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Kickstarter Rewards Exquisite Ink With Almost Triple the Amount of Its Starting Goal

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Whidden’s Woodshop has surpassed many of their goals on Kickstarter, but believes there is still more to do.

Brookhaven, PA — The Kickstarter campaign run by Whidden’s Woodshop rewarded the small company with enough to achieve two of its stretch goals with twenty-three days left to go on the clock, proving once again that not only is crowdfunding one of the best methods of separating good ideas from great ones, but also the power of crowdfunding as an economic avenue. Artisan companies like Whidden’s Woodshop would have difficulty expanding their business operations through conventional lending in spite of their obvious appeal and ability to engage customer imagination because conventional lending for business credit depends upon algorithms and not instinct. The customers who donated or pledged money as “pre-sales” were able to view the craftsmanship and apply their own understanding of value that cannot be encapsulated in the sterile calculations of business credit. The campaign inspired people to not only get excited about a product, but also the creators of the project.

Whidden’s Woodshop is a family-owned woodworking business specializing in beautifully handcrafted pens. Each pen is sculpted from wood that has been sustainably harvested, reclaimed, salvaged, or re-purposed. The Koa wood pens used in the campaign, as an example, all came from the discard bin at the local lumber company. The wooden pens have inspired people to fund the project, not only because they are well-crafted and beautiful to look at, but because the owner of Whidden’s Woodshop, John Shatney, wrote a campaign that conjured up a nostalgia for simpler times and a thirst for something that was created with care. 

People who funded the project, and those who will continue to support this campaign until its end, saw something special not only in his pens which are unique and one-of-a-kind, but in the craftsman himself.  John invited people into the story behind Exquisite Ink, sharing with people who might fund his project the reasons for his campaign, the love of his family, and the story of his journey into woodworking.  Being able to read about his grandfather who ran a carpentry shop in the 1920s or the four children he's working so hard to make a life for, absolutely had an impact on why people chose to fund Exquisite Ink.  Crowdfunding has as much to do with wanting to be a part of something special, as it does with pre-sales. John explained from the heart why he wanted to expand his woodshop, and people responded. 

Exquisite Ink has achieved many of its goals on Kickstarter, but there is still more that can be done.

“Kickstarter allows for global exposure and creates permanent relationships with people who are passionate about what we create and also with potential retail buyers,” explains John.  “We knew that we had the ability to set our business on the right path using this tool.  All of us are incredibly grateful for the support we've achieved thus far and –hopefully-- where we will continue to go on Kickstarter.”

With pledges of $24 or more, backers will receive one or more of the handcrafted pens, depending on which package they choose. Some like the “Avon” are fountain tip while others are rollerball, but each pen comes with the wood of the backer's choice. For those that cannot contribute the $24 dollars to purchase a pen, the entire Shatney family of six sends their thanks and gratitude to the people that had the vision and the kindness to support their family.

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign and Exquisite Ink visit:

John Shatney


MKF Institute Announces Return of Annual Teen Makeup and Beauty Summer Camps


Dublin, Ireland-5/8/15 (PR Buzz). MKF Institute announces the return of their famed annual Teen makeup summer camp now. The summer camp will also feature beauty summer camps separately or done together. Both classes will run throughout summer beginning June 15th until August 21st. MKF Institute encourages attendees to complete both phases of the summer camp and receive discounts of as much as 20%. The yearly workshops, now on its 6th year, teaches teens as young as 13 years old to try fun and educational ways to make use of their summer learning useful and dynamic makeup skills.

Makeup and Beauty Summer Camps

The ethos behind the workshops has always been simple: teach teens 13+ various makeup techniques and other relevant hygienic, advanced stuff so they’ll have alternative summer activities instead of just being idle at home.

“We all know teenagers experiment a lot in a myriad of ways, for girls makeup is one of those things,” shares Rossana Dickinson, an official company representative. “We’ve been through that stage so MKF Institute started this annual tradition to properly guide them with their makeup and cosmetic relationships in general. We believe that training them at such young age will help us propel them into the right direction when it comes to caring for their skin and impart the wisdom paradox in makeup: it’s always better if they apply less.”

