Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cancer Network Site Created by Bryan Lenett

Bryan Lenett is currently in the process of finalizing CancerShare to help connect people familiar with the struggles of cancer. CancerShare was created in memory of Bryan Lenett’s childhood friend, who struggled with cancer until her passing. Bryan Lenett decided to use his expertise in technology and his creative skills to create the social networking site.

Bryan Lenett avoided creating a group over Facebook because that environment did not offer enough privacy for individuals struggling with personal battles. Bryan Lenett lost his friend in 2011. That same year, the United States ranked 10th in the world for cancers in men and 8th for cancer in women, with the 7th highest cancer rate overall. With dozens of families dealing with similar struggles, Bryan Lenett developed a social networking platform through CancerShare that he felt was more appropriate.

By creating a social media network specifically for cancer, Bryan Lenett honors his friend, to whom he always gave words of hope. Bryan Lenett understood that as a friend, his role was to provide emotional support. “I would always tell Rebecca she was going to survive,” says Bryan Lenett. He knew Rebecca would find a way to touch thousands of lives. Ultimately, it would be through Bryan Lenett that she would touch thousands of lives.

Although the CancerShare platform is in beta, it already ties together members of the cancer community. Bryan Lenett’s creative design incorporated people dealing with all facets of the disease. “I wanted the platform to reach cancer patients, families, doctors, survivors, and research centers,” says Bryan Lenett.

Before long, the site attracted the attention of those it was intended for. Bryan Lenett saw a niche for the site after recognizing that there was no pre-existing platform to link, share, and unite all people related to cancer in one place. Bryan Lenett is optimistic about and its growth. His goal is to see the site expand internationally and encourage world-wide unity to fight the disease.

As a social media platform, CancerShare was designed by Bryan Lenett to be inviting and user friendly. “At CancerShare, users can find and connect with people similar to themselves around the world, they can also share their treatment stories and their experiences fighting the disease,” says Bryan Lenett. 

Part of the website’s goal is to unite patients with doctors and research. Through the website, Bryan Lenett receives and sends donations. Users can also create their own cancer group or join pre-existing groups. For more information about Bryan Lenett’s cancer support website, you can join or follow its progress at For 2011 cancer statistics, visit:

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