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BushBalm Lists Top 5 Reasons to Use Pubic Hair Oil

There are different scents to choose from - Nude, Sweet Escape, Bermuda, and Wilderness.
Ever wonder why more and more people are using pubic oil? Here are valid reasons below as discussed on their website:

1. It helps reduce redness and irritation
2. You’ll never have to worry about ingrown hairs
3. It has many uses, including the tips of your hair
4. All natural ingredients that dry fast
5. Emma Watson uses pubic hair oil!

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New Partner at Environmental Heating & Air of NC as John Van Orden Joins in on the Ownership

We are pleased to announce John Van Orden as a new partner at Environmental Heating & Air of NC, Inc. John’s 25 years of sales experience has allowed him to develop a truly unique skill set at building an informative rapport with customers while also creating an atmosphere of comfort that is free from any pressures or hassles.

Mucuna Dopa Is A Sensational Natural Energy and Mood Boosting Supplement

To illustrate further, velvet beans contain Dopa Mucuna which actually can have a crucial effect on the neurotransmitters present in the brain. Plus, it has a lot of potential in giving beneficial effects on one’s mental state, energy levels and libido. The reason for this is that the plant can stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain which will in return give the brain the energy it needs to function at a normal level, if not extraordinarily.

Phosphatidylserine Is The Answer To Naturally Improve Memory

BoostCeuticals is currently manufacturing a good quality supplement which actually contains Phosphatidyl serine 100 mg daily dose. This type of dosage is popular and effective but can it be even better. Combining this Phosphatidylserine dosage with other important complimentary ingredients makes it a true Phosphatidylserine complex. It is also well documented how it works so much better with DMAE and this is included all in one supplement.

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Leading Event News Site Ready To Take On Wider Global Reach

The leading news website for the events industry has refreshed its online offering in response to its growing global audience. Event Industry News (EIN) has upgraded its popular website, streamlined its navigation and moved to the .com domain as its prominence, influence and reputation increases world-wide.

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How renovations can improve your bathroom?

From creating a relaxing environment, to increasing the available space, there are many ways you can improve your bathroom by renovating it. For projects of this kind, you should proceed in finding an ensuite renovator in Sydney that is worth your time and money.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

4 Bathroom Renovation Dos and Dont's

One of the best places to begin with a remodelling project is the bathroom. However, bathroom renovations Sydney are processes that involve knowledge and issues can easily occur once you get started. If you are looking forward to giving your master en suite a face-lift, take into account these 4 dos and don’ts if you want to enjoy a great return on your investment.

Shunil And Sons Has Released Brand New Complete Package of 6 Pieces Foot Sleeves For Bunion Relief, Plantar Fasciitis and More

Shunil And Sons has begun their journey in 2016 and they manufacture premium quality products under health, personal care, baby, baggage, beauty and more categories to sell globally at Amazon marketplace. Currently they are selling on To order just visit

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BoostCeuticals Gamma E Provides Optimal Health Benefits

BoostCeuticals is currently experiencing success with its product, BoostCeuticals Gamma E Tocopherols. While it is true that in order to provide a full spectrum of vitamin e, a nutritional supplement should contain the mixed tocopherol and tocotrienols Vitamin e, however, it was found out that gamma tocopherol is one of the most highly important forms of vitamin E. This type of vitamin e provides for the users the optimal health benefits.

According to studies, most of the commercial vitamin e supplements have very minimal gamma tocopherol. These supplements only contain as a main ingredient alpha tocopherol. But, it is very important to emphasize that it is gamma tocopherol that reduces the free radical called peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite is a free radical connected to the development of age-related health issues.

BoostCeuticals Gamma E Tocopherols is a very good source of vitamin E. Gamma E tocopherols was first discovered during the 20th century. Just like the other vitamins, Gamma E is connected with the many processes in the body. However, its main function is to provide antioxidant protection. The importance of supplementation of vitamin E is that, normal intake of such vitamin may sometimes be inadequate. It this happens, it can potentially lead to deficiency and illnesses. For example, the lack of vitamin E in the body may manifest burning sensation as well as aching in the hands and feet. What is alarming about this is that if the lack of vitamin e will not be diagnosed early, the deficiency can lead to serious complications. Supplementation of this vitamin helps restore vitamin E levels in the body.

