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Treatment of Broken Bones with Richard Obedian MD

Richard Obedian MD has built an impressive career for himself as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the area. In fact, Richard Obedian MD spends each and every single day working with his patients to make sure that their bones are in the best possible health. However, Richard Obedian MD has noticed that many people are virtually clueless about what happens when a bone is broken.

If you have ever wondered about the treatment of broken bones, read on for more information from Richard Obedian MD.

Basic Breaks

Richard Obedian MD says that most broken bones actually require very little by way of medical treatment. In fact, Richard Obedian MD says that many minor fractures are simply splinted and the patient is instructed to limit their physical activity for a few weeks while it heals.

More Complex Problems

Although Richard Obedian MD is pleased to report that many fractures require only a splint and sensible rest, some broken bones require more complex treatments. For example, some broken bones require a plaster cast. Plaster casts, says Richard Obedian MD, are used to stabilize the injured area while it heals. These casts can be left on anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Other complexly broken bones may require surgery. If you have a broken bone that requires surgery, an orthopedic surgeon like Richard Obedian MD will have to operate and manually set the broken bone. Then, if your surgeon is anything like Richard Obedian MD, they will use stainless steel pins or bars to give the broken bone some additional support as it continues to heal.

These days, Richard Obedian MD says that the technology is good enough that people are not required to miss out on weeks or months of their lives in traction. However, some people may have bones that are broken so badly that they may require a hospital stay. During your stay in the hospital, an orthopedic surgeon like Richard Obedian MD will keep your body stabilized in traction.

Traction refers to a complex series of slings or other stabilizing devices that help your bones stay in the best possible position for healing. Although some people fear traction, Richard Obedian MD says that it is actually pretty painless.

Richard Obedian MD knows that a broken bone can be an incredibly painful thing to experience. However, if you have a great orthopedic surgeon like Richard Obedian MD, you and your bones will be well on their way to a quick and efficient healing process.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The World Just Got a Little Cooler with the Launch of Snowballs™, Cooling Underwear for Conceiving Men

As of today, men struggling with infertility have an original new way to encourage healthy sperm production. Snowballs™ is a scientifically proven cooling underwear for men attempting to conceive…as well as any man who wishes to practice the cooling arts.Manly cooling has been shown to increase sperm count, and the company has created a comfortable,stretch organic cotton boxer-brief – combined with a removable ergonomic SnowWedge– that keepsmen cool and helps them succeed naturally before investing thousands in other risky, more invasive fertility solutions.

The Snowballs Story

“So here’s what we’re doing,” the founders would say at parties. “We’re researching cooling devices and the male…anatomy...in order to create comfortable underwear that will chill your balls.”

This was a conversation starter, to put it mildly. Several months later, when an unsuspecting lunch guest caught them in the kitchen holding bags of frozen peas to the fronts of their pants, they were already convinced that they were onto something big. The lunch guest had her doubts.

Male infertility accounts for roughly 40% of all infertility, but it’s still tough to sound cool when talking about it. That’s why they loved the name they'd dreamed up for this still-imaginary product: Snowballs! Some thought it was insensitive, or inappropriate, but for them it was just a punch line for a story they were dying to tell. They had both been through the “fertility factory” with their wives, losing their money and their minds until they began to look more closely at the actual causes of infertility…and became obsessed by heat.

One of the couples really provided the breakthrough. It had been a painful year. There had been a silent miscarriage after two years of trying, and the best doctor that money could buy had said that their chances were now zero. They ignored his advice and saw another doctor, and then another, until finally one took the time to sit down with them and listen carefully. Almost immediately, he had a new plan. First, the husband should begin icing his balls. Huh? And then he should have himself tested for a varicocele. Again, huh?

