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Jo Henry Promoted To Social Media Manager of Frontrunners Health


Garland, Texas - United States - May 23, 2016 {PR Buzz} – Ms. Jo Henry, recently promoted to the position of Social Media Manager of Frontrunners Health, earned the promotion because of her successful expansion of product sales in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Since the inception of Baby’s Best Start prenatal vitamins, Ms. Henry has used her excellent social media networking skills via popular communication platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus, to proactively introduce these exceptional prenatal vitamins to medical personnel and individuals interested in obtaining the best prenatal product for their patients, their clients, and for themselves.  

Ms. Henry’s experience in the medical field and her training as an exercise physiologist, which requires the assessment of cardiovascular and metabolic effects of exercise for cardiac and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, gives her a unique understanding of the benefits of the product. Because she’s knowledgeable about the manufacturing process that sets this product apart from all others, she’s an excellent spokesperson for explaining the superiority of these prenatal vitamins.

One aspect of the Baby’s Best Start prenatal vitamins that Ms. Henry enjoys explaining is that they contain a patented version of folate (Metafolin®) instead of the synthetic folic acid that most prenatal vitamins use. Synthetic folic acid is a less expensive constituent, which makes it popular with most vitamin manufacturers. As Ms. Henry likes to relate, “Baby’s Best Start prenatal vitamins are developed to provide the preeminent prenatal care for pregnant women—and Frontrunners Health doesn’t compromise on quality.”

The difference between the folate and the synthetic folic acid is that the folate is much easier for the body to utilize.  This means a faster and more potent impact on the system, an important consideration because folate helps prevent neural tube defects and specific heart abnormalities in the baby. It is absolutely essential for proper fetal development.

To quote Ms. Henry: “It’s easy to promote these prenatal vitamins because they have so much substance!  On top of the folate, I like the fact that they contain a therapeutic dose of Lutein. That’s so important for a baby’s brain health and eyes. I care about babies and their mothers. I can’t imagine not convincing women how great these vitamins are for their baby’s health.”

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Montreal, Quebec – Canada –May 23, 2016 – Today, Emotive World Inc., a leader in empowering individuals to make a difference to cultivate change in the world and lead happier lives, announced the upcoming launch of their website is geared towards allowing users to both share and read stories of happiness, culminating in a free encyclopedia for happiness.

According to a company official, their website will begin beta testing May 24th, 2016. Their website and Facebook page will be available for comments and feedback during the beta test phase. You can visit the links below to learn more or to help in the beta test.

“We designed as a place where anyone can go to read and share stories of happiness. We recognize that in times of need, people can breathe new life into their own by reading positive stories, and in times of happiness and kindness people can share their experiences to inspire others! This is free, open to everyone, and the easiest way to change the world!” states Dr. Bak Nguyen, founder and CEO of eHappyPedia.

The website is very easy to use. In just a few clicks, users can upload their own stories related to happiness and success. With time, the site will act as the world’s largest collection of such stories. The aim is for others to read these shared thoughts to help solve their own problems and be moved to laugh, cry, or take a small action towards their own happiness. Also, users will be able to share information from eHappyPedia with their friends and family to help inspire them as well. It is free, easy to use, and based on a very simple but time-honored tradition: spreading happiness through sharing.

In addition, Emotive World Inc. is looking for sponsors to help develop and launch the website. Sponsors will be mentioned for life on the eHappyPedia network, and there are several packages to choose from.

More About Happiness

Happiness is essential to a healthy life. According to CNN, a 2012 review of more than 200 studies found a connection between positive psychological attributes, such as happiness, optimism, and life satisfaction, and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. This is not to say that you just have to be happy in order to have good health; rather, being in a positive state of mind is what makes taking care of yourself a lot easier. Being happy can lead to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improved focus and concentration, better problem solving, and a myriad of other benefits. This is one of the reasons why eHappyPedia network is launching such an ambitious product: to share happiness, and as a natural side effect of being happy, improve the length and quality of lives.

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