The above mentioned scenarios are the very thing that the company wanted to solve. That is why the company has been doing its best to produce the best quality Gamma E Vitamin e 400IU. The efforts of the company were of course taken for granted. Most of the users of BoostCeuticals Gamma E Vitamin E 400 IU have expressed support for the company and appreciated the quality and potency of the product itself. In fact, one of the customers posted on Amazon and said, “Very happy with the product. This was the only vitamin E I found where the mixed tocopherol listed the amounts of each. My doctor said this is important when taking vitamin E.”


Boostceuticals is a manufacturer of superior nutritional dietary supplements bringing science and nature together. Their professional grade vitamins offer high quality solutions for every day issues.


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BoostCeuticals Reishi Mushroom Supplement Shows Fantastic Health Benefits

The reishi mushroom, the source of the supplement BoostCeuticals Reishi Mushroom, is an edible mushroom. It is very popular for so many years for having healing abilities. To name a few, reishi mushroom has anti-inflammatory properties, it can boost immune system and facilitates mental clarity. These are the reason why BoostCeuticals is so interested in utilizing the properties of reishi mushroom to create a powerful supplement. The goal of the company is to maximize these properties to put them into good use for the people. These days, it is very obvious that the company is so successful in achieving its goal.

Reishi mushroom capsules by BoostCeuticals, for all these years, have been showcasing its fantastic health benefits to the customers. What is amazing about taking BoostCeuticals Reishi Mushroom is that is capable of doing a lot of things. And, to be considered as a great bonus, it is non-toxic and all natural. Plus, it produces minimal to zero side effects. The truth is, the customers have noticed a speedy enhancement with regards to their energy levels. Some would experience a development in their mental capabilities and moods. There are also customers who have testified about experiencing pain reduction, relieved from allergy, mitigated digestive issues, and fighting infections. As mentioned earlier, this is the beauty of BoostCeuticals Reishi Mushroom supplement; it can help individuals in a whole lot of ways.

Several studies have also been conducted to further solidify the theory about the potency of Reishi mushroom supplement. It has been found out just recently that reishi extract is capable of helping individuals who are having issues with high blood pressure. Some of the customers of BoostCeuticals purchased Reishi Mushroom for their high blood pressure problem. In fact, one of the customers said in his review, “When a professional pharmacist and herbalist suggested I purchase Reishi Mushroom to help with high blood pressure, I immediately ordered this product from BoostCeuticals and will continue to purchase in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure. The customer service provided by BoostCeuticals is excellent.”

Most of the companies that manufacture reishi mushroom supplement are producing Reishi mushroom powder. This is the first and the traditional way of doing such supplement. However, BoostCeuticals is producing Reishi Mushroom supplement in a capsule form which is more convenient than the powder form. This is one proof that BoostCeuticals is doing its best to serve the interests of the customers.


Boostceuticals is a manufacturer of superior nutritional dietary supplements bringing science and nature together. Their professional grade vitamins offer high quality solutions for every day issues.


Robert Hawke
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Diabetes Test Strips, Ink Cartridges And Big Pharma?

Well, I Didn't See This One Coming.

Congratulations! You've just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Welcome. You are going to learn SO MUCH stuff. And as a lovely parting gift from your doctor for allowing him to share this exciting news with you, here is you very own, brand new glucometer to test your blood sugars, complete with meter, 10 lancets and 10 free test strips.  A "value" of over $ yours, absolutely FREE, just for playing "Hey, Why Am I Always So Darn Thirsty?".  Then the doctor disappears, nurse gives you your first little "prick" to show you how to "do it", packs up all of your new stuff into a plastic bag and schedules a 3 month follow-up.  Is that the way it happened for you?  Yeah, same for most of us.

Anyway, now that you're "diabetic", strap yourself in for the learning curve (it looks like a roller coaster at Six Flags). You are about to get a crash course on everything related to being a Type 2 Diabetic from education classes with a "diabetes educator", learn really important stuff about nutrition ( I STILL don't get that whole "exchange" thing ), warning signs, explanations and examples of what happens when your blood sugars are too low or too high.  You'll get books, and manuals, infographics, phone numbers, different doctors or professionals to have on your "care team"  Did you know you are even going to have a dentist and an eye doctor on it?  Just who's NOT going to be billing my insurance company?

So, I thought this was FREE?

The one thing you didn't get with all of your "free" stuff ( actually paid for by your insurance company ), was a "price list".  "Why would I need a price list?" you might ask.  Well because diabetes is big BUSINESS and there TRILLION$ of GLOBAL DOLLAR$ to be made by the same companies that either bill or pay for $425 for an aspirin while in hospital.  You think that's bad?  You ain't seen nothin' yet.  Wait until you need to go out of pocket for test strips.  Be careful to not have a stroke - remember, as a diabetic, you ARE at risk!