But they went home that day thinking:Why not? They had tried just about everything else. And so they began to do some research into heat and varicoceles, which are enlarged veins in the scrotum that bring more blood and raise scrotal temperatures. And heat? Well that’s why a man’s balls are outside his body, after all – to keep sperm cool and healthy. And that was just a start …

This heat thing made intuitive sense, and they were guys, and they knew how to fix things, and maybe they could hack their fertility. So they began to ice…

And a beautiful daughter was born about a year later…

And they became committed to sharing what they had learned with anyone who would listen. They researched cooling devices, chemical compounds, organic cottons, and ergonomic underwear. They perused dozens of scientific studies and solicited factories all over the world to help produce underwear that would be comfortable and convenient. And now they’re launching a quality cooling boxer-brief that can have real benefits for millions of couples out there. And that’s pretty cool.

A Brief Look at the Science

Since the mid-‘60s, scientists have been aware that scrotal cooling can improve male fertility, but no controlled tests were done until the mid-‘80s, when the advantages of cooling were first clinically shown. By then, however, fertility had become a lucrative medical industry, and doctors found it in their interest to promote the most expensive treatments. Simpler, organic possibilities were dismissed despite an increasing number of studies confirming their effectiveness.

Now we know that the testes of men with fertility problems tend to be naturally warmer by an average of over one degree Celsius, which is significant in this delicate science. We also know that if we can lower scrotal temperature on a consistent basis, fertility will improve.

Snowballs™ should increase both sperm quality and quantity, and should give men a better chance to conceive at minimal cost, but fertility science is complex, and conceiving men will also want to consult with their fertility specialist. Snowballs™ may end up being just a supplemental treatment for some. It can’t hurt, and it’s worked before, so it’s the company’s fervent hope that it will work for many others, too.

The Design

Snowballs™ are now available via the company’s website: www.maybebabyuk.com. TheFertility Pack, which retails at £39.99, includes two pair of stretch organic cotton boxer-briefs, three unique SnowWedges, so there’s always one around to help you cool down, and A Gentleman’s Guide to Cooling, a booklet detailing what else men can be doing to maximize their chances at fatherhood.


Adella Manufactures, LLC Announces the Magnetic Sleeping Eye Mask: Get a Better Night’s Sleep and Wake up Feeling Rested

Adella Manufactures, LLC markets and sells a magnetic sleeping eye mask to help customers get a good night’s sleep. Each eye mask can help to alleviate puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes caused from a lack of good sleep.

The Magnetic Sleeping Eye Mask, can help anyone to have a restful night’s sleep. The eye mask is made of red flannel, so it is soft on the eye area. Each mask comes with 16 pieces of magnets that help the body heal while resting. There are many ways that this eye mask can help users while sleeping:
  • Each mask has been medically tested for its effective magnetic therapy.
  • Powerful medical magnets reduce fine lines, puffy eyes, headaches, dark circles, and sinusitis.
  • The magnetic mask increases blood flow, thus stimulating the production of melatonin, which is necessary for a “good night’s sleep.”
  • Each mask, is made of lightweight red flannel that helps to block light out, so the user is able to go right to sleep and stay asleep.
  • One size fits all users.
There are several functions this mask can help with for users:
  1. Fully improves eyes and surrounding tissues micro circulation.
  2. Improves the internal environment, improves eyes organization’s immunity.
  3. Prevents teenager’s myopia, blurred vision, vision fatigue, etc.
  4. Relieves stress in the eye area.
Magnets have been used for many therapeutic purposes and have been shown to relieve many issues within the body. It is suggested that users wear the mask every night to get the maximum benefits from the magnet therapy. The material is soft and feels good against the skin.  For migraines it is suggested to lie down and place this mask over the eyes to help alleviate the headache.

“This product’s health care is mild and progressive. Its role is similar to our sports exercise.  It gradually improves health, It needs to be used over a long period of time,” says an Adella Manufactures, LLC representative.

The brand new and high quality mask is used directly on the eyes and is best used at night while sleeping.  It is uniquely shaped to allow free eye movement during REM sleep cycle and it completely blocks out ambient light.

Customers interested in this product can order them on Amazon.com and each mask costs around $10 and will be ordered and shipped through the largest trusted online store, Amazon.

For more information click here http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00GZICS1A

About Adella Manufacturers, LLC

ADELLA Manufacturers, LLC is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. The company markets and sells the Magnetic Sleeping Eye Mask. The company works closely with Amazon.com to sell products and offer superior customer service.


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