Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Disbelief over Disability Benefits Being Denied


13 Year Old Boy Needs Disability Benefits

HOUSTON, TX, August 25, 2015 - A disabled 13 year old boy is in desperate need of receiving disability benefits. Mason has been the victim of a life-threatening medical condition. Mason has CHARGE syndrome. He has had this since he was born. This syndrome has left him to endure numerous medical issues.

Mason is only 13 years old. He has already endured well over 20 operations. He has spent a large part of his life in the hospital. This has proven to be very costly for his family. There has been one challenge after another that is difficult to endure.

This life-threatening medical condition has left Mason without the ability to drink or actually eat. He is fed every two hours. He must be fed through his stomach with the use of a tube. He does have a heart condition. He is also deaf. He does not have the ability to communicate with others and he also suffers from intellectual retardation. When he was younger he used to vomit approximately 50 times per day. When he turned two years old, he had actually thrown up all day and all night long. He has begun to have epileptic seizures. Mason may not be left unsupervised. He needs a caregiver. If this family cannot get him a caretaker then he is certain to die.

There are no disability benefits being granted even though Mason is a severely disabled young man. The Disabilities Services has named Mason as one of the most severely disabled. There is no funding available that will provide this young man and his family with aid to ensure that he is taken care of. This is a large expense for this family and it is hard to believe that benefits were not made available and granted.

CHARGE Syndrome is a genetic condition. This syndrome has numerous similar identifiable traits that have been discovered in children. These traits affect many areas within the human body. CHARGE actually stands for: Coloma of the eye; Heart defects; Retardation of growth or development; Genital or urinary abnormalities and ear abnormalities along with deafness.

About Chris Parker:

Go Fund Me ( has an account that was set up by the father of Mason. Chris Parker is his father. This account was set up for Mason for anyone who may be interested in making a contribution that would go toward funding a caretaker for him. Contributions would be greatly appreciated and will help to cover the costs that are needed to ensure that Mason gets the needed care that he deserves.

Chris Parker


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