Monday, August 31, 2015

Marketing Firm Yac Continues To Demonstrate Rapid Growth and Expansion

September 1, 2015 (PR Buzz) – Grand Rapids, MI - Yac, a marketing company located in West Michigan, recently settled into their new office space at 300 Ionia in Grand Rapids. Now taking up the entire second floor of the building, their impressive workspace even includes amenities such as an open bar. Simultaneously, the content management company has also launched sale forces in major cities across the country including Charlotte, Boston, Dallas, and Raleigh.

There are many more exciting developments on the horizon for Yac as well. "A big portion of my position is attempting look into future, I think that there’s opportunity for us to maintain this growth rate based on the ever evolving business model and product offerings,” said James Matthews, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We are preparing for the roll out of a new brand new parent company to better represent new products and offerings.”

These new products and offerings include a new self-service web builder/ marketing tool, improved core product set, small business sales CRM, e-signature software, apps, reputation management, loyalty, and online publications. Yac is continuing to target market penetration in the top 100 cities across the United States, as their direct, indirect and soon to be e-commerce sales channels continue to grow.

To learn more about Yac, visit or call (888) 244-7751.

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