Okay...Let Me Have It...I'm Ready Now For MORE Bad News...

Alright, let me prepare you for it first.  You've kind of been in this spot before.

Remember when your "old" computer printer crapped out and you went to Wal-Mart to go buy a cheap one...and WOW, look at how cheap they ARE!  Such a deal. You almost wanted to buy TWO they were so cheap (c'mon, they're printers not big jars of peanut butter 2-for-1...oh wait I DO need peanut butter ).  You were so happy and proud at all the money you saved.  You hurried right home, plugged everything in, ran a test page - LOOKS GREAT - then got to work printing stuff out. STOPPED!  After only what seems like 10 pages, it ran out of ink.  The kid at Wal-Mart didn't know that the manufacturer only puts enough ink in the printer to get it home and get you excited.  The reality now hits - you have to go get an ink cartridge - but hey, how expensive can an ink cartridge cost for a $30 printer?  No problem, right?

"WAIT...There Must Be Some Sort Of Mistake!"

How can a BLACK ink cartridge cost almost as much as my printer?  You tell the clerk at the office supply store ( or Wal-mart again ) "You need to check the price in you computer.  It MUST be wrong!"  After 10 minutes of "huh?", you realize you have been "suckered".  But don't feel too bad about happens again when you get your new glucometer.

Remember in your new box for your meter, you received 10 lancets and 10 test strips?  Well, think of the test strips as the ink cartridge ( and in this case, like the "teaser" ink cartridge that came with your new printer - starting to get that "old" feeling? ).  The glucometer was actually FREE - whereas you stilled paid a little money for your printer.  Now if your printer cost about $30 and ink cartridges cost about as much, then it makes sense that if my glucometer is FREE, then my test strips are going to be pretty close to free, too. Right?  Oh, it is always so sad to tell a young child one day that there really is no Santa Claus.  The answer, I'm afraid, is NO!  Not Even CLOSE.  It's very likely that a box of 50 test strips is going to cost just about as much as your ink cartridge - but your ink cartridge is actually going to look pretty inexpensive when you compare it to your test strips.  Watch this very carefully

This Is Not MAGIC...BLACK MAGIC...This Is Only Math!

Let's say your ink cartridge - just the black one - cost you $30.  Now, let's say you're able to find 50 test strips that work with your monitor for the same $30 - not an out of the ballpark range ( it depends on your meter - which was FREE, remember? ).  Now your ink cartridge says it will last for up to 250 pages.  Your test strips will last for 50 tests.  How long is it going to take you to print out 250 pages ( be real here).  2 months?  3 months?  Longer?  Well, on a per page basis, your $30 ink cartridge is going to cost you about 12 cents per page and let's say that is spread out over 3 months.  It's not likely you're going to be using your printer everyday, right?

Now, let's assume your doctor wants you to test your blood sugars just 3 times per day ( maybe even just 2 times ).  You have a box of 50 strips, and you will use them up in just 16 days (not 3 months like the printer). Your test strips cost you $0.60 cents per strip - or $1.80 per day.  I'm not kidding on the per strip cost.  That is a pretty common number.  Let me ask, do you use your printer 3 times per day?  That cost would be only $0.36 for 3 pages if you did.  $0.36 per day for paper or $1.80 per day for test strips?  Your ink cartridge is beginning to look pretty good right about now, huh?  See, it's math, not magic.

Enough, already...All This Math Is Making My Head Hurt

Sorry, but we haven't even gotten to the good part yet.  The reality is that as of just a couple of years ago, prices ranged from 15 cents a strip, to $9 for a box of 50 strips (18 cents each) up to $1.50 per strip. As I showed in the example, a little more than $0.60 cents a strip is not uncommon.

People with diabetes want to show the medical and insurance industry that the high price of test strips quite often meant they were not able to consistently monitor their blood glucose. That was true both for uninsured people and insured people, who said their insurance policies often did not cover strips, or covered  fewer than the doctor prescribed, or covered them with a hefty copay.

Because they are not testing their blood glucose, some people have said they felt that they were guessing on treatment — and therefore were more likely to encounter the serious complications that diabetes can bring, like cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney disease, eye damage (including blindness), foot damage (including amputation - and I can tell you a LOT more about THAT one ), skin conditions, hearing impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Does Any OF This Matter?

