Increase IQ
  • Relieve Stress
  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve Health
  • Improve Self Image
  • Eliminate Negative Beliefs and Behavior
Anyone seeking to change their mindset and begin a life free from negative habits and thoughts will find MindMaster a valuable tool. Customers who have already tried this valuable tool are seeing the positive results and speaking out about the value MindMaster has brought to their lives.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Should Doctors Worry About a Tarnished Reputation on the Internet?

When it comes to providing care, you strive to give the utmost professional care to patients at all times. And when it comes to choosing you as a high-quality doctor, many patients first turn to the Internet for their due diligence, researching that their doctor has the appropriate credentials plus a well established reputation. 

Studies suggest that the rise of doctor rating sites has caused a ripple effect within the doctor-patient relationship, both positive and negative. Patients use these sites to give immediate feedback on their experiences. For doctors, the sites add another line of communication that too often goes unsaid.

Negative reviews can have a tremendous impact on your practice and your livelihood.  The Internet allows you to find out just about anything there is to know about anyone.  A doctor’s reputation not only affects the doctor, but his/her clinic, colleagues, employees, and current and past patients.

Of course no one wants to be defined by negative information on the Internet for all to see.  Privacy laws limit how a doctor can respond online.  As a leading advocate for doctors, Medical Justice has taken the initiative, and launched a comprehensive program exclusively for helping doctors manage their Internet reputation.

The eMerit Program by Medical Justice is available to help doctors and other health care professionals repair potential damage caused by unregulated anonymous reviews on the Internet.  The eMerit program can help doctors review and respond to comments on the Internet that may potentially harm a doctor’s reputation.

The first step begins with an analysis of your current online reputation.  An evaluation by experienced eMerit professionals will review positive and negative reviews on the net.  After this initial audit, specific recommendations are made - how to potentially respond; and how to obtain real-time actionable feedback from all of your patients.  The ultimate goal is for the public to have a fair representative balanced view of your practice. The best way to accomplish this task is crowd-sourcing real reviews from confirmed patients. eMerit makes this process seamless.

With over a decade in protecting doctors, you can be assured you are receiving the gold standard in reputation management for healthcare providers.

To learn how eMerit can help you and your practice, please call at 1-877-633-5878 for a free reputation management analysis.

eMerit is designed exclusively for physicians and dentists to help manage and leverage your online presence. eMerit can build your business and enhance your reputation on the Internet. For more information contact us at

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Telltale Signs of Jaw Clicking and What They Mean

Cavity pain is one of the most upsetting problems to deal with. A dental cavity is a break or crack in the structure of the tooth. It is usually caused by a tooth decay initially constrained to the enamel which is the white part of teeth without feeling. However, when left unattended it progresses to the dentin and eventually to the innermost layer of tooth known as the pulp. It is at this stage that the pain in the cavity becomes intolerable and can give someone sleepless nights.

Causes of Cavity Pain

The main cause of cavity pain is therefore tooth decay. It simply starts with lack of proper dental hygiene. When one does not clean teeth properly, the food particles get wedged between teeth and begin to rot. The bacteria in decayed particles eventually begin to eat through the enamel forming small cavities that often go unnoticed. This process when left untreated proceeds to the dentin which has nerve endings. It is at this part that a person feels sensitivity which is worsened by taking hot or cold foods. When there is no treatment at this stage also the microbes enter into pulp. Here bacteria move faster as compared to when in dentin and enamel. This is because the pulp has pores that make access fast hence development of an infection or pulpitis.

Trauma is another cause of cavity pain. This occurs when a greater amount of force is applied on a portion of tooth that is weak through fist fights or during sports. It may also happen when a person eating some kind of hard food chips tooth at some weak spot. Pain can also occur after undergoing dental fillings. This happens especially when decay was very close to the innermost layer of teeth. The cavity is filled to reduce the gap amid the dentin and pulp that would eventually cause severe pain. In other cases pain after filling a cavity may be due to lack of complete removal of cavity or slack restoration allowing decay seepage inside tooth.


Treatment of any form of cavity pain depends on the cause of the sting. Small shallow cavities are remedied with dental fillings. These are calcium based substances. Restoration of large cavities involves use of dental onlays. This is used when the damage exceeds use of fillings but does not warrant use of crowns. It conserves the structure of the tooth. In cases where dental crowns are used the totally damaged teeth are capped. It however does not retain the tooth structure.

