Monday, September 30, 2013

Basics of Good Nutrition with Caitlin Lizza

Despite the fact that Caitlin Lizza is only a sophomore at the University of Colorado, she has shown a lot of maturity in her nutritional choices. After Caitlin Lizza took an eye-opening nutrition class last year, the 19 year old decided to make some changes in order to maximize her body’s health. Rather than anything drastic, these changes are part of a healthy lifestyle that can be sustained far beyond the typical crash diet, according to Caitlin Lizza. Combined with exercise, these nutrition basics will have you in your best health in no time flat.

  • Avoid the food pyramid. The USDA food pyramid is not a terrible thing, in Caitlin Lizza’s experience, but it does ignore some of the basic facts about nutrition. As a matter of fact, Caitlin Lizza has learned that the pyramid is based on how Americans actually eat, versus being based on how they should eat, and that can cause some confusion. The food pyramid contains too many carbs and does not distinguish between good carbs – like fruit sugars and whole wheat – and bad carbs, like refined sugar and bleached wheat. Caitlin Lizza says that the pyramid is basically irrelevant to good nutrition, unfortunately.
  • Avoid the latest trends. This is a tough one, because sometimes the trends align with the basics of good health, says Caitlin Lizza; however, in general, things that sound too good to be true usually are. The latest celebrity diet may work, but won’t keep any weight off, because you’ll go right back to eating the way you used to when the diet is over. The focus that Caitlin Lizza tries to maintain is on balance; that is, eating the right amounts of everything to keep your body working in harmony.
  • Instead of going on a lemonade and cayenne pepper diet to lose weight, Caitlin Lizza suggests trying to maintain a diet balanced between healthy foods like whole grains, fresh meat and cheese, and fresh produce. This recipe is a simple one, but sometimes the best answers are the simple ones; on the other hand, Caitlin Lizza does not hesitate to point out that the simplest things to say are often the hardest to do. When fast food is cheap and available on every street corner, it can be close to impossible to make healthier choices. But if you do, says Caitlin Lizza, your body will feel better, your mind will be sharper, and you will thank yourself every day for doing the right thing.

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