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Dr. Goglia, "Nutritionist to the Stars", Aims to Cure America's Obesity With Revolutionary New Online Platform

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 12, 2016

Dr. Philip Goglia, touted as one of the top nutritionists in the nation, has launched an innovative, automated, health-minded and personalized weight management program known as G-Plans, to be launched in February 2016. After more than 30 years of transforming the bodies of celebrities and professional athletes, Dr. Goglia has designed a plan to reach a wider audience so that everyone can say goodbye to fly-by-night fads, starvation diets and risky diet pills!

G-Plans - a radical shift from traditional weight management & Nutrition plans

What makes this Web-based program salient is the customized approach that takes into account an individual's unique metabolic efficiency level. Unlike cookie cutter weight loss programs, this system administers a survey that uncovers how each person's body processes food for energy. This information is then used to tailor weekly meal plans on a rotational cycle specific to body type and metabolism. The program encompasses full body tracking and measurements to track results, exercise routines specific to metabolic type, and meal records to stay updated and in line. A built-in food exchange system allows for the flexibility to substitute recommended foods and still stay on track. Dr. Goglia and his team ensure that plans are created for each individual rather than en masse.

Nutritional meal planning system for people on the move

As a certified nutritionist with a Ph.D. in Nutrition Science, and founder of Performance Fitness Concepts in Santa Monica, Dr. Goglia's perspective is health first. Healthy eating rather than calorie deprivation has drawn the attention of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Chris Pratt, just a few of the clients the doctor has helped to manage weight and elevate energy. Dr. Goglia is passionate about his quest to educate and empower people who grapple with weight issues or who simply yearn for a healthful balance between disciplined and joyful eating. G-Plans is available across desktop and mobile devices, enabling people to tap into this powerful metabolic system from the comfort and privacy of their own home and unlock their fat burning power!

Individual metabolism versus one-size-fits-all

The premise of G-plans is that everyone is metabolically unique and that the one-size-fits-all approach undermines weight loss efforts regardless of a person's resolve. Candid information is shared to address gaps in the area of smart eating, nutritious snacking and planning for weak moments. It can be an auroral awakening to learn why dieting does not work and that foods marketed as healthy may be junk food in disguise.

"I have dedicated my entire life to the education and science behind weight loss and nutrition and have helped thousands of celebrities and professional athletes achieve their weight, health and wellness goals. I am now embarking on a journey to extend that support to the mainstream. As a cancer survivor who personally struggled with childhood obesity, I am committed to helping people reach their goals through this nutrition-based, individualized and affordable program," says Goglia.

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Senior Publicist
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