Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Supplement Store Now Online With New Website Featuring Over 50 Top Sports Nutrition Brands

The Supplement Store recently went live with a new website that features supplements from over 50 sports nutrition brands. The new website is the best way for fitness enthusiasts to get the products they need to maximize their fitness efforts. The owners of the website have gathered hundreds of the best supplements and they are all available on this site.

Visitors to the site will feel as though they have entered a fitness supplement mega-store and they will be immediately impressed by the sheer number of products available. With so many supplements offered, presenting them in a clear and organized way proved to be the major challenge for site designers, but they met that challenge and created a site that is visually appealing and very easy for the customer to navigate.

The home page features products categorized by best sellers, special offers, fat burners, pre-workout supplements, weight gainers and more. For the customer who wants to find the best product in one of the major supplement categories the home page would be enough but the site is so much more. Visitors are able to search by product, by brand, by special offer, by the newest product and even look at the top 150 products sold from the site. In a departure from other sites, customers are even able to search based on what their fitness goal is. Whether they want to add muscle, gain weight, gain mass or just get fit the site makes it easy to find products that will help them achieve their goals.

When the site visitor finds the product they want a simple click takes them to a product page where they see the product represented visually, learn about the product benefits and features and find the price. These product pages are so comprehensive that they also give customers information about the nutritional aspects of the supplement, directions for its use and even a question and answer page. When the customer is read to purchase the need only adds the product to their cart and makes payment. The site even offers free shipping on all orders to addresses in the UK.

Those who want to learn more can visit this new site at Company representatives are also standing by at 0844 745 1950 to answer any questions.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

U.S. Patent Issued For Articulated Coordination Punching Bag #8,273,000

New Technology Builds Your Brain & Improves Motor Coordination

LOS ANGELES, California --- The coordination punching bag an ideal brain builder because the random complicated movement stimulates the users thinking. Unlike traditional punching bags that move rhythmically the coordination punching bag was designed to move randomly like a real opponent.

A weighting system, developed by experts from Martial Arts, Police and Military, makes the coordination bag move unpredictably which challenges the user’s neuromuscular coordination. The user never knows how they will react next which adds surprise, spontaneity and creativity to the exercise.

Originally developed for martial artist, to improve motor coordination, strike selection &kinesthetic perception (the ability to relax under pressure by eliminating unnecessary muscle contractions), the neurological benefits of the coordination punching bag have also captured the attention of personal trainers, educators and physical therapists.

Many traditional exercises can be done without paying attention or even while watching T.V.  The coordination punching bag’s random motion keeps the users attention and counter acts the boredom of mindless repetitive exercises.

One personal trainer combined usinga coordination punching bag with walking on a treadmill and found his clients walked further and were less bored due to the brain stimulation. 

Teachers are also interested in the new brain building technology because research shows that exercise involving the brain can expand their student’s capacity to learn.

"I have spoken with all of our physical therapists in the lab and they all agree the coordination punching bag will be a great addition for our participants." -- Lab Coordinator, University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health.

"The coordination punching bag builds coordination like no other product on the market."-- Loren W. Christensen-Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame Inductee and author of “Solo Training”

Coordination punching bag is sold under its abbreviated name CORBAG at Coordination Technologies, LLC was founded in 2010 with a goal to find simple solutions to complex problems.  This is the companies first approved patent.

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