A recent study in California found that the situation with the pricing of diabetic necessities has become more than worrisome; and that gouging for a profit is not right.  At one major retailer, strips went from roughly 33 cents a strip to more than a dollar.  The resources now for most cost-conscious diabetics is to shop on the web.  One example of savings is a customer gets boxes of 50 strips for about $31.50 per box, including shipping — a little more than 60 cents per strip.

According to another shopper, Walmart sells the Relion Prime meter for $16.24 ( 2014) and the strips are $9.00 per 50. That is the best pricing they had found. And just so people know, all of the different brands of meters are required to work within set specifications. The Relion meter in that example is claimed to be just as good as any of the higher priced meters.  Obviously, you can see that diabetes is not going to be cheap.

A Whole New ("Black") Market For Test Strips (And NO...Not Used Ones)

Because some diabetics aren't testing as often as directed, trying to 'horde" or marshal test strips to save money, the danger of "guessing" was mentioned just above.  It is actually so bad that a whole new industry has cropped up...and it's very possible that you've already seen signs nailed to telephone poles or elsewhere say "I BUY TEST STRIPS"...right?

Yep...there's already a "market" for diabetics in need of cash for unused, unexpired, unopened boxes of test strips.  Pretty sick, isn't it?  The bottom line is in order to find the least priced test strip, you need to digging around on the internet.  It might take some work.  Check out the prices of the strips designed for use with your monitor.  A good place to start would be this Google Link.  Another thing to compare is does the price of test strips for your monitor compare to the price of monitors that are less expensive?  Are the test strips priced relative to the monitor?  If so, get the least expensive monitor with the least expensive strips.

Kind of makes the whole ink cartridge thing seem silly, doesn't it?

About The Author
Jeffrey Dale is a Type 2 Diabetic and asks the questions, "Can you be a Type 2 Diabetic and poke fun at the disease, or will it get mad at you if you do"? He shares everything he's learned-the hard way-as an "expert" on his blog at

How To Reverse Diabetes (Type 2)

The medical community has labelled diabetes - especially Type 2 diabetes - as an epidemic. If only there was a way to reverse diabetes (Type 2 (T2) diabetes). The good news is that T2 diabetes is entirely reversible through both natural and medical ways. With diabetes being a leading cause of kidney failure and high blood pressure, getting rid of it is important.

Diabetes occurs when the body fails to produce insulin or, in the case of T2, the insulin produced is not sufficient enough to regulate the glucose levels in the body.

It is worth noting that Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease and thus reversing it is close to nil. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is a lifestyle disease which can be reversed. This article concentrates on reversing Type 2 diabetes.

The primary cause of T2 diabetes is leading an unhealthy lifestyle by consuming sugars, refined carbohydrates, and fatty foods. High-stress levels are also to blame for the rising number of people with diabetes.

Genetic factors are also to blame for diabetes mildly. Individuals with a history of diabetes are predisposed to the disease. Genetic predisposition works in combination with other factors.

To reverse diabetes (T2), the wholesome approach is necessary. Most of the methods of fighting diabetes out there entail a single approach to dealing with blood sugar. But combining some factors is needed to help reverse the harmful effects of diabetes.

Here are several steps to reverse diabetes - Type 2:

1.  Control your insulin – Diabetes occurs as a result of the body lacking adequate insulin. To reverse diabetes, focus on boosting your insulin levels. You can do this by eating food high in fiber such as fruits and whole grain carbohydrates.

2.  Exercise – Weight gain causes fat to block the pancreas. This, in turn, inhibits the production of insulin. Exercising will help you lose weight leading to a dramatic change in your disease. When your muscles are strong due to exercise, their resistance to insulin reduces.

3.  Clean your gut – Toxins are to blame for most medical problems. By getting rid of toxins and grains in the intestines, you are a step closer to reversing diabetes.

4.  Maintain fat balance in the body – Too much fatty foods especially omega fats are to blame for diabetes. Having too much Omega six contributes to diabetes. Balancing the Omega 6 and Omega three is important.

5.  Stress control – When your mind is not as peace, your sugar levels tend to rise. Stress not only makes you prone to diseases such as heart attacks and other chronic diseases. Practicing daily relaxation techniques will ensure that you are not under stress and consequently help reverse diabetes.

