Friday, January 29, 2016


(PR Buzz) UCF students announce the launch of their controversial news blog.

The average college student should be too busy to gossip let alone stir up chaos on the Internet. But someone has to do it!

Two students from the University of Central Florida announced the release of an entertainment and news blog called It will cover a wide variety of news topics including celebrity gossip, sports, politics, fashion and music.

There will be one news story posted per day and the site will have NO SOCIAL MEDIA. A little different than the normal blog of 2016.

So far from their two days worth of posts it's safe to say that Estadiablo thrives off controversy. The first post (Jan 26, 2016) titled: "Model Caught With Pants Down," featuring an image of Porn Star, Tiffany Tailor (Instagram @tiffanytailor).

The Second article goes all CNN and suggests "CHINA BOUGHT THE US!?"

This blog goes from one extreme to the next! The World Wide Web is definitely in for a wild ride!

For more information and controversial news visit the website at

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Radiation Therapy App Released to Help Fight Cancer

Radiation Coach is a helpful application that offers important support and advice one may need to beat cancer and guide you, friends and family through the process of radiation therapy treatments.

January 26, 2016 (PR Buzz) – To download the specially created radiation therapy app, you can visit the app’s website at The App and the website will provide helpful advice and support to help individuals, as well as their friends and family, as they undergo the process of radiation therapy on their journey to beat cancer. The Radiation Coach app allows a radiation therapy patient and their friends and family to connect with other past, present and future patients who are facing similar health related or emotional issues due to cancer. According to the creator of the application, Radiation Coach has been designed to support and educate individuals from the initial medical consultation to the final treatment and after, it also allows people to share their success stories as well as struggles, providing a strong emotional support system.

The app is gaining popularity both among cancer patients as well as healthcare professionals. Many healthcare experts believe that the Radiation Coach app will bring a new ray of hope in the lives of patients who are often concerned about their difficult health conditions. After review, one healthcare professional stated. “The opportunity to learn from others’ life experiences may prove more inspiring for a patient in the due course of the fight against cancer”.

In additional to the physical pain and discomfort, cancer patients often face emotional issues which can strongly affect  their recuperation chances. With The Radiation Coach app, a cancer patient is given a forum to express themselves as well as connect with others to learn about their treatment process and gain support. Through building relationships with other radiation patients, one can comfort himself and be prepared psychologically for the treatment process. This kind of emotional sharing and support can dramatically increase the success rate of radiation therapy for a cancer patient.

Radiation Coach has been designed with several interesting features that bring in several types of possibilities for a cancer patient. One of the many features is the message boards. They allow sharing or updating details with other patients or family members. One can also post questions to get specific answers from others on topics related to radiation therapy. Another key feature is the calendar. The calendar is extremely helpful because patients can enter their treatment dates and share those dates with friends and family. Once a date is set, the patient can set up alerts for all appointments to insure no treatment is missed. Moreover, the app even allows a patient to keep track of their weight, blood pressure, temperature and multiple other symptoms throughout the treatment process.

The creator of the application is confident that it will ease several types of concerns for cancer patients as well as help them build relationships with other radiation patients. It will also help ease the anxiety and concern friends and family experience when a loved one is going through therapy. Furthermore, Radiation Coach will proudly donate 10% of all proceeds to the cancer research institute in an attempt to help fight cancer. One can download the Radiation Coach app from the website, in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Real Herbs Olive Leaf Extract Holds Most 5 Stars Reviews on Amazon


Dietary supplement holds more than 460 five stars reviews on globally leading retail platform

JANUARY 26, 2016 (PR Buzz) – Olive Leaf Extract by Real Herbs, holds the highest volume of positive reviews for a supplement in its class on Amazon, according to the globally leading retail platform. Olive Leaf Extract also holds an overall 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with more than 560 individual reviews.

Real Herbs is dedicated to provide premium quality natural herbal supplements to consumers around the world. The company guarantees the quality and freshness of their ingredients and the integrity of their manufacturing process to ensure the safest, most potent supplements available.

Olive Leaf Extract by Real Herbs is a pure form of Olive Leaf Extract containing Oleuropein, which supplement the body to aid as natural immune boosters. Each of Real Herbs Olive Leaf Extract capsule contain 20% Oleuropein, which is among the highest potency in the market.

