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New York’s Native Elianor Launches The Beauty Box Expo Series Tour
 Catering to the Wedding and Beauty Industries

NEW YORK CITY—May 4, 2015—Native Elianor, the highly successful New York-based hair and make-up industry professional and CEO of GlamMuaHds, announced the launch of her newest ventureThe Beauty Box Expo, International (BBE). A series of beauty and bridal centric events. BBE are one day events designed to showcase and educate attendees through interactive experiences featuring new and established brands alongside the most innovative products and services in the wedding, hair, cosmetics and skincare industries. The series kicks off with its inaugural events in NYC on August 9th&10that Shadow Boxers, located at 215 W. 40thSt. in midtown Manhattan.

On August 9th, BBE launches the Bridal Expo. This daylong event is designed to bring together future brides, grooms and couples renewing their vows with vendors and brands from the wedding community. This is a “one-stop-shop” for all things bridal—from the engagement to the nuptials. With live wedding fashion presentations and demonstrations from noted industry professionals including: Laramie Glen, celebrity Make-up artist and Founder of Book Your Look and Aleetha Clanton, CEO and Founder of the Glass Slipper Wedding Boutique, couples get a chance to plan their wedding in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Beauty Expo, on August 10th, is a one-day beauty fest catering to industry professionals featuring panels, demonstrations, new product launches and more. The focus is to foster real connections between brands and professionals. Attendees have an opportunity to interact directly with vendors and leading experts through hands on experiences and one-on-one meetings. Slated presenters and speakers include airbrush make-up expert Kelly KingWailane Miller- Ellis, the CEO of Pink Blush Hair; filmmaker Marc Enette; Shoe designer, John Ashford; trend consultant, Styles Lewis and noted professional photographer, Jose Pagan.

Those attending BBE will also enjoy live musicsavor a delectable menu provided by some of the city’s notable chefs; get pampered with free manicures, receive tips from skin care specialists; watch live hair and makeup applications from celebrity stylists and see what the latest and trendiest fashion by industry experts and more. 

The Beauty Box Expo will be touring 18 cities across the U.S. and Canada. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


THE BEAUTY BOX EXPO (BBE) is a series of beauty and bridal focused events presented by New York’s own, Native Elianor. Launched in 2015, BBE are one day events designed to showcase, educate and provide interactive experiences for attendees featuring new and established brands alongside the most innovative products and services in the Bridal, fashion, cosmetics and skincare industries. For more information about BBE, visit


Native Elianor is a New York-based hair and make-up artist that caters to the unique beauty needs of her clients. Specializing in services including make-up application, hairstyling, nail artistry, eyelash extensions and men’s grooming, Native has worked on high fashion editorials, campaigns, music videos and more. A certified beauty expert featured in magazines including Fashion Affair, Portfolio, Essence, and more. Native’s mission is to evoke beauty every step of the way.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Leading Indigenous Naturopath Doctors Publish Book “got fibroids?®”

For Immediate Release

Teaching How to Eradicate Fibroids Naturally by Changing Diet and Exercising, Within Weeks of Implementing Their Proprietary Fibroid Elimination Program.
Dr. Amsu Anpu

Indigenous Naturopath Doctors Amsu Anpu, IND and Amun Neb, IND release Got Fibroids? The Fibroid Elimination Bible, endorsed by Dr. Ali Muhammad, IND and celebrity chef, Chef Ahki, guiding readers on how to get rid of their uterine fibroids naturally, without surgery, in particular, hysterectomies (the removal of the entire uterus/womb) and myomectomies (the removal of just the fibroids), or uterine artery embolization (UAE), which is a procedure which cuts off the blood supply to the uterine artery, thus shrinking the fibroids. This easy to follow procedural manual, promises the reader to achieve extraordinary health through the dietary abolition of the substances responsible for causing uterine fibroids and other major reproductive disorders. 
Dr. Amun Neb

Atlanta, GA – According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 80% of all women will suffer from uterine fibroids; African-American women, and women who are overweight, are the highest risk factor – African American women being 3 – 5 times more likely to develop fibroids than women of any other race; and the cause for uterine fibroids remains unknown. The CDC statistics for hysterectomies are equally astounding: The United States performs more hysterectomies than any other country in the world. There are over 600,000 hysterectomies performed in the United States each year, over 300,000 of which are due to uterine fibroids. An overwhelming 78% of all the U.S. hysterectomies are performed on African-American women, which means that there are 468,000 African-American hysterectomies per year, and that over 234,000 of them are due to uterine fibroids. Such rates, being the highest in the industrialized world, has led to the major controversy that hysterectomies are being largely performed for unwarranted and unnecessary reasons.

The mainstream medical establishment’s response to the fight against fibroids remains somewhat archaic, but its insufficiency in providing better remedy appears to support commercial interests whilst ignoring our demand for more effective treatment. According to a study performed by Obstetrics & Gynecology, over $5Billion is spent each year on just the hysterectomy procedure. An additional $5Billion is spent on post-hysterectomy treatment and medication, such as hormone therapy.

