Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector Splint is Now Available Online through Amazon

Over 60 million American women and 15 million men suffer from the painful dysfunction of the foot Hallux Valgus, also called "bunions". Up to now, conservative treatment without surgery of this mal-positioning of the big toe by has been limited to inflexible night and daytime splints. Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector, a dynamic, flexible, day or night-time hinged splint launched into the United States from Germany in October 2011, offers effective treatment and pain relief for millions who suffer from this foot dysfunction and may help avoid or postpone or the need for surgery. A recent comparative study measured the reduction of bunions through the use of a rigid night-split, versus Platinum Health Design Bunion Regulator. Results show that mild to moderate mal-positioning can be corrected to normal values with the use of our Bunion Corrector.

The Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector is a combination of a medical-grade plastic splint and velcro fastening metatarsal and toe straps. The plastic portion of the splint is hinged and fastened along the inside border of the foot with a toe and metatarsal strap. The straps and the splint provide three-point correction of the bunion deformity though out the gait cycle. The metatarsal arch is optimally stabilized, the bunion relieved, the mal-positioning of the toe corrected and the foot brought back and held in its natural position.

With a bunion the big toe is no longer straight, but points inward and may even be pushed below or above the second toe. Thus the metatarsal bone on the base joint protrudes to the side like a hump. Because it is pressed against the inside of the shoe, the bursa on the joint is easily inflamed. The bunion turns red and hurts with every contact – hardly any shoe fits and walking becomes agonizing! 

If the malpositioning persists for more than a year, the cartilage in the joint wears out and the toe becomes stiff. No rolling on one’s feet or standing tiptoe is possible anymore, no walking in sandals and pumps – only shoes with hard soles remain. “Taking timely action by doing foot gymnastics, wearing good shoes and wearing a bunion splint can prevent that”, says orthopedics Assistant Professor Dr. Klaus Milachowski, Munich.

The Platinum Health Design Bunion Corrector splint is available online through and through select retailers and podiatrists nationwide at a suggested retail price of $59.95. For a limited time only, bunion sufferers can take advantage of the special reduced pricing before it comes to an end at $17.95.

PR Contact: Dr. Jason Adams 300 W. Robertson Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Atlanta Hair MD: The Latest Technology Is Here!

In Atlanta, Georgia  Hair Transplant  is high tech. Hair Restoration at the Hair Transplant Center Atlanta. Hair loss can make a man feel old before his time. Hair loss can change your personality. It almost always has a negative a effect on a person’s self esteem. It can be an extremely traumatic experience, especially for men, as the image they were used to, changes through the loss of hair. It is for this reason that many opt for hair transplant.

Atlanta hair transplant offers hair restoration with the benefit of enhancing the appearance with no down time and at a low cost. The latest new technology Neograft is the latest greatest ultra advanced method. This is an innovative way of doing hair transplantation in the Atlanta area. Our doctors have the experience and are staff is well trained. The undetectable natural look you want is here now at

Neograft Hair Transplant

The process of hair restoration in Atlanta is a simple procedure. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is that it does not leave scaring as the traditional methods have before. Dr Roger Bassin MD who is also known as the 'Hair MD' says other than a ' miracle pill' that grows hair. Neograft is the latest and greatest it just does not get any better than the Neograft system. But Dr Bassin cautions that many doctors have the Neograft but little experience. It’s like any other technology great in the hands of an expert not so good in the hands of a novice.

Dr Bassin is a board certified medical doctor with offices in Atlanta. He can  also be reached at 855-459-4247 and on the web at,, and As seen on Fox news!

The Process

This is an easy process when it is done with the NeoGraft machine. Traditionally the hair follicle was removed in the old strip method painful and always leaves a 5 inch scar. 

Cost of hair Transplant 'Neograft' Hold on now you can afford it.

The cost of Hair transplant 'hair restoration ' Neograft in Atlanta is minimal - just a few thousand dollars. Yes true it once cost from 9 to 25 thousand. Now we have better technology which is less invasive. Better results and less cost from just 4 thousand. Yes for a few thousand dollars you can have your hair back.  The Neograft makes it easy. We use the finest experienced personal in the business.

"Neograft ' How does it work?

Neograft uses pneumatic pressure; the hair follicle is removed fast without the need of a scalpel. The result is that there are no scars. This is known as FUE (follicular unit extraction). The harvesting is done from the back of the head and transplanted to where the bald areas are in the front of the head.

The Success of Neograft Hair Transplant

Anyone with   hair at the back of the head can have the procedure done. Tampa Hair Transplant is home of the Hair Doctor a Board certified Medical Doctor that cares about your hair.

Because the procedure is done with a precise high tech machine, there is a better chance of getting a healthy and moist hair follicle. This is what gives the hair follicle a better chance to grow.

Done correctly and by an expert at There are only positives associated with Neograft hair transplant. Some of these positives are that there would be:

        No scars
        No down time
         Little or no Pain
         No damage to major blood vessels

It is vital that you consult with a physician that has the expertise in this type of procedure. It is also necessary to ensure that he has had success before. So why wait to look great call the today.

Hair Doctor Atlanta we care about your hair. In Atlanta there is a Board certified Medical Doctor in Atlanta who knows Hair Transplantation. He cares about your Hair. Dr Roger Bassin has appeared on the Dr Oz show Good Morning America and many other's Dr Bassin is also know as The 'Hair MD' and is considered an expert in the field of modern High Tech hair transplant.