Exposure of nerve endings due to progression of cavity causes sensitivity. At early stages this can be treated with special toothpastes that contain fluorides and other minerals and brushing teeth gently. The minerals are absorbed by the nerves, hence they become less sensitive. Deep filling is also recommended. This measure involves use of an agent that helps regenerate the dentin wall. If exposure is severe leading infection or death of pulp tissues, tooth extraction is required.

To prevent cavity pain, proper dental hygiene needs to be maintained. Regular cleaning of teeth after meals is a must using warm water to avoid intense temperatures. Always use a soft bristled tooth brush. This will help remove all food particles that get stuck in between teeth which eventually lead to tooth decay. Flossing twice a day is also important in removal of tiny particles that cannot be reached by a tooth brush. One needs to avoid sugary foods as such foods often get stuck in between teeth and in small cavities causing pain. Regular dental check-ups need to be done. This will help detect problems like cavities when they are still small and enable early treatment.

Avoid very cold or hot fluids like ice creams or hot coffee among other foodstuffs. This helps reduce cavity pain caused by sensitivity. Brush teeth gently to prevent trauma related pain on a weak spot of the tooth. Also one should put on protective teeth braces when playing games that involve high collision of people. One can also take pain relievers from over the counter to help reduce pain as a short term measure. These drugs block pain receptors making one feel much better. They should however not be used as long term treatment method for serious conditions like deep cavities.  Cavity pain is a serious issue for many of us.  The best treatment is to see your local dentist, but other methods can temporarily help to alleviate the pain.

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Severe Tooth Pain Causes

As a general rule, parents are responsible for teaching their children many different things as they grow and mature. In these developmental years, one of the most basic but essential lessons is teaching the children how to take proper care of their teeth. This is fundamental information that is needed when children receive their first set of teeth and it also helps them with maintenance throughout their adulthood. For those who listen to and follow their parent's advice, many are able to avoid a variety of different dental problems including severe tooth pain. Sometimes, however, tooth pain cannot be avoided because the causes of the pain can come from many different underlying conditions. Some of these causes include cavities, abscesses, injury to the mouth or the jaw, sinusitis or it can be a symptom of an early heart attack in women.


As stated above, one cause of severe tooth pain is cavities. Cavities can be described as small holes or decay in the teeth. These small holes and decay can come from eating different kinds of foods with carbohydrates (i.e. candy, cakes, sodas, pastas and other types of carbohydrates). These foods do not have to be avoided completely however, they should not be eaten if the person does not brush their teeth after every meal or snack.

Additionally, one of the best ways to avoid cavities is to visit the dentist on a regularly scheduled basis. For instance, According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should visit their dentist for a check-up at least twice a year. In some cases, the dentist may recommend additional visits if the child is at a higher risk of tooth decay.


Severe tooth pain can also come from having an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth can be described as a tooth that has infection at its roots. An abscessed tooth is normally caused by teeth that have not been treated properly. These are teeth that have been broken or cracked. Anyone who has had an abscessed tooth can attest to the intense and excruciating pain that is caused. In these cases, the individual should contact their dentist as soon as possible. The role of the dentist is to remove the infection before it spreads into other surrounding areas (i.e. the bone).

Injury to the Jaw or the Mouth

Sustaining an injury to the jaw or the mouth is also one of the reasons for experiencing severe tooth pain. For instance, children and adults who are involved in contact sports are normally at a higher risk than others. Many have had injuries to their jaws and mouth and as a result they have had teeth broken or knocked out.


In some cases, severe tooth pain is not caused by problems with the individual's teeth. Sometimes the source of the pain comes from sinusitis. Unfortunately, in these situations, many find it hard to determine the difference between the two. This is one of the main reasons why it is best to talk with a dentist. The dentist can evaluate both the sinus symptoms and take X-rays of the affected teeth before making a final determination. An accurate diagnosis from a dentist can help with getting the proper treatment for the condition. For instance, if the tooth pain is caused by sinusitis instead of a bad gum infection, the dentist can refer the patient to an ear, nose and throat specialist. This specialist can make their evaluation and prescribe medications that will get rid of the infection and the pain.

Heart Trouble

Although there are many different reasons for having severe tooth pain, it is important to know the source of the pain could be early warning signs of a heart attack. According to recent studies (conducted in Sweden and Uruguay), tooth pain or jaw pain can be an early warning sign of heart disease, specifically in women. While the signs in men have been identified and are distinct, the signs in women are not as prominent. With these new studies, however, severe tooth pain and jaw pain are some of the common symptoms known and they are linked to heart disease.


If you enjoyed reading this article, we offer a number of different resources on our Sore Jaw Relief website. You can find additional information such as this Signs of Jaw Clicking article.