Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pure Intentions: A Self Evaluative Book for All Who Seek a Profound Change From Within

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Understanding human behavior, needs and wants and the most latent human characteristics such as ego and spirituality have been discussed in numerous books in recent past. Pure Intentions of My Heart: Edging Out Ego, a book that helps readers to listen to their heart, is a unique book that views these human characteristics from a rather practical perspective.

This book is a cross between Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert—one woman's quest to find herself—and A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson--focusing on forgiveness. Pure Intentions of My Heart: Edging out Ego is a path to find soulful love and connection leading to unshakable trust, confidence, and safety and being comfortable in one's true heart-centered self via prayer, healing journey and forgiveness.

There is comfort at the end of suffering. Choosing wisely between positive influences and negative influences in life helps reduce suffering. All they have to do is open their heart to the experience; a closed heart does not lead to profound changes and personal growth.

From the very inception of humankind, the basic questions have been what this life is and its purpose. Is there a meaning to existence? What are the true priorities of life? Are emotions and physical health interconnected? ‘Pure Intensions’ finds answers to these questions based on true life experiences and practical examples of the author. It provides fresh and unique insights into understanding what spirituality, happiness, love and inspiration mean to life.

Yvonne St-Louis, President and CEO of Veridaiza Corp, author of Pure Intensions of My Heart presents her life experiences and lessons learnt as an eye opener in multiple ways that helps the reader to see life from an entirely new angle. It discusses the importance of connectedness, which the author describes as connected with self and connectedness with others. Also, it is essential to keep negative forces away from life, such as dysfunctional relationships that cause heartache and embrace positive forces such as love and care to live happily while achieving goals in both personal and professional life. It helps develop a consistent feel of inner freedom that allows making choices in life with more clarity. Gain discernment to attain the freedom to trust one’s heart and keep moving forward—reframing it all into presence, emotional maturity and a spiritual way of thinking.

July 5th and 6th will mark the much awaited release of the Kindle book by Yvonne St-Louis and it will be available for only $0.99. Book release will be followed by a special speech by the author on her experiences and the inspiration to compile the book. Purchase your copy of the book by visiting

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