Friday, December 30, 2016

How To Profit From Trump Being President – 3 Industries You Should Invest In Now

On January 20, 2017 President elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Once he takes office you can expect some major changes to take place in the economy almost immediately. And while some promises will without a doubt be broken once Trump takes office, based on what he said on the campaign trail here are 3 industries you should invest in now.

1. Defense

If there is one thing the Republican Party hangs it hat on its military strength. And with some of the things Trump has said, you can expect him to be very aggressive when it comes to protecting America. According to Ian Bremmer, the president of Eurasia Group, when it comes to going after terrorists from the air, Trump will more than likely take that to a whole new level.

Because unlike President Obama, Trump is not risk averse. He is therefore more likely to take action without giving it much thought. This of course would mean high tech defense and aerospace manufacturers will profit big time.

The top 4 defense stocks you should buy are Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

2. Infrastructure

If you drive you know the nation’s roads are in need of serious upgrades. In a Debate back in December of 2015 Trump made it very clear he would spend billions to upgrade the nation’s airports, roads and bridges.

Trump has more experience with building that any other President in history and you can expect him to put it to good use. Add that to the fact one of his biggest campaign promises was to build a 50 foot wall along the Mexico border and you see why infrastructure can prove to be a very smart investment.

It will cost anywhere between $15 billion and $25 billion to build a wall of this nature. It would also cost an additional $750 million just to maintain it.

3 of the top infrastructure stocks you should invest in now are Jacobs Engineering, Fluor and Caterpillar.

3. Small Cap Stocks

Because of Trumps protectionist message multinationals who are directly involved in international trade will take a big hit. Smaller companies however, especially those who operate mainly in the United States, won't be as affected.

Because of this small cap stocks will more than likely outperform stocks from larger companies. A good small cap investment would be Vanguard's Russell 2000 ETF.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Donald Trump Investments – 4 Stocks This Billionaire Business Man Loves

In July 2015 Donald Trump, who at the time was nothing more than a Republican presidential contender, made his financial disclosure forms public. The 92 page disclosure was a true treasure trove that showed how one of the best deal makers in the world invests his fortune.

According to the disclosure Trump had at least $1.4 billion in assets with $70 million being held in stocks. Based on his investments it looks like Trump loves large caps. And while Trump has his holdings in a variety of different sectors, there are a few that really stand out in the crowd as he invested a minimum of $500,000 in each.

Here is a quick look at 4 stocks Donald Trump seems to really love:

#1 – Apple (AAPL)

Being that Trump loves to brag about his many successful businesses it’s no surprise he invested so much in tech giant Apple. Apple is behind the groundbreaking iPhone which has been wowing both consumers and investors for many, many years. In 2015 Apple stock had a 1.7 percent dividend yield and made Trump between $15,000 and $50,000 during the reporting period.

#2 – Kinder Morgan (KMI)

Kinder Morgan is one of the largest energy companies in the nation. And while this particular stock didn't pay Trump a dividend in the 2015 reporting period, he did manage to earn between $100,000 and $1 million for a capital gain.

When it comes to energy and crude oil Kinder Morgan is a very strong play. Especially for those who are a bit bullish on crude oil.

#3 – JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

While JP Morgan Chase & Co. could easily be called an anti Trump stock, it is one that managed to produce a 2.5 percent yield in 2015. And though revenues did slip a bit, they were still higher than those on Wall Street expected. With a 2.5 percent dividend yield and JP Morgan Chase successfully cutting costs, it’s safe to say this stock turned out to be a winning play.

#4 – International Business Machines (IBM)

In the 2015 reporting period International Business Machines reported quarterly sales of $20.8 billion. This was a bit below the $20.95 billion Wall Street was expecting. And even though IBM isn't coming out with hot technologies such as the iPhone, they still have a very cheap price to earnings ratio which makes it a smart stock to hold on to.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016 Lists Tips on Dealing with Herpes

Knowing that you have herpes can be a big burden in life, and it can even cause a lot of emotional disturbance in many people. Not seeking help or advice can be very harmful to your health. The possibility of rejection is real when you are interested in dating a person who does not have herpes because there are too many social taboos linked to the virus. Herpes is somehow demonized and the majority of people are misinformed about it. Most people do not know how it is contracted. Before you were diagnosed with herpes, when you were turned down for a date, you probably believed there are many fish in the sea. Now that you have herpes, there might not be as many fish in the sea as you once believed.

But the good news is that people with herpes can have a normal life. Yes, there are many positive things you can do to get your life back to normal. First and foremost, you need to get support and help from a person you can trust. This can be from herpes dating sites, from a family doctor, or from a close friend. But what can you do when you are single and dating with herpes?

