Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Latest Clarisonic Mia Reviews Video for Facial Cleansing

Evansville, IN, December 25, 2013 –– Felicia Morrow collaborated on a new video review of the Clarisonic Mia, a new facial rejuvenation system.

"While I was doing research into the different facial rejuvenation systems available on the market there seemed to be a lot of buzz about the Clarisonic Mia and so I decided to collaborate on the production of a review video which puts the device to the test in a live demonstration setting" explained Felicia, a freelance writer based in Evansville, IN.

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and consumers will try all kinds of lotions and potions to try to claw back their youthful days. While the marketplace is already flooded with all kinds of products claiming to improve the look of our skin, the Clarisonic is one novel product offering a new approach to facial rejuvenation.

According to the manufacturers, the Clarisonic Mia is able to cleanse the skin on the face up to six times better than traditional methods such as using face wipes, face masks, to name a few. This is said to result in a more youthful glow and a clearer overall appearance in the skin on the face.

While the Clarisonic Mia offers an interesting approach to facial rejuvenation, it does not come cheap as the product retails typically around the $150 mark. Not only that but the rotating brush head featured on the device needs replacing every few months which adds to the cost. According to some consumers however, they claim that while using the Clarisonic Mia they needed to use less of their other expensive facial cosmetics than what they normally would as the skin is so smooth that their foundations and moisturizers are absorbed more easily.

To use the Clarisonic Mia you hold the device against the surface of the skin very gently and move it around the face. On doing so the rotating brush head on the Mia is said to help clear out excess oils and blemishes, in turn enhancing the natural appearance of the skin.

According to Felicia: "The Clarisonic Mia reviews video that I collaborated on gives a live before and after demonstration so that consumers can get an idea of the results that they can realistically see while using the product."

According to the manufacturer they offer a 'feel and see guarantee' entitling the consumer to a full refund should they not be happy with the results.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Latest Tria Laser Reviews Video for Laser Hair Removal

Seattle, WA, December 23, 2013 –– Janice Brentwood assisted in the production of a new video about the Tria laser for hair removal.

"While I was investigating the traditional laser hair removal done in a clinic setting I was surprised to find claims that you can now get the same level of treatment at home with new portable hand-held devices. The Tria laser in particular has been cleared by the FDA and is said to use the same technology traditionally found in the doctor's office" stated Janice Brentwood, a freelance journalist located in Seattle, WA.

While having laser hair removal done in a salon is common knowledge today, few consumers are aware that new at-home treatment options are available at the fraction of the cost. While many will be skeptical, we cannot deny the fact that the FDA have given one such product known as Tria its stamp of approval for at-home use.

Whist the Tria laser sounds like a more convenient and cheaper alternative to traditional laser hair removal, consumers need to be aware that it is not safe to use on all skin tones. Moreover, those with darker shades of skin or tanned skin, may not be suitable candidates for the treatment with the Tria laser. According to the manufacturer "The TRIA laser is designed to interact with the dark pigment of the hair. As a result, dark brown and black skin may absorb too much heat."

The Tria laser is said to come with a testing mechanism which you apply to your skin and it tells you whether or not you may use the device. If your skin is too dark, the Tria will lock to prevent any potential injury from occurring.

The way the device is said to work is the hair follicles absorb the laser energy upon application and this causes them to go into a longer than normal resting phase in the hair growth cycle. Overtime the hairs become less visible and the resting phase is said to last for years as a result.

According to Janice: "In the Tria laser reviews video I worked on there is detailed information about the product and also highlights the fact that the device is not for everyone."

According to the manufacturer the Tria laser is the only cordless clinically-proven laser hair removal device in the market for at-home use, which can give permanent results.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Positive Health Changes with Kristen Hine

Most people know Kristen Hine for the excellent sales career that she has built for herself. However, very few people realize that Kristen Hine has different passions in life. Most notably, Kristen Hine is dedicated to leading her life in the healthiest way possible. Kristen Hine understands that it can be intimidating when one first decides to begin living a healthy life. However, Kristen Hine believes that you can make the healthy changes in your life if you follow these simple steps.

First and foremost, Kristen Hine recommends that you think long and hard about your health and wellness goals as you go about making a major health change in your life. Kristen Hine says that, all too often, people try to change everything about their lives right away, which can result in the person feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Kristen Hine says that it is far better to make small, manageable commitments that you can easily achieve so that you will start your journey to a more healthy life successfully.