It is important to monitor your diabetes regularly. Through regular testing, you will be in charge of your condition. As you make lifestyle changes, your type 2 diabetes is likely to start reversing. Monitor this progress since in some cases there may be a change in your dosage.  Have a food log and testing types of equipment. Take note of any food that may have caused a surge in your blood sugar level.

For Type 2 diabetics, reversing diabetes is possible. With the right lifestyle changes, you will be well on your way to recover from diabetes.


About The Author
Jeffrey Dale is a Type 2 Diabetic and asks the questions, "Can you be a Type 2 Diabetic and poke fun at the disease, or will it get mad at you if you do"? He shares everything he's learned-the hard way-as an "expert" on his blog at

Detox Tea is Important In Helping the Body Get Some Rest

Aside from the threat that toxins can bring to the body, they can as well make the body exhausted. Imagine the situation wherein the body’s organs have to work more than their daily load because of the presence of these unwanted substances in the body. The most affected organs will be the liver and the kidneys which both have a very important function. This is because they will have to do more work in filtering these substances and cleansing the body. This excess load will somehow exhaust the body which can lead to some unwanted side effects and they can be either minor or serious. With the help of this detox tea, the body will no longer exert unnecessary effort in eliminating unwanted toxins. Thus, the liver will burn less energy every day and will have more rest and function more efficiently.

A daily and regular detox is indeed a very important process that each person should undertake. However, many people do not know how to do this properly. The manufacturer of good detox teas can help individuals to complete the detoxification process in an easy, harmless and healthy way. An example of this is the creation of Body Tea USA detoxes tea. Its product is commonly known as a great herbal green tea for weight loss. But the fact is, one of the main functions of the tea is to help the body clean itself from the toxins as well.  Sometimes these teas can also be referred to a skinny teatox and the description makes good sense. Regardless of the name they are called, these detox teas have a great impact on the body’s overall health and wellness.

Body Tea USA’s detox tea for weight loss has been used by so many people already and customers love the great taste it offers. In fact, one of the users of the product commented that, “This tea is great tasting and it suppresses your appetite. I really like sweets. Seriously! It has taken that craving away after about a week. Snacks have come to a minimal as well. I was taking another popular tea called ***, that does not compare to this product.”

The dual function of Body Tea USA’s detox tea is that it has the capacity to cleanse the body from toxins as well as assisting the users in weight loss. These benefits are somehow linked to each other, that is, while the body eliminates toxins, it eliminates as well excess fats and all those substances that caused more cravings. It is also able to burn fats more easily. Indeed, this tea is a great package for good health and a good figure. That is why women love drinking this teatox blend on a regular basis because this tea literally gives them what they want. 


Boostceuticals is a manufacturer of superior nutritional dietary supplements bringing science and nature together. Their professional grade vitamins offer high quality solutions for every day issues.


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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes - A Few Types Of Natural Diabetes Control Methods

Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that you can control. Natural T2 diabetes control involves following simple steps to keep your sugar levels low. There exist ways that are inexpensive and play a great deal in ensuring that your life does not stall because of diabetes.

As you may already know, there are three types of diabetes namely type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes (occurs only in pregnant women). Type 1 diabetes is severe since the body complete refuses to produce insulin which is the fuel for the body. Type 2 is common, and in this case, the body produces insufficient insulin.

The focus of this article is on the natural control methods for type 2 diabetics.

Here are several natural diabetes control methods:

1.  Eating Fruits - When you have, diabetes makes fruits that are rich in insulin your friend. Such fruits include pomegranates which contain high levels of antioxidants. Other fruits like oranges, lemons, berries and watermelons have insulin properties.

Apples should also be a major component of your diet since they have high fiber content and are low in calories. An eating apple often helps control your cholesterol level and naturally regulates your blood sugar levels.

2.  Drink Water - It is of the essence for someone with diabetes to always stay hydrated. Water is readily available and is free from chemicals. Water is a natural diabetes control in that it helps regulate blood sugar level in the body.

Research has shown there’s a link between a hormone known as vasopressin and diabetes. Dehydration signals the body to produce vasopressin which in turn triggers the liver to produce glucose. Increased glucose production leads to high sugar levels.

So when you have diabetes, it is recommended to take up to eight glasses of water each day. When one is well hydrated, their body sugar levels tend to control themselves naturally.

3.  Green Tea - Wondering what the fuss is about green tea lately? Well, you will be glad to learn that it’s a genetic diabetic control. Research has shown that green tea helps control speeding up of glucose levels in the body.

