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Tasriha Beauty Salon Gives Clients “Hair Assurance” with a New, Revolutionary Product

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Abu Dhabi, United Emirates -- Hair is a very significant asset when it comes to self-image and individual expression. For some, hair is what makes the look and women take pride in the styles they wear. It is important that with today’s styles, hair coloring, hot applications and relaxing, that women appreciate the abundance of styles, however, hair can become dry, get split ends, chemical-damaged and brittle. Olaplex is a new, dynamic product that treats damaged or colored hair and has been adopted by several salons worldwide. It is now offered at Tasriha Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi, United Emirates for the first time.

Several salons are embracing Olaplex and very confident and excited about its performance.  They are advising that without the use of Olaplex, hair has an extremely high chance of hair breaking off and being hard to manage after being colored. Tasriha Beauty Salon will now be able to give their clients this product and they can leave rest assured that their hair is being repaired while styled.   

Olaplex comes as a kit and has unique, proprietary ingredients that treat hair in two ways. The product comes in 3 different parts, though the last part is not required to be used simultaneously.

When used as a treatment tool, a licensed hairstylist must apply the following first 2 parts of the treatment: the Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 is added to hair lightener or hair color. In order to finish the process, Bond Perfector No. 2 must be applied for 10 minutes. This takes place after color is rinsed from the hair to dramatically reduce breakage with every color service. This treatment has been backed by several testimonies in which users and professionals strongly advise that Olaplex is required in the transition from one color to the next and that the process gets shortened with its use.

The second way Olaplex helps to restore hair is that it can be used as a hair perfector. Salons can send the Hair Perfector No. 3 home for the client to use once a week to strengthen hair further or to use as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment for relaxed hair. According to testimonies on the Olaplex website, the treatment in its totality has several more benefits than the site actually lists. This has been reported by thousands of clients. The great thing that users of Olaplex state is that you can use step 3 (Perfector No. 3) without using steps 1 and 2, though using all three steps are highly recommended.

Women can permanently say good-bye to damaged hair and hello to restored elasticity. Olaplex will leave hair feeling soft, tame and succulent and it is easy to use. Olaplex is a revolutionary product and restores hope in having healthy hair again, while clients are still able to wear cutting-edge styles and change hairstyles often. It is versatile and tailor-made for women who are on the go that may not have enough time to care for their hair, because it does not require daily maintenance or applications.  Olaplex works on all hair types from chemically processed hair to virgin hair. Though some products on the market are more effective on certain hair types due to various textures, any ethnicity can utilize Olaplex, from Asian to Caucasian to African-American – to name a few.

About the Ingredients

Olaplex comes in the form as a liquid hair solution. Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker, are the inventors and chemists who created Olaplex with an ingredient that is silicone-free and has no oils. It mysteriously links and strengthens the broken bonds that chemical services destroyed and links them back together. The end result is healthy or healthier hair than when the client started.

Long-Term Effects

There are no long-term effects, other than hair improving. Celebrity stylists have used Olaplex on their clients and there have not been any negative reports. Proper care must be taken with the application, as it is not like shampoo when you can put extra solution. It is vital that clients must to put the recommended amount given by the stylist. Olaplex has a great reputation on blogs and video reviews and the positive recommendations are spreading. There are several before and after videos which can be located on blogs and YouTube. It is looked at and referred to as a “hair insurance” product. The end results in luminous, beautiful healthy hair.


Based on reviews of several users, the price is favorable and reported as very is reasonable for a product that works wonders. Because Olaplex is still a new product on the market, it is not easy to find in salons. Users have been very satisfied with the price and find it affordable.
About Tasriha Beauty Salon

Salma Alrawahi, Managing Director of Tasriha Beauty Salon, realizes the importance of always having the customer in mind. The salon is a modern, cutting-edge full-service salon that offers several cosmetology services including hair, makeup, facial treatments, waxing, threading, nail, and spa services.  Its focus is customer satisfaction and the priority is to offer reliable, trusted brands in a warm, inviting environment and atmosphere. If you are interested in Tasriha Beauty Salon services or for more information, you can conveniently book your appointment online at or call 971-2-445-5985.


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