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Seagate Medical Launches New ‘Epizyn for Babies’

Chicago IL, December 28, 2015 – Treating diaper rash can be a major source of frustration for new parents. Doctors prescribe all types of ointments, usually containing zinc, and some with steroids. The Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it needs to stay healthy, naturally. Most dermatologists use steroids to treat an estimated 15-million chronic skin patients in the US, and consistent steroid use can result in allergies, thinning of the skin, resistance to steroid therapy and even Cushing’s disease (a consistent redness caused by capillary blockage).   

Seagate Medical is launching Epizyn for Babies (, a natural skin care topical for diaper rash and other baby skin problems. Consisting primarily of zinc gluconate, Epizyn is a unique, patented broad spectrum gel & spray that penetrates skin at a cellular level to help relieve chronic skin conditions such as pruritis (itchy skin), burns, redness, acne, rashes, dry skin, psoriasis, and (dermatitis) eczema. As a natural healing agent, Epizyn is perfectly safe for babies, and also great for mom’s itchy skin and stretch marks.

 "My baby girl was suffering from what seemed to be a recurring diaper rash problem. I tried many things to get rid of the redness and irritation but nothing worked well until my friend gave me the Epizyn to try. It was like she had a new layer of skin the next morning, I couldn't believe it."  Andrew Wilson, Cary IL

Unlike other zinc skin treatments that contain zinc pyrithione and zinc oxide, epizyn offers greater bio-availability and pharmacokinetic properties that increase systemic circulation to rapidly assist in the body’s natural capability to restore skin to its natural state.

There are many reasons that Epizyn is great for babies. First and foremost, all of the ingredients are natural – no harsh chemicals that could cause further skin damage or blood toxicity. Another feature worth mentioning is that the gel is clear – no staining, and it doesn’t cause any pain in application! It comes in both gel and spray form, the spray is obviously more convenient for diaper rash and other ailments like sunburn.

About Seagate Medical, Inc.

Seagate Medical was founded on the principal of developing natural treatments with high efficacy and low cost (they offer discounts to clients for future orders and price-breaks to participating physicians).
Our mission is to assist not only the general public in finding optimum ways to remedy their skin problems, but also to provide a natural solution for those with recurring conditions that seek medical aid without fear of side effects.

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