One of Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, Carol Green said, “I knew olives and olive leaf extract is used to heal and help the human body but until I did research into the contents of this supplement, I never knew that it was used for dealing with viral, bacterial, and other infections like influenza, swine flu, the common cold, meningitis, encephalitis, herpes, shingles, HIV, and hepatitis B, pneumonia, chronic fatigue, TB, gonorrhea; fever, malaria, severe diarrhea, high blood pressure, diabetes, hay fever, improving kidney and digestive function, and increasing urine flow. It is easy to see why people want to take it, however, because it addresses such a wide range of health concerns, it may be difficult to ascertain dosages. The bottle says to take one capsule of 750 mg - which is a 20% extract per day that has150 mg of Oleuropein in it.”

With 560+ reviews on Amazon, Olive Leaf Extract by Real Herbs holds more reviews than any other supplements in its category. Real Herbs is excited to see such positive customer feedback. More information can be found at

About Real Herbs

Real Herbs offers fine natural herbal supplements from the fertile terrains around the world. The company is proud to offer the best ingredients backed by world-class customer care.


Real Herbs Limited

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dating Site Bans Texting

For Immediate Release:

St. Johns, Antigua W.I., 25th January, 2016. PR Buzz

Online dating website Single Honeys .com, has banned mobile phone texting and making calls by dates. The Single Honeys team have decided that mobile texting during a date is bad behavior and should not be allowed. As Single Honeys is new the decision will have no impact on membership. In fact, Single Honeys .com may benefit from the introduction of the measure and gain traction amongst those who have had bad dates due to mobile texting.

The ban includes texting with apps like WhatsApp, but allows for emergencies. Members should not make calls and if they receive calls should end the calls if they are not emergencies. Taking a mobile phone on a date is not discouraged and taking photos is fine, if the other member agrees.

Single Honeys are paid to date

Single Honeys .com is a new type of dating site where attractive members are paid by other members to date. This type of dating is called Companionship and Romance Dating. The Single Honeys team call it Reward Dating. This is not a sex site, sugar daddy site or escort agency. Sex solicitation is not allowed and Single Honeys have vowed to keep the site clean.

Who gets paid to date?

Girls, especially, spend a lot on dates. Money goes on looking good- clothing, accessories, shoes, hairdressing, nails- and transport. Generous men understand their needs and are prepared to chip in. Students have a tough time meeting date costs and tuition fees. Many others have low paid jobs and find dating expensive.

The date sets a fee from $25-$500 a date in her or his profile. The paying member pays the fee directly. Single Honeys does not get involved or take a cut of the date fee. The fee is for attendance, to look good and for refraining from mobile phone texting. Extras and sex solicitation by either party is forbidden. The paying member also pays for dinner and drinks. Single Honeys is LGBT friendly.

Charity dating is popular. On Single Honeys persons wanting to raise money for a charity can serial date. This form of dating is already common and some charities regularly ‘auction off’ celebrities and volunteers. This is also popular with the payer who sees the volunteer as a kind person. Serial charity dating often leads to love.

Who pays to date?

Men like to date sexy women. Attractive women on online dating sites get by far the most requests. The competition is fierce. Guys know they are going to pay for dinner and drinks and paying a little extra to get a hot date is fine.

Many men and women have recently broken up with their ex’s and not yet ready for romance. They want an easy way to get back into dating without romantic pressure. Just like the song: Girls just want to have fun! Sometimes that’s true and not every date needs to be about romance. The important part is having a fun date. Romance will follow in due course.

Students living in cities far from home may not be ready for the distraction of a romance but still want to go out. Leaving soon for a job posting or gap year and the thought of breaking up or long distance relationships may not be appealing. Travelling or moving to a new city has dating challenges too. On Single Honeys you can find a local date who will give you an experience far better than any tour would. This is a better option than seeking out the sex trade just to combat loneliness. 

About Single Honeys launch

Single Honeys is only open for posting profiles right now. A limited beta founding membership has been restricted to 10,000 members. Membership costs nothing (100% free) and includes the right to send instant messages and text. The site has some V.I.P services, the only way the site makes money. Each founding member also gets 1,000 V.I.P. credits. The offer expires with the official launch, with full services, on 15th February, 2016. Mobile apps, Android and iPhone, will be launched in March. Visit

Media should go to the Press page, read FAQ, Terms, and Contact Us through the online form. Questions are welcome.