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Newest Clarisonic Mia 2 Reviews Video for Enhanced Facial Cleansing

Seattle, WA, January 28, 2014 –– Susan Gates has recently taking part in a new video about the latest Clarisonic facial cleanser product called the Clarisonic Mia 2.

"In today's modern times people will try all kinds of creams and lotions available in the marketplace to try and reduce visible lines and wrinkles and ultimately have a visibly younger appearance. It seems people generally want a more youthful appearance and this quest for visible youth is a growing trend" says Susan, a beauty expert located in Seattle, WA.

Susan mentions that due to the high demand for a more youthful appearance, the marketplace is flooded with all kinds of creams and gadgets which claim to be able to turn back the clock when it comes to our skin, but the truth is that many of these products do very little when it comes to rejuvenating our skin.

The Clarisonic device is a product that was released in recent years which claims to cleanse the skin and give the face an overall improved appearance. The latest version of this device was recently released known as the Clarisonic Mia 2 which now has two different rotational speeds for an enhanced treatment experience supposedly.

The Clarisonic Mia 2 has a slower speed for new users and also a faster rotational speed which is said to give deeper pore cleansing and hence provides better skin cleansing than before. Just like with the previous model, the Clarisonic Mia 2 is fully waterproof so you can use it while having a shower.

According to Susan: "This Clarisonic Mia 2 reviews video demonstrates what can be achieved while using the device and how effective it is when compared with previous models."

According to the manufacturer, the Clarisonic Mia 2 provides enhanced facial cleansing and a customized experience to suit your individual needs. The device features new pulse-cleansing for an even thorough cleansing experience.

To find out more about the Clarisonic Mia 2, please refer to the link below:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Experienced Australian Hypnotist Shows You How to “Stop Smoking… for Life!

You can be a Non-Smoker by the end of his book; if you take action…Crispian Jones shows you how.

Jones argues that for many people, smoking is more than a habit; it is a way of life. He suggests that between the damage that smoking causes to the human body and the social stigma that is increasingly being associated with smoking, many people are looking to quit and become non-smokers, for good.

But argues Jones, moving from smoker to non-smoker can be difficult, without a little help, guidance and support. In his book Stop Smoking…For Life” (a clever title I think)  Australian psychologist and hypnotist Crispian Jones explains the true origins of your cravings and reveals how your mind controls your cravings and reinforces your unhealthy smoking habit.

You Can Heal Your Body

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Stop Smoking… for Life! is that it goes beyond the usual scare tactics that so many articles and books use. This book is not simply a soap box speech about the damage that you are doing to your body every time you light up. People KNOW that,  asserts Jones.  Instead, it focuses on the healing that can occur when you become a non-smoker. Jones provides research and facts about this recovery, helping you to feel optimistic about your decision to quick smoking for good.

Tips and Tricks

In addition to explaining how hypnosis can help you quit smoking, the author also provides some tips for success. He tells you how you can start reprogramming your mind and change your attitude in order to better ensure that you will remain smoke free.  He also explains, in detail, how hypnosis can help.

Cris Jones, director of Seachange Psychology in Australia, is committed to using hypnosis to help you live a healthier, happier life.  Through the miracle of modern technology Jones has been a pioneer in using Internet communications to work with clients around the world. With his book Stop Smoking… for Life!   He will show you the role that the mind plays in your smoking habit and how you can ‘reprogram’ your brain to become a non-smoker.  

You can read his many books on improving your life, including Stop Smoking… for Life!, and his new book “Stop Smoking – Learn how nicotine has nothing to do with smoking and how easy it REALLY is to stop!” which are all available on You can also talk directly with the author and you can even have your own hypnosis session and become a non-smoker with the power of hypnosis today.

For more information using hypnosis to change your world contact:

Crispian Jones
Seachange Psychology
Suite 6/61 McLeod St, Cairns Qld 4870
Phone: (07) 4041 4147; Fax: (07) 4041 7354

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Lilash Reviews Video for Eyelash Growth

Seattle, WA, January 24, 2014 –– Deborah Gates recently collaborated on the production of a new review video about the Lilash eyelash growth product.

"Eyelash enhancing products are extremely popular today and the market is flooded with numerous products which aim to give eyelashes a longer appearance. So when a product like Lilash comes out that claims to be able to grow the length of the lashes then this grabs a lot of attention" explains Deborah, a Seattle based beauty and fashion expert.

Deborah goes on to say that many women yearn for longer lashes and so for a product to be able to give them the lushes lashes that they have always desired would be something welcomed by almost all women, so clearly there would be a huge market for legitimate eyelash growth products.

Lilash is a topical eyelash serum containing, according to the manufacturer, natural botanicals which help to strengthen and lengthen the lashes. However, there are some reservations when it comes to products like this, especially in light of the kind of side effects that are possible when using a similar product known as Latisse, which is a prescription-only eyelash growth product on the market. However, according to the manufacturers of Lilash, the only possible side effects are mild skin irritation.

To apply the Lilash serum you simply use the applicator to apply the liquid to the skin of the eyelid, but not the lower lashes themselves. You need to use it once a day for roughly two to three months, and then just twice a week as maintenance. According to the manufacturer, one tube of Lilash should last up to six months with proper usage.

According to Deborah: "The Lilash reviews video we created details what you can realistically expect to achieve while using the product. While many users of Latisse have reported some change in eye color while using the product, so far this is yet to be the case with Lilash users."

If you would like to find out more about Lilash then feel free to refer to the link below: