Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Choose the Perfect Wine with Mark Majzner

Choosing wine can sometimes feel like a daunting task for those that are not experienced in the subject. There are many considerations when trying to choose the perfect wine. Most establishments carry a variety of wines from all over the world, which can make the process even more overwhelming. Mark Majzner, a wine connoisseur with experience in the industry, wants to help simplify the process for those feeling timid. In Mark Majzner’s experience, choosing wine starts with asking three specific questions. Let’s take a look at these now.

Mark Majzner stresses that it is first important to decide your wine budget. While it is not necessarily advisable to simply purchase the cheapest wine available, Mark Majzner reminds consumers that enjoying wine does not have to be a bank-breaking experience. Mark Majzner points out that, on average, a good bottle of wine can be purchased for less than the price spent weekly on your morning coffee shop trip.

Next, Mark Majzner points out that wine is meant to be paired with food. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Mark Majzner enjoys the endless pairing combinations that food and wine offer. Knowing what foods you plan to pair with wine is essential in making your wine choice and Mark often starts with choosing the wine and then matches the food. Some red wines go better with beef while white wines pair well with chicken and fish but also vice versa. Additionally, an experienced wine enthusiast like Mark Majzner can help point out further intricacies in wine pairings that are less detectable to the amateur wine taster.

Lastly, Mark Majzner suggests that knowing which region you it like your wine to originate from can simplify the process of selecting the perfect wine. As mentioned, many countries across the globe manufacturer wine. When just starting out, Mark Majzner reminds emerging wine enthusiasts that sampling wine region by region can be a systematic way of determining your personal tastes. Mark Majzner believes that through this process of exploration individuals can discover which wines they like best and explore subtle taste differences. It is this exploration that helps to find your unique wine identity.

Mark Majzner is an international leader in business development and has been a wine connoisseur for many years. In addition to helping form Sweden’s first e-commerce wine company, Mark Majzner is a level II graduate of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. When not hard at work, Mark Majzner enjoys educating the public about the health benefits of wine and how to choose the perfect wine for any meal.

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