Thursday, November 26, 2015

Basicify Turns Customers’ Ideas into Professionally Designed Clothing

The clothes we wear express our personality, our taste and our values. In an age of mass production, finding clothes that reveal our true selves is a great challenge.

Basicify, a new company founded in 2015, allows consumers to buy professionally designed clothes based on their own ideas, designs and drawings. Customers choose from one of several blank items of clothing, and then talk to a professional designer to create something truly customized.

The company’s designers can work with photos, drawings, quotes and paintings to create unique items of clothing that are truly one-of-a-kind. The company can also make distinctive t-shirts for companies, events and groups.

Basicify’s designers don’t quit until the customer is completely satisfied. Customers are shown a draft design before it’s printed, so that they can request modifications until the design is perfect. Furthermore, the design is fully owned by the customer, so Basicify will never produce the same design for anyone else.

Normally, hiring a fashion designer to produce unique items of clothing just for you would be very expensive. With Basicify, design fees are as little as $10 per item of clothing. Furthermore, garments are made in the US from top-quality materials.

Basicify offers customized design with a quick turnaround. The design process takes as little as 2 days, and 97.66% of orders are shipped within 5 business days. There are no hidden fees, and clothes are delivered worldwide.

Basicify is an online platform, using new technology to offer an alternative to mass-produced clothing. At the same time, it puts buyers and makers back in first-hand contact, the way things should be. Basicify proves that it is possible to buy clothes that are not just well designed, but also unique and affordable.

About Basicify

Founded in 2015, Basicify designs and prints custom clothing based on the buyer’s ideas and designs. Consumers can talk to professional designers to create unique items of clothing that can be shipped worldwide.

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