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Jeff Nourse’s New You Spa Exceeds Clients’ Expectations

Fifteen years ago Jeff Nourse of New You Spa began to work in the spa industry. Coming from over 30 years of experience in the retail and medical management industry, Jeff Nourse of New You Spa has been able to create the most advanced and lavish spas in all of North America. Jeff Nourse’s New You Spas strive to exceed his clients’ expectations.
Offering clients a wide variety of services is what Jeff Nourse’s New You Spas are known for. Jeff Nourse and New You Spa have everything you need to turn back the years. If you suffer from dull sagging skin, dingy teeth or problems with cellulite that just won’t go away, Jeff Nourse and New You Spa have the solution for you. Jeff Nourse of New You Spa offers skin tightening, teeth whitening and body sculpting, using the latest technology all delivered in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Skin tightening is one of the most requested services from Jeff Nourse of New You Spa. The 3Deep technology that Jeff Nourse of New You Spa uses is the most effective on the market today. Endymed skin tightening is the technology that Jeff Nourse’s New You Spa uses to transform their client’s body. Jeff Nourse’s New You Spa is the only spa in Canada that is offering this service.

Teeth whiteners are everywhere. From do it yourself kits to polished veneers, everyone promises results. Jeff Nourse’s New You Spa actually delivers on their promise with the one hour WhiteSmile Whitening System. In just one hour Jeff Nourse’s New You Spa can remove years of stains and get your teeth up to 14 shades whiter.

Body sculpting is another highly requested service for Jeff Nourse’s New You Spa staff. After years of diet and exercise, often there are stubborn areas that never seem to get any smaller. The body sculpting technology that is offered by Jeff Nourse of New You Spa is a way to fix what diet and exercise alone could not fix.

During Jeff Nourse of New You Spa’s time running the largest and most successful medical spa chain in North America he had a 99.9% client satisfaction rate, with over one million clients treated. While he was growing this medical spa company, Jeff Nourse of New You Spa expanded their operation to over 18 cities all over North America. Having such a high reputation is a testament to Jeff Nourse of New You Spa’s focus on customer service. 


Jeff Nourse is a Leader in the Spa Industry

Jeff Nourse has created a new line of high-end, boutique style spas across North America. For the last 15 years, Jeff Nourse has been a recognized name in the medical spa industry and now he has made a name for himself in the high-end market of medical spas. With so many spas claiming to be high-end, only a few, including Jeff Nourse’s spas are actually providing high-end service.

With high-end spas becoming even more in demand, there has been an influx of competition in the marketplace. Jeff Nourse has been able to rise above all of the competition and has set himself and his spas, New You Spas, well above the competition. While other spas promise concierge-style service, Jeff Nourse is the only one to truly deliver on that promise. With so many spas offering cookie cutter treatments, Jeff Nourse has created specialized and personalized treatments based on his client’s needs. From using the latest technology, like the Clarity UV Visualizer to determine the extent of skin damage to keeping up with the latest must haves (like Latisse eyelash enhancer), Jeff Nourse is at the top of the high-end medical spa market.

With the new trends that are constantly showing up, Jeff Nourse is able to decipher which of these trends are important to offer to his clients. Many high-end spa services come and go so quickly because they are found to be harmful to the client. Jeff Nourse always has his client’s wellbeing as his priority. When a new trend comes along Jeff Nourse is careful to make sure that he is bringing only safe, effective services and products to his clients.

With so many spas focusing on how many treatments they can sell to their clients, it is important to have someone like Jeff Nourse who is focused on creating the desired results for his clients rather than just how many things he can sell them. This client-first attitude is what has made Jeff Nourse a true leader in the medical spa industry.

Jeff Nourse is focused on providing his clients with the newest technology that is FDA approved and is safe. Jeff Nourse would never use a product or service in his spa that could potentially hurt his clients. This is why he fully investigates any product or procedure before it comes to his spa. Jeff Nourse also makes sure that his staff is fully licensed and trained on the proper techniques for using all of the spa services and products that he offers. This is what has made Jeff Nourse a leader in the spa industry.


Getting Rid of Pests is Now Easy and Safe - Columbia Pest Control Inc

Columbia Pest Control Inc offers quick, dependable and environmentally safe pest control, eradication services, and maintenance plans throughout greater Portland area.
Portland, Oregon - Pests are troublesome, noxious and cannot be tolerated. Columbia Pest Control Inc is one of the best among Oregon Pest control companies. They have over 30 years of experience in pest control and extermination service. Their licensed technicians have handled some of the toughest and complicated Portland pest control problems.

