Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bryan Lenett Unites Cancer Community Online

Bryan Lenett understands the use of technology as a tool to unite people online. He is the creator of CancerShare, but it just one of the websites he has built. Bryan Lenett fashioned CancerShare to stand apart from other social media networks.  Bryan Lenett is familiar with the world of technology. He created and operates his own website,, but uses CancerShare to unite and advocate for members of the cancer community.

In 2011, Bryan Lenett lost a close and personal friend to cancer. “She was a childhood friend and I always gave her words of encouragement, telling her she would survive and that she would touch thousands of lives,” says Bryan Lenett. Ultimately, Bryan Lenett’s promise came true, his website, CancerShare, created in memory and honor of his friend, would unite thousands of people. 

Bryan Lenett recognized, through his friend, many of the emotional and physical difficulties cancer patients face regularly. Through every step of the process, patients struggled with feelings of loneliness and isolation. “CancerShare brings people from all facets of the cancer community together. It is a unique website with a platform not found anywhere else,” says Bryan Lenett. 

Bryan Lenett’s CancerShare has five main areas of function. First, the website helps cancer patients and their families connect with people around the world. The second function of this unique social media network is the ability to share stories of “healing, treatments, and experiences.” The benefit of using CancerShare is the privacy afforded through Bryan Lenett’s website that is unavailable with other social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. 

The third benefit of CancerShare, designed by Bryan Lenett, is the ability of patients struggling with cancer to connect with cancer survivors, doctors, and research centers around the world. Just as Bryan Lenett gave his friend words of hope and encouragement, survivors can give patients in the heart of their struggles hope and confidence.  Members of the website can join an existing cancer group or create their own cancer group. This was the fourth benefit Bryan Lenett built into the design of CancerShare. The fifth and final benefit of CancerShare is the ability to receive and send donations. 

Bryan Lenett gifted thousands of people by creating CancerShare. Seeing the psychological effects of cancer through his friend, Bryan Lenett created a website where users can see that they are not alone while survivors provide hope and inspiration. The website is currently in beta, but Bryan Lenett will continue to grow the site in honor and memory of his friend and countless others who have struggled with cancer.

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