Drinking green tea mildly every day without adding sweeteners will help you manage your diabetes naturally. It contains antioxidants that regulate the glucose level in the blood.

4.  Natural Herbs - Leaves from several plants and trees have been credited to naturally controlling diabetes. Such leaves include methi leaves, Neem, Basil leaves and gurmar leaves. You can boil these leaves and drink the water.

The leaves can also be dried and crushed into powder form. The powder can then be added to hot water and taken as a beverage. This natural leaves have the ability to monitor the glucose level in the body. They can also trigger the production of insulin in the body.

5.  Nuts - Several groups of nuts also act as a natural diabetes  control. As much as nuts have calories, they have a high fiber content that helps control glucose in the body.

Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts are rich in magnesium and vitamin E which controls glucose in the body.

The above ways are efficient natural methods that will help you in the fight against diabetes.


About The Author
Jeffrey Dale is a Type 2 Diabetic and asks the questions, "Can you be a Type 2 Diabetic and poke fun at the disease, or will it get mad at you if you do"? He shares everything he's learned-the hard way-as an "expert" on his blog at

For Type 2 Diabetics, Can Diabetes Cure Naturally?

*This article focuses on those with Type 2 Diabetes. We do not provide medical advice and recommend that you speak with your personal doctor before making any changes in your care or treatment plans.

Do you feel like your type 2 diabetes is a death sentence? Not to worry, it is possible to have a diabetes cure naturally. All it takes is making a few lifestyle changes.  Type 2 Diabetes is totally preventable and naturally treatable.

The tremendous increase in T2 diabetes cases has led to the necessity of research to help get rid of this menace. Medicines are available to help monitor your sugar levels. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas can’t produce adequate insulin to regulate one’s sugar levels - or n the case of most T2 diabetics, they become resistant to the insulin produced.

But with hard economic times and rising inflation, most T2 diabetics cannot sustain the expensive treatment. Most of these drugs have to be taken daily which is a severe financial burden on the patients. Alternative natural therapies have come up to help cure their diabetes.

You can try the following methods to help cure T2 Diabetes naturally:

1.  Weight loss - Research has shown that losing weight is critical in getting rid of diabetes. Weight gain is one of the primary reasons for the rise in diabetes worldwide.  As a person suffering from diabetes, make an effort to shed a few kilos.

Losing even a gram of fat in your body will cure diabetes naturally. To do so, take up simple exercises such as walking, jogging, and even aerobics. Getting into an exercise regime will help lose weight and keep it that way.

If you are already on medication, weight loss will help lower your blood sugar. By losing weight, you will find that you can successfully cut back on some drugs you take. Exercising also helps hinder insulin resistance in the body.

2.  Healthy Diet - Eating healthy also helps T2 diabetes cure naturally. A diet that limits your daily calorie intake to 1200-1600 can contribute to getting rid of diabetes in your life. A healthy meal plan can free you from diabetes medication.

An example of foods that should be part of your diet includes kidney beans that are rich in magnesium and potassium. Kidney beans are rich in protein without the usual saturation. They are also high in fiber which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Green leafy vegetables are also good for people with diabetes since they are low in carbohydrates and other calories. By eating dark green vegetables such as kales, you will not gain weight and remain full.

Consuming whole grains is also advisable for people with diabetes. These foods are high in fiber which gives the gut ample time to metabolize. Refined foods lack fiber and easily digested by the body leading to a surge in glucose levels.

Fruits are also considered to be low glycemic foods which imply that they are slowly absorbed by the body. Slow digestion ensures that the blood sugar levels do not spike.

Portion control is important in your diet since it ensures you consume just enough food to give your body the necessary energy to function. Ensure that a significant part of your meal is filled with vegetables. There should be small proteins as well as carbohydrates that are high in fiber.

It is possible for Type 2 diabetes to cure naturally through exercising and healthy eating.


About The Author
Jeffrey Dale is a Type 2 Diabetic and asks the questions, "Can you be a Type 2 Diabetic and poke fun at the disease, or will it get mad at you if you do"? He shares everything he's learned-the hard way-as an "expert" on his blog at

4 Types Of Diabetes Natural Treatment

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a natural treatment for diabetes? Fortunately, there is a diabetes natural treatment which is either herbal or involves natural therapies. As you use supplements and drugs in your diabetes treatment, you can also incorporate natural remedies and alternative therapies.

