Thursday, October 1, 2015

Abbotsford Yoga Studio Now Offering New Services


New health services aid in personal well-being, increased vitality and supports wellness.

September 30, 2015. Announcing new health services offered by Abbotsford Yoga Studio to its customers. Aside from professional yoga instruction and lessons, Abbotsford Yoga now offers Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Reflexology, Essential Oils and Reiki. These services are available upon request as private sessions at the studio.

To cater to customers that would like to avail of these new health services along with their yoga classes, a new treatment room has been added. This is a specialized room for lymphatic drainage massage which combines European aromatherapy along with the use of custom-blended essential oils. Abbotsford Yoga Studio will provide personalized treatments for its clients. With these new services the opportunity to experience a high level of personalized health and well being has been elevated.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine or treatment involving the application of pressure to specific areas of the body to elicit a beneficial effect on the different organs and systems of the body. The practice of reflexology dates back thousands of years with roots in Eastern, Egyptian, Oriental and European cultures. Reflexology practitioners or specialists press on specific points on the foot which corresponds to specific parts of the body. A reflexologist brings back balance of the mind and body and reduces symptoms of a variety of ailments through this practice. Socrates quoted: “When our feet hurt, we hurt all over” and therefore reflexologists focus on pressure points on the foot to promote wellness and ease a variety of health conditions.

A few words from Abbotsford Yoga Studio lead instructor Eileen Millar on the power of lymphatic drainage massage: “Lymphatic drainage massage has multiple healthful benefits like detoxification, stress reduction, strengthening of the immune system, helps with hormonal changes during pregnancy, improves energy, reduces fatigue and restores vitality.”

The use of essential oils has a soothing and healing effect on the different systems of the body. Aside from having natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, essential oils are also known as natural antidepressants with tranquilizing and stress-reducing properties. Massage experts use essential oils to promote physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. Incorporating essential oils into other treatments can increase their benefits as well. Together with their yoga practice clients are able to improve overall wellness and achieve optimum mind and body health.

The new health & well being services offered by Abbotsford Yoga Studio are now available for clients. Interested customers may book a session at the studio or request a session by calling 694-504-5531. For more information about Abbotsford Yoga Studio and to contact Eileen Millar personally, clients are recommended to email her at


Abbotsford Yoga Studio, also known as Eileen's Yoga Studio, is run by lead instructor Eileen Millar who also does the private treatments with the new services offered. The studio is Abbotsford's original and longest running studio. Iyengar yoga is at the heart of the teachings. Private and group sessions are conducted for beginner through advanced skill levels. Visit

Eileen Millar
#3 2009 Abbotsford Way
Abbotsford, BC, V2S 6Y5
Phone: 694-504-5531

Baby’s Best Start Professional Grade Prenatal Vitamins Announced by Frontrunners Health


Garland, Texas - United States - October 1, 2015 - Frontrunners Health, an established leader in superior nutritional supplements, announced the launch of their prenatal vitamin brand, Baby’s Best Start. Baby’s Best Start prenatal vitamins, which were only available through licensed health practitioners, are now available to the public for the first time through Frontrunners Health. You can learn more about the vitamin at

Proper prenatal care is critical to a healthy pregnancy and ensures the fetus is receiving the proper amount of nutrients to avoid potential health risks during and after pregnancy. For example, Lutein is vital to baby’s brain and eye development and Folate is essential during the early months of pregnancy to help prevent neural tube defects and certain heart abnormalities. Baby’s Best Start vitamins contain a therapeutic dose of Lutein and double the daily recommended dosage of Folate. These are just two of the many advantages Baby’s Best Start offers over other prenatal vitamins.

"We are very excited to offer this product to the public for the first time," said Spencer. "We are confident this is the best prenatal vitamin on the market today, and feel that consumers will strongly agree with us."

Highlights of the product include:

•    Professional Grade pregnancy vitamins for woman looking for superior quality and bio-availability
•    Contains a therapeutic dose of Lutein to assist in baby's brain and eye development
•    Contains Vitamin D3 - recommended by experts
•    Vegetarian and gluten-free
•    Exceptional vitamins for hair growth and healthy nails
•    Manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA approved laboratory, under strict quality control guidelines that surpass GMP standards.
•    Contains methylated B vitamins - Contains Metafolin®L-methylfolate (folate) and methylcobalamin (B12). Studies show these bio-available B vitamins are used more effectively than the non-methylated folic acid and B12 (cyanocobalamin) found in most prenatal vitamins.

More About Frontrunners Health
Frontrunners Health believes in service to customers and delivering quality products at an affordable price. Their mission is to manufacture superior nutritional supplements, including professional grade vitamins to offer high quality nutrition for mothers-to-be and their families. The company works with industry leaders in nutrition such dietitians, nutritionists and scientists to develop vitamins that deliver on their promises. The company invests research, time and money to create the best nutritional supplements available. To learn more about Frontrunners Health, you should visit:


Frontrunners Health
Allison Spencer
Regional Sales Manager
1919 S. Shiloh Rd., Suite 107
Garland, TX 75042
Phone: (877) 697-8615
Fax: (972) 840-2435

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Is LAMUS’s Difference From Other Makeup Schools?

LAMUS - Los Angeles Makeup School is an institution that is owned by two female makeup artists in Hollywood, California. School specializes in teaching the make-up techniques and insider secrets of beauty, special effects, body painting and hair styling for film, television, high definition video, media, print, high fashion, bridal and stage.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Simplifying the Blackhead Removal Process

 Aotearoa Beauty celebrates the inaugural product release of their professional blackhead and blemish removal kit, which is available on Amazon.

September 28, 2015: The New Zealand-based beauty product supplier Aotearoa Beauty is pleased to announce the recent online release of their Professional Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit. Since the product was released on Amazon earlier this month, it has quickly made an unprecedented name for itself in the industry. It currently ranks as one of the best selling Beauty Blemish Tools on the website.

The Aotearoa Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit is designed to promote clear, clean and healthy skin. Each of the 5 extractor pieces within the tool set are double-ended which allow users to banish blemishes, pimples, blackheads and comedones with ease. Each piece is manufactured of surgical-grade stainless steel, which means they will not rust over time. The entire set is packaged safely together inside a stylish and portable leather case.

No one wants to hide their skin because of embarrassing blemishes.” explains a Aotearoa representative. “We all deserve to enjoy clear and clean skin. Our new blemish remover kit will help make that happen faster than you ever thought possible. By following our easy 5-step treatment process, you will be able to see instant results. Enjoy the confidence of having clear skin without harsh chemical cleansers or expensive trips to the dermatologist.

The Aotearoa 5-Piece Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit is currently available for sale on Amazon. It is sold with a lifetime money-back guarantee. Aotearoa ensures their customers that they have nothing to risk when purchasing their blemish remover kit. The company is pleased to offer their Amazon Prime customers free two-day shipping on all orders.

The kit is currently being sold with a discount of 13% off the original price. There are also several bulk order discounts available. Find out more information by visiting the Aotearoa 5-Piece Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit page directly at