Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The 16 Personality Types Explained by Ricardo Warfield

Every person is an individual but there seem to be personality traits that are similar in nature. These traits can be used to identify different psychological types of human consciousness and the attitudes and preferences those personality types share. Ricardo Warfield is a business professional but also a Certified Myers Briggs Personality Type practitioner. As such, he understands the variances of personality types by their four letter combinations.

Personality Types are first broken down into general attitude. The two types are:

·       (E) Extroverts
·       (I) Introverts

According to Ricardo Warfield, "Many introverts are stereotyped as being shy but this is not necessarily true. Introverts are people who put a lot of focus in thought and ideas. They may also enjoy a lot of time at home or alone." By extension, an extrovert is someone who is concerned with external matters and, "They are typically viewed as outgoing while enjoying a highly social environment," explains Ricardo Warfield.

There are then four breakdowns of a person's mental functions. These are how a person interprets information. As taught by the Myers Briggs theory, that Ricardo Warfield is certified in, these are:

·         (S) Sensing
·         (N) Intuition

After the way a person interprets information is the process by which people make decision. "Some people may take time to think their choices through using logic or base their decision on a person or situation," he further explains. For determining personality types, this breaks decision making into:

·         (T) Thinking
·         (F) Feeling

Finally, personality types finish with what the Myers Briggs personality type calls "structure." According to Ricardo, this means if people make a firm decision or stay open to new information. The final breakdown in personality is defined as either:

·         (P) Perceiving
·         (J) Judging

Important to Ricardo Warfield and others that look at the different personality types is understanding that each personality type has value. Some people may prefer personality types over others but each have value. According to Ricardo Warfield, the different categories are combined to make the 16 different recognizable personality types.

According to Ricardo Warfield, there are plenty of benefits to understanding your personality type. For some people, finding out your personality can help determine which fields or industries would be best to pursue as a career. According to him, once a person recognizes the strengths of their personality they can use it as a tool to determine a career path and point to strengths in the hiring process.

For more information about personality types, Ricardo Warfield recommends reading about personality types online from sites like:

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