Before trying out these alternative natural methods, it is important to talk to your doctor first. These alternative methods get you out of your conventional medication. It concentrates on more natural methods that will help cure your diabetes.

Most of these methods have properties that lower blood sugar levels. Practicing these alternative therapies will ensure that your body improves its ability to control glucose in the body. More and more people are turning to these natural methods to help them manage and even reverse diabetes.

Below are some natural alternative ways to fight diabetes:

1.  Dietary Supplements - For years supplements have been used to help boost certain elements and minerals in the body. Natural nutritional supplements such as chromium are essential in helping the body regulate its glucose levels.

The use of supplements can be a diabetes natural treatment since it will facilitate the production of insulin. Studies have shown that supplements containing chromium can control diabetes.  A plant is known as ginseng also includes sugar- lowering properties.

Supplements that boost one’s magnesium levels are also recommended. Low magnesium levels in the body tend to worsen the body’s ability to control its sugar levels.  Lack of magnesium is said to hinder the pancreas from producing insulin, and in some cases, it may make the body resistant to insulin.

2.  Acupuncture - Acupuncture is an alternative therapy where thin sharp needles are inserted in specific areas of the body. According to followers of this method, these sharp needles trigger the release of natural painkillers in the body.

Diabetes can cause painful nerve damage. Through acupuncture, the therapist can trigger painkillers that will help the patient ease out of their pain.

3.  Guided Imagery - Relaxation techniques have for the longest time helped patients to deal with their diseases. Through guided imagery, a person with diabetes thinks of peaceful thoughts. A professional is involved in this method.

By having 'happy thoughts', a person with diabetes can cope with the disease better or can even be cured of it. The response from people who have used this method is that it helps them heal.

4.  Fiber Rich Foods - Another natural treatment of diabetes is through eating foods rich in fiber. Plants such as broccoli and cinnamon-rich foods tend to hinder inflammation in the body.

Cloves and dark green leafy vegetables trigger the production of insulin that helps control insulin in the body. An extract from cloves known as eugenol is said to boost insulin activity in the body as well as lower cholesterol.

As you embrace these alternative methods, ensure that you get a go ahead from your doctor. Some of these remedies may interfere with your medication or even cause further problems to your health.


About The Author:
Jeffrey Dale is a Type 2 Diabetic and asks the questions, "Can you be a Type 2 Diabetic and poke fun at the disease, or will it get mad at you if you do"? He shares everything he's learned-the hard way-as an "expert" on his blog at

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Maybe There Is A Cure For Diabetes (Type 2) After All!

Diabetes has risen to be among the top 5 killer diseases in the world. The good news is that it’s curable. Studies have shown that the cure for diabetes lies in weight loss and healthy eating. It is possible adequately treat diabetes by making some lifestyle changes.

Type 1 diabetes is not curable but can be effectively managed by ensuring that one gives the body the necessary insulin. There are insulin products in the products that can be directly injected directly into the blood stream to regulate the sugar levels.

On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes is curable through discipline and sheer will power. Most of the drugs out there try to hide the symptoms of diabetes and slow down its complications.

It’s however necessary to understand that diabetes is a lifestyle disease. The increasing number of people living unhealthy lifestyles has led to a rise in the occurrence of diabetes. Most individuals in the world today have abandoned healthy cultures and opt for quick fixes to their problems. Fast foods and lack of exercise are the norm in almost every household.

How Does Weight Loss Help Cure Diabetes?

A recent research has shown that cutting down on body fat can contribute to cure diabetes. A person who has diabetes needs to lose just a little bit of weight, and they will be healed from the disease.

Previous misconceptions were that one needs to get very skinny to be free from diabetes. However, studies have shown that 13% weight loss which implies about 0.6 grams of fat would help cure diabetes.

By losing weight, the diabetic person sheds fat from their pancreas which in turn boosts production of insulin necessary to regulate blood sugar levels. Losing even one gram of fat from the pancreas will act as a cure for diabetes.

It is of the essence to restrict calorie intake in your body and strive to stay away from foods that will lead to weight gain. Losing even 5% of your weight helps control your sugar levels as well as your cholesterol level.

Watch What You Eat

Healthy eating helps cure diabetes. What you eat directly affects your weight gain and consequently your diabetes. Eating a balanced diet doesn’t have to be complicated.

Ensure that your diet has nutritious and healthy foods. Nutritionists advocate that vegetables should be the largest portion of your plate. Consuming a lot of vegetables especially uncooked ones ensure that your body gets essential nutrients that boost insulin levels in the body and eventually cure diabetes.

