Friday, January 29, 2016


(PR Buzz) UCF students announce the launch of their controversial news blog.

The average college student should be too busy to gossip let alone stir up chaos on the Internet. But someone has to do it!

Two students from the University of Central Florida announced the release of an entertainment and news blog called It will cover a wide variety of news topics including celebrity gossip, sports, politics, fashion and music.

There will be one news story posted per day and the site will have NO SOCIAL MEDIA. A little different than the normal blog of 2016.

So far from their two days worth of posts it's safe to say that Estadiablo thrives off controversy. The first post (Jan 26, 2016) titled: "Model Caught With Pants Down," featuring an image of Porn Star, Tiffany Tailor (Instagram @tiffanytailor).

The Second article goes all CNN and suggests "CHINA BOUGHT THE US!?"

This blog goes from one extreme to the next! The World Wide Web is definitely in for a wild ride!

For more information and controversial news visit the website at

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