When you start dating, keep in mind that people’s reaction are different and you may be surprised at how much understanding and compassion you will receive from people that love you. The moment you start talking to someone about your condition, you will certainly feel much better about the condition and the way herpes will fit into your life. It may take some time to adjust to the new facts but great things such as dating and going out on great dates will start happening again.

You need to understand that the first outbreak of genital herpes is the most severe. This means your body will start to produce antibodies to fight the infection. But you can find medications and herbal treatments that have helped many people. So you have many alternatives. However, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent major outbreaks from reoccurring in your life.

There are many places that you can ask for help. Hence, make sure you take advantage of these resources as much as you can. Go online or ask around for national places or track down herpes support groups, herpes dating sites or clinics that you can attend. Finding a way or a platform where you can express your fears or feelings is a step in the right direction. With many websites offering information and support, you can easily start leading a normal life and feel you can handle herpes in your dating life.

Living with herpes does not mean you live a lonely and a depressing life. You do not need to be isolated to your family or friends. In fact, it is in these hard times that people shine, and their feelings for you are truly known. There is nothing better than having an amazing support network or having a system that you can trust or turn into a heartbeat when you are feeling down or looking for advice.

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Dating Sites for People Living with Herpes

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Donald Trump Stock Market – Do The Markets Really Love His Policies?

In recent weeks we have heard a lot about how “the market” loves Donald Trump's policy ideas. The question however is which “market” are we referring to? If it’s the U.S. market you are referring to then yes, stocks are indeed up since Donald Trump won the presidency.

If however you are like most people and live in a more global economy, then “the market” you participate in is actually down since Trump won the election. So despite all the noise about how great the market is doing, in reality the market doesn't like Trump's policies as much as some news stations would have you believe.

When it comes to getting a true representation of “the market” it’s all about the Global Financial Asset Portfolio (GFAP). It is this portfolio that houses all global outstanding financial assets.

Since it has no home bias it is the only aggregate portfolio that reflects the market of financial assets in an accurate manner. It is therefore the only relevant benchmark that should be used when looking at the current status of the global financial markets.

Based on the Global Financial Asset Portfolio, “the market” is actually down by 1% since Trump secured the presidency. Keep in mind this is only 1% which is not very much movement at all. It is therefore nothing to be worried about or nothing to get excited about.

If you look at this through an aggregate lens you will see that the world didn't think much about Trump winning. They woke up the day after the election, saw that Trump won and quickly got back to business as usual.

As far as the U.S. markets go, stocks and bonds are only up about 0.4% since the election. And while U.S. markets did respond more positively to Trump’s win, a 0.4% increase isn't that much of a gain. We are basically in the same position as we were the day before Trump won the election.

If there is one thing you can take from the lack of movement in the financial markets it’s the fact most markets are concerned about protectionism. This can be seen in the stocks and bonds in emerging markets that have taken a hit as well as in foreign currencies.

At this point it’s safe to say no one really knows how the global economy views a Trump presidency. We will all just have to take a wait and see approach.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Donald Trump Stocks – The Pharmaceutical Play You Need To Make Right Now

Being that Donald Trump has tapped Tom Price as his secretary of Health and Human Services and SeemaVerma to head up the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it’s safe to say the healthcare system is poised to undergo some serious changes in the very near future.

This is because Donald Trump and his administration are fixated on the idea of lowering the cost of healthcare in the United States. And from the looks of it, they are willing to do almost anything to make sure this happen.

Right now Trump is proposing the red tape at the FDA be cut so that Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) for generic drugs can be reviewed and approved at a much quicker rate.

Right now, due to the unbelievable number of generic drug submissions received by the FDA on a regular basis, there is a backlog of about 3,000 Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) that are waiting to be reviewed.

If Trump has his way and the red tape is cut, you can expect a sharp increase in the number of generic drugs that make their way onto the market. To benefit from this sharp increase it would be a smart move to buy stock in Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, one of the largest generic drug companies in the world.

In mid 2016 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd acquired the generic drug unit of Allergan for billions of dollars. This one move put them in the position to shape how generic drugs will be priced for the foreseeable future.

Currently Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has about 300 Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) on file with the FDA. That means if certain healthcare reforms should take place, they would be one of the biggest potential beneficiaries of those reforms.

But here is what will make investing in Teva right now not only a smart move, but a very profitable one as well. Of the 300 or so Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) they currently have on file with the FDA, one third of them are first generic drugs.

