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(PR Buzz) - Bath-Buddy is a bath organizer which is large, and a handy product which makes keeping your bathroom tidy much easier by containing all your bath toys and accessories. Meaning there is no mad rush to find toys whilst your child is in the bath. Bath-Buddy is meant to keep all your kids toys safely together.

Bath-Buddy allows the water to drain freely from the contents, so it will stop your toys going moldy. It also keeps your bathroom tidy by ensuring that the toys are not scattered all over the bathroom, as they can now all be kept together in one bath net. It is user friendly as it has a large opening without draw cords which makes it safe and easier for kids to handle.

The Bath-Buddy is an easy and effective way of keeping your bathroom tidy to allow a stress free bath time for you and your child.

The Bath-Buddy is also very useful to store other bathroom accessories so you can keep all your products together allowing you to keep your bathroom tidy.

This fantastic product is made from a durable and mold resistant mesh which enables it drain freely and last for a longer time. It has two suction cups attached to the top corners of the bath net, so it can easily be attached to the bathroom wall or shower.

The Bath-Buddy also comes with 2 extra suction cups that can be used to hang other bathroom accessories such as loofahs and other body brushes.

Why not treat yourself to a bath toy organizer from bath-buddy to store all your bathroom toys and accessories and make your bath time more relaxing.

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Under Inflation of Tires is Costing U.S. Drivers Money

(PR Buzz) - In tough economic times who can afford to waste money on excess fuel usage? TravelSafer highlights the large fuel spend caused by under inflated tires.

Under inflated tires cause U.S. drivers to waste 1.2 billion gallons of fuel annually and according to the U.S. Department of Energy, properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency by 3.3 percent and save up to 11 cents per gallon at the pump. Could you do with a few extra dollars in your pocket each week?

And besides that, properly inflated tires are safer, last longer and minimize risk of tire failure by reducing tread movement and rolling resistance, and increasing water dispersion.

According to a 2010 Rubber Manufacturers Association study, only 17 percent of vehicles had four properly inflated tires and 55 percent of vehicles had at least one under inflated tire.

A spokesperson from the company TravelSafer, manufacturer of a portable easy to use digital tire pressure gauge, says checking tire pressure regularly, only once per month and before every long trip can save lives and improve fuel economy. He gave a few tips for tire safety:

“Tire pressures should be checked when tires are cold (preferably after 3 hours not driven or perhaps first thing in the morning). The correct tire pressure can be found in the car owner manual, on the gas tank lid, the driver’s side door edge, or on the door post. And don’t forget to check the spare.”

“It’s important to know that tire pressure must be the same on the tires of each axle, but may be different from front to back. And remember to tightly close the valve caps to protect from dust and dirt and to prevent leaking. Replace missing valve caps without delay.”

“Don’t rely on tire pressure monitoring systems either,” he continues, “They only issue a low pressure warning after tire pressure drops 25 percent below the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure. A small drop in air pressure may not trigger a warning light but would cause a loss of fuel economy and impair road handling.”

Unfortunately, most people have a hard time telling the difference between a full tire and one that is low, and struggling with awkward gas station tire gauges can be a hassle. In order to help drivers monitor their tire pressure, the company TravelSafer has developed their digital tire pressure gauge to be used on cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. Its illuminated nozzle and LCD screen allows the tire pressure gauge to provide accurate readings day or night and in poor light conditions.

To find out more about the importance of monitoring tire pressure and the TravelSafer digital tire pressure gauge, visit their page directly at

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