Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are You Ready For A Major Emergency Asks Health Ranger Mike Adams?

The reality of emergencies is that they can come out of nowhere. Sure, some hurricanes or tornados strike with a bit of warning, but often not enough to truly gather the necessary supplies. It also helps, remarks the Health Ranger Mike Adams at Natural News, to be gathering your supplies at a time when not everyone else has the same idea. Trying to get a propane tank when people are expecting a possibly long power outage is going to be a much bigger fight than if you sought it out on a random Tuesday.

Food And Water

But how do you know what you really need to have on hand in the event of an emergency? According to Natural News, you should have thirty days of nonperishable food stored up. Sure, maybe between rice and pasta, you have thirty days of dinner carbohydrates, but do you have canned sources of vegetables and protein? And do you have a way to cook these things? You’ll need a heat source both for cooking and boiling water. And speaking of water, notes Health Ranger Mike Adams, you should have at least six days of drinking water set aside for each family member, and a water filter.

Bedding And Warmth

Unless your family camps regularly, you may not have sleeping bags for each family member. Sleeping bags are a must in the event that the bedrooms of your house are too cold, or are dangerous to inhabit, for example in the event of a tornado that might blow in the windows or tear off some roof, says Natural News. You also will need warm clothes, socks, and underwear, as well as winter hiking boots. You can always remove layers during a summer emergency, but it can get very cold if a winter storm knocks out the power.


It is good to start with a fully charged cell phone and some extra batteries, but those likely won’t last very long. No, says Health Ranger Mike Adams, what you need are batteries as well as a windup radio. A hand-powered radio can help you keep alert in regards to the state of the emergency and upcoming relief. It also can be comforting to remain in contact with the world outside your shelter when you can’t otherwise go outside.

These supplies are just the start of true emergency preparedness. Stay alert, stay prepared, and stay safe.

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