First generic drugs are the first generic versions of some of the most popular branded drugs currently on the market.

First generic drugs, being that they are the first of their kind, tend to have a period of exclusivity when they first hit the market. During that short window you can make a ton of money if you are invested in the company.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

How To Profit From Trump Presidency - 3 Stocks You Need To Invest In Now

While no one expected Donald Trump to win the presidency, he was able to pull off the impossible and secure one of the most powerful positions in the world. And whether you agree with his policies or not, the reality is he is going to be the next President of America and if you want to profit from his presidency, here are 3 stocks you need to invest in right now.

#1 – Cemex

One of Trump’s most popular messages during his campaign was the fact he was going to build a wall to make America safe again. Not only is he planning to build a wall 1,000 miles long, but he is also planning to have Mexico pay for it.

If the wall should become a reality and Mexico is forced to pay for it, you can believe they will source all materials locally.

Cemex is a San Pedro based company that generated over $14 billion in net sales in 2015. $2.8 billion of those net sales came right from Mexico which makes it a very smart investment as we head into a Trump presidency.

#2 – ExxonMobil

I think it’s safe to say Trump has what many would call a militaristic zeal. When speaking to Bill O'Reilly about defeating ISIS Trump was quoted as saying, "Take back the oil. Once you go over and take back that oil, they have nothing. You bomb the hell out of them, and then you encircle it, and then you go in. And you let [ExxonMobil] go in."

If this should happen it would mean a very big payday for ExxonMobil. And while many believe Trump's proposition to bomb the hell out of ISIS is quite ridiculous, it would still drive up oil prices and make a lot of companies a lot of money in a relatively short period of time.

#3 – HCA Holdings

Part of Trump’s plan to make America great again is to allow Veterans to go anywhere they want to get the health care they need. If this should happen the use of VA hospitals would decrease and non VA hospitals would almost instantly become more profitable.

HCA Holdings is one of the leading health services holding companies in the world. They operate and manage around 168 hospitals and 116 freestanding surgery centers in 20 U.S. states and England.

If Trump has his way with the Veterans Administration you can expect HCA Holdings stock price to go through the roof.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Superwomen Secrets Revealed: Successful Women Talk About Fitting in Fitness and Dare You to Join Them

What do successful women have in common?

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Don’t worry their success secrets won’t cost you a lot of time or money!


These female entrepreneurs and successful women in business share the same easy to implement secret—that fitting in fitness is the key to their success.

In Superwomen Secrets Revealed you will learn:


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  • Fun & easy to implement fitness challenges from these female mentors that can be accepted on social media for added motivation


Superwomen Secrets Revealed arms you with workout motivation and inspiration from real life role models.


Follow the advice in Superwomen Secrets Revealed and accept the fitness challenges (the superwomen fitness dares) and you will finally reach your fitness and life goals.

Whether you’re a female entrepreneur looking to find more energy to fuel your dreams, a mom who wants to be a healthy role model, or simply someone who can’t refuse a good fitness challenge, you’ll find this book invaluable.

Get ready to change your world …and then THE world … one workout at a time!


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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


For Immediate Release: December 8, 2016
Contact: Dmitry Farber

London, UK – The Seven Seas Yacht Transport, a full-service, international yacht sailing team adept in the various yacht transportation methods from float on, float off, lift on, lift off, and everything in between, this week announced they have joined forced with PSP Logistics to offer an incredible end-of-year savings to any yacht owner interested in transportation from the UK to Florida and lastly, the Caribbean.

Comprised of a team of experienced marine professionals dedicated to providing the best yacht transportation services at the best prices today, the Seven Seas Yacht Transport latest route will kick off on December 19 from Southampton, the UK.

“We’re a transportation company that wants to provide sound options for our clients year round – that’s why we’re providing a channel between the UK and the Caribbean for yacht owners looking to get their transportation done before the New Year,” said Dmitry Farber, Founder and Owner of the Seven Seas Yacht Transport. “This route is a direct call, 12-day transit, and will be available from the UK between December 19 and December 23.”

From the UK, the company will sail directly to St. Thomas with a January 2, 2017 arrival date. After that stop, they will head onto Port Everglades for a final destination on January 7, 2017. Custom designed transport plans to fit any client’s requirement is available for the upcoming routes.

“Get the yacht transportation hassle out of the way you’ve been putting off since the summer,” said Dmitry Farber. “We're sailing right through Christmas, and we couldn't be happier about it! Spread the word on the announcement of our new end-of-year offer, and head on over to our website to learn more about our commitment to marine transportation.”

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