The Teenager summer camp comprising of beauty and makeup camps are held from Monday to Friday at their campus from 10 am to 3 pm.

Teen makeup camp includes lessons on makeup applications, product hygiene, creative or SFX makeup, fashion makeup, product suitability 101, red carpet, photo-shoots and even beautiful evening looks for special occasions. There will be practices and quizzes throughout the course to measure how much they’ve learned during their time with the Institute.

Teen beauty camps on the other hand will teach basics in hair styling, manicure and nail art. Participants can be as young as 13.

Summer camp registration fee is €120 per week for each camp and inclusive of travel set of makeup brushes, free makeup products, brush kits, and all other materials needed for the class except hand towels, blow dryers and curlers or GHDs which students will need to provide on their own during beauty camps.

Previous makeup summer camp students will instantly receive a 20% discount lowering the €120 fee to just €96. Those who will complete both camps will also receive the same amount of discount.

Those who booked separate classes will have different scheduled camp dates for registered students in both classes. Bookings can be done either by phone, in person or through the website.

About MKF Institute

The MKF Institute College and training center opened its doors in 2008 with an initial offering of ITEC makeup courses. Since then they have expanded their list of courses in fitness, digital photography, fashion, security, business and lecture. They have also gained awarded registrations for internationally recognised programs mentioned above. The courses can be taken either full-time or part-time and workshops are available to the general public. Their annual summer makeup and beauty camps was introduced in 2010 now marking the start of summer in their campus. The MKF Institute believes that they can encourage students to become their own success story through their high quality programs and courses.


Rossana Dickinson
Marketing Department
0818 33 21 21
1st Floor, 36 Dame St.
Dublin 2, Ireland

Monday, May 4, 2015

Effective Treatment to Constant Ringing in Ears - Tinnitus Medication Revealed

Suffer no more on your constant ringing in ears with Tinnitus Medication

Thomas Coleman shares his story on how he was able to find cure with his constant ringing in ears with Tinnitus Medication. Thousands of men and women around the globe suffer from tinnitus. Tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying condition like age-related hearing loss, circulatory disorder or ear injury that affects the hearing ability of sufferer. The very common symptom associated with Tinnitus is the continuous or intermittent ringing in ears on any level of severity or intensity.

Thomas Coleman is a former Tinnitus sufferer who had successful reverse his tinnitus problem with his clinically proven Tinnitus Medication. He was able to provide 5-step holistic system for preventing and curing Tinnitus permanently. The medication provided by Dr. Thomas Coleman can effectively eliminate constant ringing in ears of sufferer for just within 30-60 days that could help them regain their natural inner balance by just following a unique 5-step method dedicated in treating Tinnitus.

Thomas Coleman is a medical researcher, health consultant and nutrition specialist who had formerly suffered from Tinnitus for more than 14 years. His holistic approach to Tinnitus treatment can help patients gain significant relief from Tinnitus by effectively eliminating the different Tinnitus related symptoms like pain in the ear, mild hearing loss and dizziness. According to Thomas Coleman, peoples can effectively reverse or eliminate their tinnitus issues with little known yet effective treatment method that can stop the constant ringing in their ears forever.

Tinnitus Medication aims to restore the energy levels as well as improve the quality of life of any Tinnitus sufferer. The medication includes easy to follow and safe methods that requires no use of drugs, psychiatric treatments, audio therapies and surgery in order to eliminate Tinnitus effectively. It works on both objective and subjective tinnitus that is faster that any form of treatment today. Also the Tinnitus Medication is a clinically research cure system for Tinnitus that is backed by more than 45, 000 hours of Dr. Thomas’ intense medical research which ensures that it really works.  It is a very unique yet powerful tinnitus healing system that people can make use for providing solutions to their Tinnitus problem.

If you suffer with constant ringing in ears and need a simple effective solution, Tinnitus Miracle might be a great read. Find out how to stop ears from ringing, we suggest you to take a look on this updated publication today at


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