Doctors “Amsu” and “Amun’s” book, Got Fibroids? The Fibroid Elimination Bible, teaches and proves exactly what is responsible for uterine fibroids, despite the continued denial of the so-called authorities, and provides a step by step procedure in eradicating this tumorous epidemic, with a strict regimen of diet, powerful proprietary herbal supplements, and exercises within each phase. The female reproductive system is extremely sensitive, and must remain in hormonal balance at all times to achieve and sustain optimal health. We therefore need a fresh perspective that goes beyond the covertly motivated un-explanations and options that have been afforded thus far. Women who choose to forego hysterectomy and undergo the other alternatives. i.e., myomectomy or UAE, are seldom made aware of the risks, such as abdominal adhesions, uterine cancer, and even death by embolism, associated with these procedures, nor are they told that the procedures are often not totally successful, and that fibroids will return without a change in lifestyle.  The best “quick fix” for uterine fibroids, Dr. Amsu explains, is not a quick fix at all; rather, it is a change in lifestyle that is to last the rest of a sufferers lifetime. The Fibroid Elimination Bible (or as Dr. Amun likes to call it: “FEB”) is a methodical, step-by-step process of answering everyday questions that lead to awareness that turns into action that results in symptom relief that, ultimately, is the byproduct of total uterine fibroid elimination and a new life of boundless energy and vigor.

Dr. Amsu and Dr. Amun are visionary practitioners, with decades of experience combining a scientist’s perspective with common sense and wisdom. Got Fibroids? The Fibroid Elimination Bible, represents a superbly insightful and refreshing advancement in the literature of Female Reproductive Health. It is important, fun to read, and potentially life changing. Dr. Amsu and Dr. Amun are the founding members of the AMA Health division of the Aboriginal Medical Association, which is an institution dedicated to the advancement of natural herbal remedies that cater specifically to the biology of the world’s Indigenous  peoples. The doctors offer a no-nonsense and often witty point of view on today’s healthcare needs and challenges, and they provide, in their book, a tried-and-true solution for healing uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, yeast infections and other female reproductive diseases and disorders. They also provide a social media support community, 60 Day Fibroid Elimination Challenge Group, for fibroid sufferers, on Facebook.

For more information about Got Fibroids? The Fibroid Elimination Bible, please visit or contact Fibroid Elimination at (770) 284-0167 / (678) 661-1969 or 60 Day Fibroid Elimination Challenge Group at

Dr. Amsu Anpu, IND

Monday, April 27, 2015

Argan Ultra LLC Announces Its Pure Argan Oil Is Now Certified By USDA

Argan Ultra LLC offers 100% pure Moroccan Argan oil, cold pressed, organically grown and imported directly from women cooperative in Morocco and certified by USDA, it's the purest natural solution for your hair, skin and nails. Argan Ultra LLC is proud to announce that its 100% pure ARGAN OIL is now certified to the highest organic certification standards by both ECOCERT and USDA and registered with the FDA. Those interested in learning more about the benefits of argan oil can do so on the company website at

Consumers worldwide are increasingly calling for natural Personal Care products that are not only safe and effective but also produced in an organic and sustainable manner. The double organic certification of ARGAN OIL is one of Argan Ultra innovative responses to this influential trend. ECOCERT and USDA certification represent the highest possible standards through the entire production chain.

Argan Ultra's Pure ARGAN OIL possesses a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and squalene. It therefore provides a nourishing, regenerating and protecting effect on the skin, helping to maintain the skin's youth asset. It helps to replenish and restore skin's barrier, leaving a non-greasy,smooth and moisturized skin. It has excellent emollient properties, providing a smooth skin feel and improving the skin's complexion. "With its exceptional balance of precious lipids and antioxidants, Pure Argan oil is the ideal active ingredient for skin care formulas with a nourishing and anti-aging effect.

PURE ARGAN OIL is also a natural shine enhancer for the hair, and boosts shine at affordable concentrations when compared with leading market formulations. It offers flawless light reflection and delivers extra shine without leaving the hair greasy. Its natural balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants helps maintain healthy-looking hair, making it particularly suitable for stressed and mature hair. Produced fully in accordance with organic and fair trade principles, Argan Ultra's Argan Oil is derived from Argania spinosa, a tree native to southwest Morocco.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the service listing, here: Argan ultra also does wholesale to beauty salons at reduced prices.

About Argan Ultra:

Unlike much of the commercial Argan oil industry in Morocco, Argan Ultra supports rural agricultural communities rather than using large factories in the cities. Arganultra works directly with the women cooperative, they are certified 100% organic by Eco-cert and USDA, Harvesting, production and handling. Argan Ultra's argan oil is packaged in their Lincoln, Nebraska organic certified facility in a dark amber glass bottle to assure that the exceptional qualities of this oil are not compromised. Argan Ultra LLC is registered with the FDA and certified by USDA.

Contact Info:
Name: Mustapha Aftis
Organization: Argan Ultra LLC
Address: PO Box 357
Davenport FL 33836
Phone: (407)738-0717