Mr. A.N. Todd
CBB Web Development
English Harbour
T: +1-268-764-7464

Friday, January 22, 2016

Beating those insomnia blues

Hands up those of us who spend the last 30 minutes of our waking hours winding down with our mobile phones, tablets or e-readers. Now ask yourself: have you ever had trouble sleeping?

Scientists recently discovered that the blue light from our electronic devices – such as our mobile phones, tablets and computers – can disrupt sleep patterns and inhibit the production of melatonin, the chemical in our bodies that helps us fall asleep.

That’s why we at WaveWall have created WaveWall Sleep, a blue light filter that also acts as a screen protector, for mobile phones and tablets.

Our sleek screen protector covers your device’s screen and filters out the harmful blue light, without affecting the image quality. It helps us eliminate that wide-awake feeling and allows us to go straight to sleep.

Sleep is important for all of us – particularly teenagers. It helps our brains function well and is a major factor in our general health. In fact, sleep deprivation has been linked to diabetes, obesity and depression.

Humans naturally follow a 24-hour cycle, known as the circadian rhythm. Thanks to the advent of artificial light, we can work or play at any time of the day or night. This brings many benefits but the downside is that it can put our natural rhythm out of sync.

Dr Dieter Kunz, director of sleep research at Berlin Medical School, says blue’s benefit, and its detriment, are both a matter of timing. In one experiment, he showed that exposing healthy subjects to 30 minutes of 500 lux polychromatic blue light an hour before bedtime, in their natural home environment, delayed the onset of rapid eye movement sleep by 30 minutes.

He said: “A growing body of evidence suggests that a desynchronization of circadian rhythms may play a role in various tumoral diseases, diabetes, obesity, and depression.”

Priced at less than £7.99, WaveWall Sleep is specifically designed to cut out only the harmful wavelengths of blue light.

So now you can shield your screen, your eyes and sleep from damage.

-   ENDS   -

For further information or product reviews, please contact Noreen Coltman: / 0333 011 3481 / Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
WaveWall Worldwide

The World’s #1 Pimple Popper!

PimplePopper is the best way to effectively and hygienically get rid of pimples with minimal scarring for a quick healing time.

Made of high quality stainless steel and dual tipped to banish all sizes and types of pimples, PimplePopper works on blackheads and whiteheads, large and small.

Whether pimples are caused by stress and hormones, diet or the weather they can be painful, unsightly, and hard on the self-esteem of both teenagers and adults. Other methods of handling pimples can be expensive creams, require visits to the doctor, or make the problem worse by causing infection and swelling. Even when the pimples clear up they - and the methods used trying to get rid of them - can leave permanent scarring.

Created for those suffering with acne or just the occasional pimple, on the face or any other area of the body, PimplePopper is the easiest and most effective way to deal with pimples.

Popping pimples with the hands is clumsy and unhygienic. Bacteria from the fingers can infect the pimple and make it worse, even if using a tissue. Using fingers does more damage to the surrounding area, causing more swelling and redness and drawing more attention to the pimple – the last thing anyone wants.

PimplePopper’s stainless steel construction is easy to clean with hot water and has two different sized popping loops to fit all sizes of pimples for accurate popping with minimal irritation to the skin and quicker recovery. With less redness and swelling people can be ready to face the world sooner, with blemish-free skin. In the longer term the chances of scarring are also reduced - a big concern of pimple-sufferers everywhere.

Aiming to make managing pimples easier for everyone, Harry Gardiner, founder of PimplePopper, said he discovered PimplePopper after teenage struggles with acne. “One session showed me how it was actually possible to manage my pimples in a way that meant I didn’t always have to walk out of the front door with mountains erupting all over my face!”

After being hampered by confusing existing products and expensive shipping Harry set out to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of PimplePopper. Which is why with free domestic shipping from the USA, UK and Australia, 30-day satisfaction guarantee and one-year quality guarantee it is now easier than ever to get your hands on PimplePopper and manage pimples.

PimplePopper will change the way people all over the world deal with their pimples: reducing the risk of scarring, improving hygiene and minimising healing time.

MEDIA CONTACT: Harry Gardiner,,, 03330113481, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK