Saturday, December 5, 2015

Local Chore or Task Marketplace

Anything Jacky is a website that lets people request a Task or service locally. The website lets consumers view ratings and post ratings about the person requesting the Task and the individual providing the Service. The website allows you the ability to post task and service. If you are posting a task it allows more than one person to bid on the task you are offering.

Here’s a breakdown of the keyword on

Task - A Task is a chore you want done. They bid and you choose manually the winner, and have them paid after the work is complete. You can also use the website as a place to post the service or task if you don’t want to bid.

Service - A Service is a service you offer for payment after the work is complete is a fully featured task or job marketplace created to help users post Task they need done or provide a service for a Task they can do. The objective is to bring service to people who may have a chore locally to their community. If you need for instance any task completed such as mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, laundry, completing administrative task or even designing your marketing material all you have to do is post the task on the website. You can then interview or just have the individual bid on the Task. Once the job is complete to your satisfaction you paid them for the Task.

The awesome thing about is you will have the ability to rate the service provide by providing Feedback and Rating System. Both the Service provider and the person requesting the Task to be done can post feedback for other users to see. The website also provides private messaging to help Service providers to communicate through a safe system without receding each other personal information which keep all the activity under the website.

Users of the can post their request and other users bid on the requests. You can use the website to just post if you don’t want to use the bidding features.

The website is totally free for now to post on. Try today for free.

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