They service a broad range of commercial and residential accounts including homeowners, property management companies, and commercial enterprises large and small. Columbia Pest Control, Inc. also works closely with the real estate market performing wood destroying insect/organism inspections as well as full home inspections.

The Specifics they for provide include:
·         General sanitation inspection and reporting
·         Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspection and reporting
·         Localized treatment
·         Termite and other wood-destroying organism inspection and reporting
·         Ant control
·         Biting insect investigation and reporting
·         Exterior and interior rodent control

Their Service includes:

·         Initial service: Columbia Pest Control will correct the existing pest problems by first conducting a thorough inspection, and then provide precise elimination and prevention techniques.
·         Regular scheduled prevention service: Columbia Pest Control will provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program coordinated to prevent further infestations.
·         Additional service calls: Should additional service calls be required between normal scheduled visits for any of the pests covered under this agreement, there will be no additional cost.

·         Materials used: The materials utilized for control purposes are approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies and are applied in a manner consistent with product labeling.

“Thank you Columbia Pest Control Inc. Thank You for your wonderful service in ridding our house of carpenter ants. I know this is not an easy job because of the unusual construction. Your patience and professionalism with repeated phone calls and a house call on short notice to accommodate our contractor are very much appreciated”-- C. Casey, Oregon

"When you select Columbia Pest Control, you can rest assured that you are trusting the pest control needs of your home or place of business with the safest, most qualified, ecologically sound and reliable company in the northwest."-- Mike Giskaas, Owner of Columbia Pest Control Inc

Columbia Pest Control Inc provides written guarantees for every situation before the job is started. As each situation is unique all guarantees take into consideration the type of pest they are eradicating, the type of structure and its surroundings. For the last 20 years they have promoted integrity and an honest commitment to provide good Portland pest control service that ensures peaceful, pest free environment. 

Media Contact:
Name: Mike Giskaas
Business Phone: 503-254-1606  
Address: 1722 Northeast 119th Avenue,
Portland, OR 97220 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wine Accessories for Men

Using different kinds of wine accessories can spruce up an already classy night of wine drinking. There are various wine accessories for men that you can use during a night of fine dining and some French wine.

There are all sorts of wine accessories for men that can turn an ordinary wine night into something special, and there are also accessories that allow you to store your wine in a snug, cozy place. Here are some wine accessories for men that you can consider using or giving to your husband or boyfriend who is a wine aficionado:

Eurocave Wine Cabinet

This fine looking wine accessory combines form and function. It keeps wine bottles in cellar-like conditions at the precise humidity and temperature to keep your wines preserved. It can also function as a piece of furniture.


This large can contains argon that you can spray into a half-full wine bottle. The argon gas sprayed into the bottle stays on the surface which prevents oxidation from occurring. You can make a half-full wine bottle last longer by spraying argon into it.

Champagne Stopper

If you want to preserve a half-drunk bottle of wine, this is the perfect accessory for you. This champagne stopper keeps your wine or champagne bubbly for a longer period of time. You can finish off a half-drunk wine bottle the next night of fine dining.

Wine Decanter

Red and white wines need to be decanted first to reveal some of its deeper flavors. Using a wine decanter for your red and white wines is perfect if you want more bite and complexity in the wine you drink.

Wine Funnel

A wine funnel allows you to remove the sediment in your red wine.

Liquor Lock Combination

This wine accessory uses a high quality, stainless steel lock that utilizes a 3-digit combination to keep your wine safe. You can secure your vintage wines from friends or family who want to open them without asking you.

Wine Tools Set

A wine tools set has all of the things you need for a night of fine dining and wine tasting. It comes with a corkscrew, cheese knife, bottle stopper, and a pourer. The wine tool set can also hold a bottle of wine. Having this set allows you to have all of the things you need when you want to drink wine.

Platypreserve Wine Preserver

You do not want your bottle of wine to go bad once you have opened them. This wine preserver protects the taste of your bottle of wines once they have been opened. The air tight reservoir of this wine preserver prevents oxygen from seeping into your bottles of wine, making them last longer.