Second, Kristen Hine recommends that anyone who is trying to become healthier reach out to an “accountability partner.” This partner can help motivate you and keep you accountable to your fitness goals, says Kristen Hine.

Finally, Kristen Hine says that anyone who is trying to start living a healthier life should understand that there will be setbacks to the process. However, Kristen Hine says that if you prepare yourself for the reality of setbacks and plan accordingly, it will be much easier for you to overcome challenges and continue on your path towards the healthiest life possible.

If you want to live a healthier life, take this advice from Kristen Hine. If you start with small, manageable changes, find an accountability buddy and prepare yourself for the reality of setbacks, you will be well on your way to living a healthy life just like Kristen Hine.

Monday, December 16, 2013

New Clarisonic Mia Reviews Video for Facial Cleansing

Evansville, IN, December 16, 2013 - Amanda Porter has collaborated on a new video review regarding the facial cleanser device known as the Clarisonic Mia by Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc.

"There are many products on the market today claiming to work wonders when it comes to our face and the Clarisonic Mia is one such product and so I wanted to clear up the facts and provide a realistic and honest perspective of the product and put it to the test in an unbiased and controlled environment" says Amanda, a freelance beauty therapist and author based in Evansville, IN.

Amanda highlights that people are spending more and more each year in the hope to bring back the youthful appearance they once had. She mentions that the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and people will spend huge amounts on creams and lotions promising to improve the appearance of their skin.

The Clarisonic Mia is a product that hit the market in recent years, claiming that it can give the skin an overall better appearance. Some beauty experts even go on to say that when you use the Clarisonic Mia it makes your skin so smooth that you end up using less foundation than you normally would, so it saves you money on other beauty products you use on your face.

The Clarisonic Mia has a soft brush head that rotates which essentially exfoliates the skin and gives it a smother overall appearance. The device can rotate at two different speeds and is 100% water-proof so you can use it in the shower or while taking a bath.

According to Amanda: "The Clarisonic Mia reviews video I collaborated on shows a live demonstration of the product with real before and after results."

According to the manufacturer, the Clarisonic Mia is covered by a 90 day 'feel and see' guarantee, which essentially allows you to try out the product for the duration of the 90 day period and they will issue you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results you achieved during this period.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Choose Fashion Accessories by Beata Bowman

Everyone knows that the right accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble. However, choosing the right fashion accessories can present problems for many people as so many options are available. Experienced fashion designer and creative professional, Beata Bowman, helps demystify the process in four easy steps.

·         Dress for a purpose. In Beata Bowman’s experience, the first (and most important) step in choosing the best fashion accessories is to determine why you’re getting dressed. While this may seem like a silly question, consider the following: are you going on a date or heading off to work? Are you getting ready for a business meeting or planning to have lunch with friends? Beata Bowman reminds those who aspire to be fashionable with their accessories to thoroughly consider the type of occasion before choosing your outfit accompaniments.
·         Determine color scheme. Next, Beata Bowman points out that establishing a color scheme can greatly simplify the process of choosing fashion accessories. When designing her own line of fashion accessories, Beata Bowman often considers numerous factors. Color schemes can be used differently based on the individual, the current season, and whether or not your ensemble is meant for daytime or nighttime. Beata Bowman reminds readers that, when in doubt, choosing complementary colors can help unify your look while adding visual appeal.
·         Establish a style. While this may be easier said than done, Beata Bowman points out that determining your specific style, even for a day, can make the process of choosing fashion accessories simple. If you’ve not yet determined your personal style, Beata Bowman lists some common themes that may be helpful: classic, edgy, casual, glamorous, and professional. Knowing which look you’re going for can help pinpoint which accessories most closely represent your desired style.
·         Don’t go overboard. In Beata Bowman’s opinion, determining your attire’s purpose, finding a color scheme, and establishing a style is the easy part. The hard part now is to remember not to go overboard. In Beata Bowman’s experience as a fashion designer, the best thing to do once you’ve mastered the first three tips is to stay simple. Many fashion accessory options exist including scarves, watches, hair accessories, cufflinks, shoes, belts, and much more. Beata Bowman advises readers to choose only two or three items to use per ensemble. By keeping it simple, accessories truly complement your outfit without overwhelming the eye.

By following these four simple fashion accessory tips, Beata Bowman hopes that the process of choosing fashion accessories is much easier.