Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finally A Gym That Fits Around Your Lifestyle

A new mixed martial arts and fitness facility is in town offering monthly memberships, no contract to discounted short contracts at an amazing facility. With a throw back feel to training, open from dawn to dusk and personal coaching without the extra personal cost; now there can be no excuses not to get fit.

Childs Play Fight & Fitness Gym does exactly what it says. Offering a comprehensive range of the most up to date training techniques with old school coaching, cardiovascular and strength training equipment. We have fully qualified staff on hand to help members achieve the most from each and every visit, our facility will appeal to anybody with health and fitness goals.

Vern Earwood, CEO of Childs Play Fight & Fitness Gym, says: “Personal training cost is constantly quoted as a reason not to work with a trainer. We have removed this hurdle, offering personal coaching with little to no extra cost. We also recognize that people sometimes need to adjust their fitness activity to fall in line with other events and circumstances taking place in their lives.“

For example, a wedding or a vacation may prompt a desire to lose weight; while a hectic schedule may make it difficult to workout on a regular basis. To accommodate personal needs, we hold early riser and night owl workout sessions; allowing guests to workout with a trainer at their leisure.

“The icing on the cake is dawn to dusk workout programs, with our trainers. There is a huge number of people in the local area, that have work schedules and family commitments which make it difficult for them to visit a gym during the regular day. To make it easier for these people to get and stay fit and healthy, we make our facility available with extended hours and personal coaching.”

Childs Play Fight & Fitness Gym makes gym membership and personal training, accessible to almost everyone. Getting fit has never been so affordable, safe and accessible.
Vern Earwood

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