Friday, October 31, 2014

Nail Citi Westlake Village Celebrates Five Years of Excellence

Nail Citi Westlake Village Reviews has been offering the best nail salon experience in Westlake Village for five years.

California - In July of 2014, Nail Citi Westlake Village Reviews celebrated five years of providing the best and most affordable salon services in the Westlake Village area. Their wide selection of gel nail, acrylic nail, silk wrap nail and fiberglass nail products are top quality and their highly trained staff are the best in the business. Nail Citi Westlake Village Reviews is well known by their loyal customer base as a safe haven from all the over- priced boutique salons in the greater Los Angeles area.

Nail Citi Westlake Village Reviews offers a wide variety of services that includes: Regular Full Sets, Regular Fill Ins, Full Set Pink and White Tip, Full Set Pink and White Powder, Pink and White Fill, Pink Fill, Full Set Colored Powder, Color Fill In, Gel Top Coat, Fiberglass Full Sets, Silk Wrap Full Set, Fiberglass Fill in, Silk Wrap Fill In, Gel Nail Full Sets, Gel Nail Fill Ins, Gel Take-Off, Natural Manicures, Spa Pedicures, Polish Change, Foot Massage, Broken Nail Repair, French Polish Change, Flower Design, French Tip Manicures, French Tip Pedicures, French Tip Gel, Sea Salt Manicure, Sea Salt Pedicure, Callus Removals and Buffers.

At Nail Citi Westlake Village Reviews, each technician is specially trained and personable, giving detailed attention to the requests of clients so that each project is done with satisfying results. Nail Citi Westlake Village maintains a credo throughout all of their employees that puts the highest priority on customer service, tailoring the needs of a client with exactness and great understanding.

Nail Citi Westlake Village has a state of the art facility that exemplifies the highest standards of cleanliness. All seats and components are sterilized with disinfectants that carry US Food and Drug Administration seals of approval. All foot spas at Nail Citi Westlake Village are drained, cleaned and disinfected after every use, and the entire facility gets an extra cleaning at the end of the day.

Nail Citi Westlake Village Reviews’ reputation for cleanliness and top notch customer service has kept them in a good place for the past five years. They look forward to many more years of beautifying nails in the Westlake Village area.

About: Nail Citi Westlake Village, a reputable nail salon celebrating five years of business.

PR Contact:
Nail Citi Westlake Village
5790 Lindero Canyon Road Suite B
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Phone: (818) 706-8633

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tealy Pte Ltd - The Best Provider of Unique Flavors of Teas in Singapore

Tealy Pte Ltd is considered as the best provider of unique flavors of teas with intriguing aroma. In line with this, Tealy Pte Ltd also wants to show that the trend for teas is growing and becoming more sophisticated. Furthermore, Tealy Pte Ltd also sought to become the Tea Consortium in Singapore and at the same time they want to bring their teas from all parts of the world. They also want to introduce their company to all the tea lovers in Singapore.

Most of their teas come with unique flavors and intriguing aroma that will suit to the taste and desires of their valued clients in Singapore. In the present year, most people really love to drink tea especially during morning and evening. For those individual who are looking for the best provider of unique flavors of teas, they don’t need to look any further since Tealy Pte Ltd is the ideal choice to consider.

In connection with this, most of the teas that are being offered by Tealy Pte Ltd come with natural ingredients and this is one of the main reasons why most of their clients are all astounded with their teas. Furthermore, their teas also come with affordable cost that will perfectly fit the budget.

For those tea lover in Singapore, Tealy Pte Ltd is the perfect option to consider especially if seeking for the best flavors of teas. Tealy Pte Ltd will guarantee their valued clients that they will never be disappointed with their teas since it comes with natural benefits that suit with the needs of tea lovers.

According to some of their clients who already tried their teas “I find that their unique flavored teas go especially well with desserts and cake, or if you crave for something smooth and not too heavy.” One of their clients says “I'm definitely more of a tea person than coffee person! So every time when I'm out dining or chilling at cafe, I'll always order a pot of tea together with my food. I really love the tea of Tealy Pte Ltd.” It is a fact that Tealy Pte Ltd is considered as the elite provider of unique flavors of teas that will suit to the taste and desires of their potential clients.


Contact: Kyne Qiu
Company: Tealy Pte Ltd
Mailing Address: Blk 624 Choa Chu Kang St. 62, #01-228 Singapore 680624
Telephone Number: +65 8126 4236        

Friday, October 24, 2014

Senior Living of Florida, Inc.: Home Away from Home

Senior Living of Florida, Inc. offers the best value and care for your all of your senior citizen needs.

When the time has come to make the decision to put your beloved parents or grandparents in the care of others, Senior Living of Florida, Inc. knows that it is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  You want people who will care for your loved ones in the same way that you have cared for them over years and secretly hope they will treat them even better.  Senior Living of Florida, Inc. makes it easy to find a home that will suit all of the unique needs and desires of your loved ones.  With numerous options and services offered, you would be hard pressed not to find the perfect match for you and your family. 

Every senior citizen community and residence offers a wide range of services that are designed to help care for your loved ones, but what is really important is that they allow your beloved elder to enjoy a full life.  Being able to live on your own terms is one of the greatest privileges anyone on this planet can have, it only makes sense that Senior Living of Florida, Inc. try to offer that to every one of their residents.  With a variety of living options, amenities, assistance, services, dining choices, social activities and personalized care for each resident, Senior Living of Florida, Inc. seeks to make the transition from one home to the other as easy and as comfortable as possible. 

