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Dating Site Bans Texting

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St. Johns, Antigua W.I., 25th January, 2016. PR Buzz

Online dating website Single Honeys .com, has banned mobile phone texting and making calls by dates. The Single Honeys team have decided that mobile texting during a date is bad behavior and should not be allowed. As Single Honeys is new the decision will have no impact on membership. In fact, Single Honeys .com may benefit from the introduction of the measure and gain traction amongst those who have had bad dates due to mobile texting.

The ban includes texting with apps like WhatsApp, but allows for emergencies. Members should not make calls and if they receive calls should end the calls if they are not emergencies. Taking a mobile phone on a date is not discouraged and taking photos is fine, if the other member agrees.

Single Honeys are paid to date

Single Honeys .com is a new type of dating site where attractive members are paid by other members to date. This type of dating is called Companionship and Romance Dating. The Single Honeys team call it Reward Dating. This is not a sex site, sugar daddy site or escort agency. Sex solicitation is not allowed and Single Honeys have vowed to keep the site clean.

Who gets paid to date?

Girls, especially, spend a lot on dates. Money goes on looking good- clothing, accessories, shoes, hairdressing, nails- and transport. Generous men understand their needs and are prepared to chip in. Students have a tough time meeting date costs and tuition fees. Many others have low paid jobs and find dating expensive.

The date sets a fee from $25-$500 a date in her or his profile. The paying member pays the fee directly. Single Honeys does not get involved or take a cut of the date fee. The fee is for attendance, to look good and for refraining from mobile phone texting. Extras and sex solicitation by either party is forbidden. The paying member also pays for dinner and drinks. Single Honeys is LGBT friendly.

Charity dating is popular. On Single Honeys persons wanting to raise money for a charity can serial date. This form of dating is already common and some charities regularly ‘auction off’ celebrities and volunteers. This is also popular with the payer who sees the volunteer as a kind person. Serial charity dating often leads to love.

Who pays to date?

Men like to date sexy women. Attractive women on online dating sites get by far the most requests. The competition is fierce. Guys know they are going to pay for dinner and drinks and paying a little extra to get a hot date is fine.

Many men and women have recently broken up with their ex’s and not yet ready for romance. They want an easy way to get back into dating without romantic pressure. Just like the song: Girls just want to have fun! Sometimes that’s true and not every date needs to be about romance. The important part is having a fun date. Romance will follow in due course.

Students living in cities far from home may not be ready for the distraction of a romance but still want to go out. Leaving soon for a job posting or gap year and the thought of breaking up or long distance relationships may not be appealing. Travelling or moving to a new city has dating challenges too. On Single Honeys you can find a local date who will give you an experience far better than any tour would. This is a better option than seeking out the sex trade just to combat loneliness. 

About Single Honeys launch

Single Honeys is only open for posting profiles right now. A limited beta founding membership has been restricted to 10,000 members. Membership costs nothing (100% free) and includes the right to send instant messages and text. The site has some V.I.P services, the only way the site makes money. Each founding member also gets 1,000 V.I.P. credits. The offer expires with the official launch, with full services, on 15th February, 2016. Mobile apps, Android and iPhone, will be launched in March. Visit

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