Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kate Hunter Launches New Site to Help Beauties Age Gracefully

Detroit, MI – December 08, 2013 - Kate Hunter, owner of My Antiaging Secret, has announced the launch of her new website. The site provides women with information on anti-aging products, makeup and practical tips to help beauties age gracefully.

“We demystify the aging process to help you maximize your youthful appearance and feel good about getting older,” said Hunter.

Hunter provides visitors with information on a wide array of topics encompassing anti-aging products, innovative treatments and makeup tips to assist women in maintaining a vibrant, youthful appearance well into their mature years. Aging is a physical process, but it’s also a state of mind. Individuals who maintain a youthful outlook are perceived as being younger than their chronological age.

Collagen, Botox® and microdermabrasion are being employed around the globe to help women maintain younger looking skin. Along with seaweed wraps, geisha facials and stem cell infusions, they’re all being touted as the path to glamorous skin. Hunter provides readers with the facts on methods, techniques and ingredients that work, those that don’t, and what to look for when choosing a beauty treatment.

With so many choices available, selecting the right makeup can be a daunting endeavor. Many women are using the wrong beauty products for their skin tone and needs, inadvertently making themselves appear older. Hunter provides information on how to choose beauty products ranging from foundations to eye makeup to address the skin’s individual nutritional needs, while hiding lines, flaws and the outward signs of aging.

Skin is exposed to pollution and detrimental elements every day that accelerates the aging process. Hunter offers data and information on anti-aging strategies that are clinically proven to help. Many women view the aging process as a horrendous event that diminishes them. They spend so much time agonizing about how “it used to be” that they fail to enjoy their life of today. Hunter offers readers a healthy helping of reality and shows them the path to aging gracefully.

Hunter maintains an online store where readers can find an array of beauty products for women of all ages. The site is fully searchable in multiple categories, allowing shoppers to find the products, accessories and applicators they need to create the look they desire.

The launch of Hunter’s My Antiaging Secrets provides women with a source of information and inspiration on aging. The site’s owner assists women select the correct anti-aging and makeup products that have proven effective to help them fight the outward signs of aging. Getting older is a fact of life and Hunter provides readers with insight and advice to help women age gracefully and enjoy the many facets of their lives.

Hunter welcomes comments, questions, and can be reached via email with the convenient form on her website. For more information, visit the website at

Ramona Santos Ojeda Training Tips

Ramona Santos Ojeda believes that running is a great way to stay in shape and support valuable causes. She has been running for many years now, and she has been participating in several half marathons and other running events along the way. The last year alone has seen Ramona Santos Ojeda participating in a number of events such as the Army 10-Miler run in Washington, D.C., as well as the Disney Princess Half Marathon and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler in Orlando, Florida. Ramona Santos Ojeda believes that you can accomplish many personal goals by running, and she has a few tips that she would like to share with those considering putting on a pair of running shoes.  

·         Choose an event to participate in. Ramona Santos Ojeda says that the first step is to pick a running event to participate in. It does not matter which event you choose, because the point of this exercise is to have a reason to begin your training. Ramona Santos Ojeda says that choosing an event acts as a motivating factor that gives you an idea of how much time you have to train for the event. It also gives you an idea as to how much you are going to have to run, and how hard you will need to train in order to complete the event. 

·         Consider your personal strengths. Ramona Santos Ojeda says that you should be able to run anywhere between ten to fifteen miles a week on your own before you start training for a running event like a half marathon. Ramona Santos Ojeda advises that if you are not at this level yet, it would be wise to train more before signing up for a race. 

·         Begin training early. Ramona Santos Ojeda says that your personal endurance and previous training and running experience will determine this factor. However, Ramona Santos Ojeda says that, depending on your current abilities, you will want to start training twenty weeks before a race if you are just starting out. For those of you who consider yourselves to be intermediate runners, Ramona Santos Ojeda says to give yourself sixteen weeks, and twelve weeks if you are an advanced runner. 

·         Create a training plan. Ramona Santos Ojeda says the next step is to develop a training plan. Make sure to mix short and long runs along with cross training exercises. Short runs are between three and five miles in length, and act as recovery runs between longer runs. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Wear a Beata Boman Scarf

Scarves provide wearers with a timeless accessory designed to accommodate a variety of occasions and all seasons. High-end fashion accessory designer, Beata Boman, knows that scarves provide comfort, variety, and flexibility. With the release of the new Beata Boman scarf line, the designer shares her favorite tips on how to wear a Beata Boman scarf. While a Beata Boman scarf provides wearers with a variety of options, listed here are the best ways to wear a Beata Boman scarf.

For women, one of the most common ways to wear a Beata Boman scarf is around the neckline. Particularly when seeking a professional or elegant look, a Beata Boman scarf worn around the neck can be knotted in a variety of fashions to perfectly accentuate any ensemble. Additionally, a Beata Boman scarf worn around the neck in the wintertime can provide much-needed warmth. A Beata Boman scarf around the neckline can be draped off the shoulder to accentuate any figure.

Also, a Beata Boman scarf can be draped over the neck and worn for an extra layer of warmth. So in all reality, you could wear a Beata Boman scarf instead of a jacket because they are so warm, large, and comfortable. In fact, a Beata Boman scarf can be worn during any season!

In Beata Boman’s opinion, one of the best ways to wear a Beata Boman scarf is as a shawl. As the Beata Boman scarf line provides trend-setters with so many designs, each Beata Boman scarf can be worn as a shawl, offering customers a glamorous accessory perfect for any time of day. Whether heading to the beach or visiting the opera, each Beata Boman scarf is innovatively designed to provide comfort, luxury, and style. In the fall and winter seasons, Beata Boman scarf is a great way to stay warm while remaining elegant.

A Beata Boman scarf is an essential accessory that can be used year-round to complement any style and occasion. As a creative professional with a penchant for design, Beata Boman created the Beata Boman scarf line to provide simple and fashionable accessory solutions. While these are just a few of the designer’s favorite ways to wear scarves, there are many magnificent options for achieving a unique style with a Beata Boman scarf.

Women claim that once they wear a Beata Boman scarf, they will never leave it behind. A Beata Boman scarf is a fabulous addition to any wardrobe – certainly one that any woman could appreciate. A Beata Boman scarf is handmade, hand-knitted, or hand-stitched. Each Beata Boman scarf is made of a combination of three luxurious fabrics.

According to Beata Boman, a Beata Boman scarf combined with a pair of jeans, high heels, a white shirt, and stunning lipstick will create an extremely fashionable and feminine look on any woman.