Wine Rack

You will need a nice looking wine rack to hold all of your bottles of wine. Wine racks come in different forms and sizes that suit your taste. These are some of the wine accessories for men that you can buy for yourself or for your husband or boyfriend.

Visit; for more great ideas for wine accessories like vacuum wine stoppers. You’ll find that Amazon; is a great place for online shopping and the shipping costs are extremely reasonable.

Natura, The Natural Sleep Solution, Launches New Website

Natura, home of Natura Organics sleep products, has officially launched their new website at  Created by website professionals at Marshall Fenn Communications, the new site offers organic sleep products that can ultimately help people to achieve a higher quality of sleep and therefore make their daily lives healthier and more productive.

With a fresh, natural design, the new website features organic sleep products for every member of the family.  For adults, there are sections on organic bedding, mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress pads and pillows.  For children and babies, you can find kids and toddler size pillows and mattresses, wool puddle pads, and crib sheets and sets.  Even the family pet has a home on the website, as they offer a granulated latex pet bed.

The new website is also a wonderful resource for information about organic sleep solutions.  Through a section of “healthy sleep videos”, consumers can learn about the process of creating talalay foam, why organic wool and cotton are important in your sleep products, how distractions can affect your sleep and how to choose a supportive mattress. 

Besides the broad range of mattress, bedding and pillow options, there are many other exciting products to choose from on the new site.  The 2-in-1 blanket pillow is a wool-lined blanket/pillow combo perfect for travel.  They also offer the Natura sleep envelope, a great product for couples who tend to like different sleeping temperatures. 

The goal of the new site is to make it easy for the consumer to learn about eco-friendly bedding options and to learn why they are important.  They endeavor to address long term sleep issues that go beyond the usual “most comfortable mattress” dilemma and delve into the real advantages of going organic.  They are passionate about their products and consider their sources very carefully, choosing only from countries that have sustainable and renewable programs. 

Dr. Michael Har-Noy Describes the “Mirror EffectTM” – A New Concept In Cancer Treatment

Dr. Michael Har-Noy, founder and CEO of Immunovative Therapies Ltd., describes the “Mirror Effect™” as an immunologic concept that addresses the problem of separating the curative graft versus tumor (GVT) mechanism from the disastrous graft versus host disease (GVHD) complication of bone marrow transplant (BMT) procedures.

Immunovative Therapies’ solution was to formulate a T-cell infusion that would mirror the immune mechanisms mediated by the transplanted donor immune system to instead be controlled by the patient’s own immune cells. Dr. Michael Har-Noy has named this concept the Mirror Effect™ and says it was designed to produce the same anti-tumor effect that has been shown to be curative in allogeneic bone marrow transplant procedures but without life-threatening toxicity.

In the Mirror Effect™, the direction of the closely related GVT and GVHD effects that stem from the infused graft are reversed or “mirrored” so that they originate from the host instead, thereby mediating a host versus tumor (HVT) response coupled to the non-toxic host versus graft (HVG) rejection effect.

To produce the Mirror Effect™, T-cells from a normal person are given to a patient and instead of these infused cells initiating a GVT effect, they stimulate the patient's own immune system to attack the cancer (HVT effect) and create a highly inflammatory environment which neutralizes tumor immunoavoidance mechanisms.

Dr. Michael Har-Noy goes on to say that because the HVT response must be coupled to a HVG rejection, the patient in these instances is not pre-treated by immunosuppressive chemotherapy and therefore has an intact immune system that can mount a response to reject the normal donor T-cells. Also, because rejection of the graft (HVG) is the desired outcome, it is preferable if the donor cells are mismatched to the patient. This is a crucial improvement over allogeneic BMT procedures where only one in three recipient patients has a related donor that is suitable.

The “Mirror EffectTM” therefore involves infusion of mismatched donor cells into a cancer patient that has not received any previous chemotherapy so that these infused allogeneic donor cells are rejected by the patient’s immune system. This HVG effect is the “mirror” of the lethal GVHD response but is not toxic. The HVG rejection then initiates host-mediated tumor destruction (HVT), which is the “mirror” of the GVT effect. The “mirror” effect is therefore capable of imitating the beneficial GVT effect of allogeneic BMT while at the same time avoiding the catastrophic GVHD toxicity.

The “Mirror EffectTM” has the potential to create an entire new field of oncology.