They offer a “Senior Life Guide” which has been chosen as the preferred resource guide among seniors, case managers, doctors, guardians, caregivers, and health care professionals. This guide is designed entirely with the residents in mind, seeking to help mitigate any anxieties or concerns that both family and residents might have. Senior Living of Florida, Inc. also offers senior living advising, a service that has been implemented by their staff to offer constructive and helpful advice when it comes to making decisions about which communities will best suit the needs of your loved ones.  The pre-approved directory contains a wide range of services including assisted living, independent living, Alzheimer’s care, home care, continuing care, retirement communities and nursing homes.

About: Senior Living of Florida, Inc., with over 1-million providers and senior services, offers the most comprehensive listings of any senior housing or services online.  Finding the right home for your loved one is paramount and Senior Living of Florida, Inc. has been designed to fully accommodate all different types of concerns and needs of seniors and their families.

PR Contact:
Business Name: Senior Living of Florida
Address: 601 21 St. Street Suite. 300, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: 1.877.694.9020


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anything Wet Pools & Spas Celebrates 17 Years of Pool and Spa Excellence

Providing high-quality pool repair and construction since 1997, the Anything Wet Pools & Spas team is the proven number one leader in the Boynton Beach pool and spa industry. They have a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and great customer service.  News Source:

Boynton Beach, FL - One of the best ways to beautify your home and enhance its overall value is with the installation of a great new pool, spa or outdoor kitchen. Anything Wet Pools & Spas has been delivering high-quality installations for over 17 years, and continues to strengthen their already superb customer service reputation with some of the most amazing pool and spa installations in the region.

Staffed by dedicated and fully licensed professionals, Anything Wet Pools & Spas seeks only the best for their customers, and has proven to be the most trusted pool company in the local industry. They understand that a pool, spa and/or outdoor kitchen project is an important and very serious undertaking, one you shouldn’t trust to just anyone. Backed by over 20 years of professional experience and expertise, Anything Wet Pools & Spas has completed numerous high-quality pool and spa repairs, maintenance, installations, renovations and more, and looks forward to giving you and your family the same personalized and unparalleled service and treatment they’ve been delivering for years.

Anything Wet Pools & Spas pays attention to the smallest of details, ensuring the completion of your project is without flaws and that you are always getting the most value for your money. The 4500 square foot Anything Wet Pools & Spas showroom has an endless variety of pool and outdoor kitchen equipment, accessories and more, providing even the most devoted of do-it-yourselfers with the things they need to get the job done right.

The owner of Anything Wet Pools & Spas inspects every completed project, working to provide the customer the satisfaction of knowing that their home improvement project is done the right way the first time, every time. He is invested not only in the success of his company, but also in the success of every new home pool and spa installation, giving families throughout the local region the peace-of-mind that comes with personalized and attentive service.

Anything Wet Pools & Spas has received numerous testimonials from satisfied customers, placing them far above and beyond anyone else in the regional pool and spa industry. They are truly the best in the business, striving to help families throughout the region receive the immense health and recreational benefits of a great new pool and/or spa.

About: Anything Pools & Spas is located in Boynton Beach, Florida, and is proud to be a leader in the local business community. For more information and reviews visit

PR Contact:
Anything Wet Pools & Spas
1550 S.W. 8th St.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Telephone: 561-432-6100
FAX: 561-432-2626

Advanced Neurosurgery of Reno and Carson City: Exceptional Spine, Brain Care

Advanced Neurosurgery offers advanced medical procedures in the field of spinal and brain care, surgery.

Reno and Carson City, Nevada - Advanced Neurosurgery offers exceptional care for all of its patients at its Reno, Nevada and Carson City, Nevada locations.  Dr. Michael Song has established this practice with a special focus to customer care as part of its winning formula.  Dr. Song is a board-certified neurosurgeon that specializes in complex spine and brain surgeries, and he has had a history of tremendously satisfied patients with positive outcomes. 

Advanced Neurosurgery treats a full range of brain and spinal problems for its patients.  Dr. Song works diligently to stay on the cutting edge of leading advances in the field of spinal care.  These advances include minimally invasive spine surgery and disc replacement.  In June of 2014, Dr. Song performed the region’s first on label two-level cervical disc replacement.  This advanced surgical procedure leads the industry and standard in the field of neck surgery.  Benefits for patients include a shorter duration of hospitalization, a quicker return to work, and positive, enduring medical outcomes when compared to surgical techniques of the past. 

Advanced Neurosurgery’s offices are affiliated with major regional hospitals, and its exceptional care is thus available to many.  Dr. Song is a graduate of the medical program at Indiana University, and he performed his residency and internship at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Song is a Diplomat of the American Board of Neurological Surgery, and he is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurological Surgery, the Washoe County Medical Society, and the Nevada State Medical Association. 

The patient care provided by Advanced Neurosurgery is what sets the practice apart.  The office has won several annual Patient’s Choice awards as a result of this exceptional attention and services.  Their informative website has a number of compelling patient testimonial, patient education materials, useful links, information about the practice (and Dr. Song) and a convenient online patient portal.  This site exemplifies the focus on patient information and experience, as a matter of patient communication makes all the difference in the world, especially in this digital age we live in.  Advanced Neurosurgery implements technology, best practices and leading care for all of its patients.

ABOUT: Spinal and Brain neurosurgery medical experts at Advanced Neurosurgery. For more information and Advanced Neurosurgery Reviews please visit

CONTACT: (775) 323-6100