Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Selfie Stick XSarmor: One Piece Easy Foldable Self Taking Monopod


Media Contact – Kevin, Owner, Xsarmor

Sarasota, Florida, July 23, 2015 - In our case and today's day and age, it is no longer the necessity, but the ongoing trends that are the grandmothers for all inventions. For anyone who is waving a selfie stick, the whole world is just his small phone screen, regardless of who and what is around. With the current advancement in technology and the desire to take the photography industry further, Xsarmor has just announced the release of the newest breed of high-end Monopods, ‘The compact selfie stick’.

Called "the most controversial gift of 2014" by New York Times and, on the contrary, "the greatest invention of 2014" by TIME magazine, this is a point of controversy for people. Some call it the "Narcissus' staff" or the rather poetic "solipsistic". This handy device is an ideal way to get more friends and family in one shot, and with more background scenery. 

Kevin, the owner of Xsarmor company, stated, “The Xsarmor compact selfie stick is one of the best Bluetooth Selfie sticks available, with a secure design for high-resolution pictures. We have carefully listened to the cry of selfie freaks and come up with a design that makes it comfortable and easy to use. Tourists, families on vacation, and selfie lovers can quickly take pictures capturing the whole crew. With our selfie stick, taking pictures of yourself and friends is a snap.”

The Xsarmor’s compact selfie stick has a built-in Bluetooth shutter control for the camera that easily pair's up within 30 seconds. Most Selfie Sticks are long and a headache to take with you, but this product easily fits into one’s pocket or purse. It is only 7 inches long and extends out to over 30 inches. 

This product comes in five different colors and is very stylish. It has a built-in battery that charges through a USB port from any computer. The handle has a comfortable rubber handle. This product folds up into a nice compact unit that the users would never know that they are even carrying it with them.

The phone easily attaches to the top with a spring loaded holder that securely grabs the user’s phone and will not let go. With its portability, this product can be used anywhere. Friends and family will be amazed at how cool this little product is.

With a new day bringing in more and more products, we cannot wait for the day when we finally come across the wackiest of inventions.

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What Can A Chicago Dentist Do For You?

When I first set foot in Chicago, everything seemed so strange and mystical. However, I managed to get an apartment easily and I settled down quite quickly. Apart from a busy neighborhood, the efficacy of the dentistry in Chicago is what really fascinated me. It didn’t take me a few days to realize that Chicago has a wide range of dentists, most of whom offer top notch dentistry solutions. Actually, my first hand experience with a Chicago dentist is what inspired me to write this post.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Chicago is one of the best features of the dentists in this area and residents have access to a wide range of professional dentists with many years of experience. Literally, dentists in Chicago have mastered the art of improving your smile by making sure they whiten your discolored teeth, re-align crooked teeth and shape your teeth to match your dream smile.

Restorative Dentistry

For that perfect smile, sometimes restorative dentistry is the way to go. There are currently tens of specialized dentists majoring in restorative dentistry in the whole of the Chicago area. Most Chicago dentists also offer tooth re-filling services otherwise known as bonding. If you are a frequent visitor to your dentist, then you probably already know that bonding is the perfect dental solution for small teeth cavities.

Mobility and Affordability

With the high cost of living, one should expect dental prices to be off the charts. However, in Chicago, that’s not usually the case. Owing to the ever-growing competition, dentists usually charge small fees, depending on the dental solution in question. Simple dental procedures like teeth whitening only cost a few bucks while other dental solutions like bonding may cost a little more. Some Chicago dentists even offer mobile services which allow for the much needed flexibility. Nowadays, you can even request for a house call which is convenient for simple dental procedures.

Last Word

Dentistry in Chicago has really developed if the number of dentists in existence today is anything to go by. No matter if you are looking for a simple checkup or a complicated procedure, there is definitely a dentist in Chicago who can help.

Group B Launches GoBenthic Underwater Camera Housing for GoPro Hero

Group B Distribution, Inc., designer and manufacturer of specialized extreme depth underwater housings for Point of View cameras, announced today that it is introducing the GoBenthic, an underwater camera housing for use with the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4. Read more at

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Sitota Collection Launches Body Candle

A Unique Candle Experience For Your Skin

Los Angeles, CA – July 21, 2015 - The Sitota Collection announced today the release of the Body Candle, a unique candle experience for your skin. As the candle burns, the essential oil infused wax melts into a warm body oil that is scented with their best selling Aigyptos fragrance, blending together jasmin, lavender, orange and sandalwood.  Designed to soften skin and smooth dry spots, Body Candle makes a wonderful gift or an indulgent personal pleasure. Perfect for new moms wanting to keep skin supple, ladies in search of a post mani/pedi treatment and couples wanting to treat their loved one to a sesual massage. 

Body Candle is made from 100% natural coconut oil, shea butter, soy oil, jojoba essential oil, vitamin E and aloe vera.  These elements provide excellent benefits for the skin:

• Coconut Oil is a beauty multitasker, strengthening underlying tissue and providing deep moisture
• Shea Butter is a superb moisturizer and exceptional healing property for the skin
• Soy is purported to diminish wrinkles, reverse skin damage and tighten aging skin
• Jojoba essential oil contains almost all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin
• Vitamin E serves as an antioxident fighting off free radicals that cause wrinkles, lines and age spots
• Aloe Vera is called the plant of immortality because it heals wounds and soothes skin

Veteran entertainment publicist Yvette Davis Gayle launched The Sitota Collection in 2013.  Inspired by her global travels Gayle set out to create sheer opulence by using the traditional artisan techniques of delicately blending custom fragrances with wax.  She hand pours her candles in small batches to maintain superior quality and craftsmanship while ensuring meticulous attention is paid to every detail. Features like recyclable glass votives, renewable wax and lead free wicks help provide a greener footprint. Made in the USA, The Sitota Collection offers a very limited selection where each fragrance tells a unique story.

“I’m so excited about the release of my Body Candle,” commented Gayle. I wanted to create a product with nutrient rich properties that would serve the dual purpose of providing a beautifully scented home and body. I’m equally as excited about our Pay It Forward program which allows us to donate a percentage of our proceeds to charitable organizations such as AdoptTogether. You buy, we give and together we make a difference.”

Gayle, a native of Brooklyn, NY and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is widely respected as one of the most professional and hardworking executives in the music business. She is married, has two children and lives in Los Angeles.

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