Ensure that you consume whole grain foods as well which are loaded with fiber necessary to control glucose levels in the body. You do not need a complicated meal plan. Incorporate readily available healthy foods in your diet. All it takes is a lot of discipline to ensure that you control your portions and eat the healthy stuff.

Keep off processed, refined and bleached food. Going organic will help cure your diabetes. Remain positive and keep in mind that diabetes can be reversed. It lies in losing weight and living a wholesome, healthy lifestyle.

So this is a good start. Work it into a healthy lifestyle and you just might then that there is a cure for diabetes - at least for Type 2!


About The Author:
Jeffrey Dale is a Type 2 Diabetic and asks the questions, "Can you be a Type 2 Diabetic and poke fun at the disease, or will it get mad at you if you do"? He shares everything he's learned-the hard way-as an "expert" on his blog at

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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How ketogenic diets help lose weight

One of the better diets according to many recent studies is the ketogenic diet. Lose weight while eating healthy fats and be healthy by cutting carbs

The Best Keto Guide on the Internet

You can boost your weight loss progress by starting a keto diet (low carb diet). Many studies have shown that low carb diets help people lose weight more than low fat diets

Keto Diet Guides and Support

The ketogenic diet is amazing for weight loss and overall health benefits. With keto you cut carbs and eat more healthy fat foods

A Complete Ketogenic Diet Guide For Beginners

According to research, low carb diets are one of the healthiest diets. Low carb means low carbohydrates and requires the person to eat a lot of fat and protein

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Take That Diabetes! Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Guidelines

When life gives you lemons, you basically make lemonade or a ridiculously tasty lemon tart, in this case, a healthier version of it!  When trying to understand type 2 diabetes treatment guidelines, you need to keep a few things in mind.

With type 2 diabetes, it is imperative to realize that it asymptomatic and it is mostly lifestyle and family history related. We know now that diabetes affects the way your body handles the sugar in your blood, so that’s a start. So what we need to look at are effective guidelines on to curb this disease, especially to the many afflicted people out there that look at diabetes as a lifelong jail time.

Well, here is your get-out-of-jail-free card. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Just as you would know you are coming down with a cold if you are sneezing all over the place and you’ve run out of Kleenex from blowing your nose, your body will always tell you when there is something wrong.

Keep in mind the following symptoms of diabetes:

           If you start experiencing extreme fatigue and lethargy.
           Constant urinating.
           Frequent bacterial or fungal infections.
           Wounds that won't heal as fast.
           Loss of feeling or sensation in your feet or hands.
           Extreme hunger.
           Unexplained weight loss and weight gain.
           Hyperpigmentation of the skin – darkening of the skin on the neck and elbows.
           Blurred vision.

Type 2 Diabetes Guidelines

There are ways to find out if you are at the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Check if you are predisposed to it genetically. Having a hereditary risk doesn’t mean that you’ll develop it, however, you have a 50% chance of getting it if both your parents have type 2 diabetes. Knowing your risk of diabetes early on will help you make the proper changes in your lifestyle in order to prevent developing the condition.
  • No, you cannot catch diabetes, it is not a contagious disease. However, gestational diabetes is common to some first-time moms. It goes away after childbirth, but it’s important that you are regularly tested as a safety control measure.
  • Diabetes does not discriminate on age, however, if you are over 40 years of age and overweight/ obese, you are more likely to develop diabetes and if you are especially bigger around your belly than any other part of your body because this means there is added pressure on your body’s ability to use insulin in order to control your blood sugar levels to burn energy. In some cases, bariatric surgery for the morbidly obese individuals.
  • I would highly recommend that everyone over the age of 30 have a blood screening of diabetes, at least 3 times a year. A fasting blood sugar test is the most commonly used by physicians. A urine test can be done but the sugar levels need to be very high for detection. I have done this test, religiously, over the years, just to be sure that my insulin levels are at a safe range. Prevention is better than cure and certainly cheaper.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are portable testing kits available for your home use.
With all the above information, keep in mind there's more to learn about type 2 diabetes treatment guidelines, but you’re on the right track. Now get on out there and let’s kick some type 2 diabetes butt!

Jeffrey Dale is a Type 2 Diabetic and asks the questions, "Can you be a Type 2 Diabetic and poke fun at the disease, or will it get mad at you if you do"? He shares everything he's learned - the hard way - as an "expert" on his blog at