Friday, January 15, 2016

Jewelry Designer Releases New Ring Collection For The LGBT Community

Ramat Gan IS, 15-JANUARY-2016 – Doron Merav Jewelry is pleased to announce the launch of a new ring collection for the LGBT community. The ring designs are available in three gold colors. The proportion of the three gold colors can be individually chosen, so that each ring is unique.

According to the artisan, “I created this ring to represent the coming together of all individuals, regardless of their sexuality, gender, race or religion. I have deliberately enabled the ring to be personalized, as I believe this is a perfect representation of humans’ uniqueness and right to make individual choices. The ring is available in three shades of gold which symbolizes gender, race and religion coming together.”

The artist says that he wants his artistic designs to reflect the changing nature of society. One example is the growing move to promote non-traditional relationships. His jewelry reflects architectural compositions, organic flowing forms which are inspired by nature as well as jewelry which is intended to be a concept or a statement.

The design of each ring can be individualized to reflect various combinations of males and females around the ring. The designer of the ring intends to show that each character on the ring is equally important and worthy, just as all humans are.

His gesture of creating and dedicating a piece of jewelry is intended to encourage people to think and become more understanding of differences. The differences reflected in the ring show how everyone is unique and irreplaceable to each other. Images of the ring design may be seen at

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Contact Telephone Number: +972 506 692 742
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