Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mountain Witches to be Caught and Filmed

For Immediate Release                                                    

July 07, 2015 - Wei Wu Wei (Dave Sale) announces the production of “Fear the Hills” – with shooting to commence in October 2015 in the Tennessee mountains outside of Monteagle starting at the Fiery Gizzard trail.

Man --  if some old lady I never met said I went to her house on some mountain and attacked her, you know -  and then killed her brother – whew--  I'd be freaked out already.

But then to find out they can't show me the house where it happened either –  cause they say it burned down, and they can't show you the actual dead man cause they took his picture face down –

Yet they convict you?

I mean, who are these people? Who lives up there?

Some kind of nightmare is up there is what it is.”

Fear the Hills is based on an investigation of a suspicious murder conviction when an outsider discovered the facts did not line up with a photograph retrieved from a chance and unusually adventurous Google car image capture taking place shortly after the alleged murder on the mountain.

Wei Wu Wei discovered that the story of a body of a man that was said to have been found in dense trees near a certain house on a remote mountain road – conflicts with the photograph from the Google truck which shows no house at all at the time a young visitor to the mountain was convicted of the crime by the testimony of a mother and her son.

The testimony of the mother and son is down right creepy”, says Wei. “especially when you learn the mother died in 2011 under strange circumstance while living with the son.”

Lurking in the background of the whole thing is the discovery of the sisters to the murdered man who's connections were found in a network of prison snitch letters under aliases involving a ring of dealers and arsonists – fire being a number one method of retaliation on the mountain.

Many of the people involved in the whole deal that took place in 2006-7 are either dead or out of office – however there is a person who lives at the end of the dead end road in question, near where they said the house was, a witness, who some say has a limp at times. The one who told the story.

And it was at this time that a couple was returning from Chattanooga when the man just turned to the woman and said “Malcolm is dead.”  However this would have been before the body was found.

A website was put up looking for volunteers with the warning of the risks to go up to the mountain and get to the bottom of things:

Contact 310 903 3978
Dave Sale as Sleuth   

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