Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Full schedule of health and spiritual training retreats is in place 

As of January 2016 OMline Ashram is opening its doors for seven day health and spiritual, training programs.

Finally a destination that offers a vacation from which you will return home rejuvenated other than depleted. The only place in Kauai, Hawaii to host a healthy vacation. Daily schedule includes: Yoga meditation, delicious raw living food, various workshops, speakers, entertainers and time for sightseeing and adventures. Kauai retreats programs are designed to restore balance, enable healing and turn you from a lifelong Seeker to a present time Seer. Its training aim to point you in the right direction so you find what you are looking for and realize your full potential. Mention where you saw Kauai retreats news release and receive a $500 discount on your first retreat. Kauai retreats are open for anybody who is ready to take charge and full responsibility on their health. For more information visit

OMline Ashram’s founder and the host of Kauai retreats, OM EinDor Berov says “Our training retreats don’t just aim at health, as in a healthy body but at a much higher target…We aim at radiant health and Self-realization.” OM explains that radiant health is a culmination of physical health, mental health and spiritual health. All of which leads to Self-Realization. Without health, the ability of the individual to experience life to its fullest potential, manifest his or her dreams, thoughts and ideas and be truly happy, is very limited. The tools that a person gets in any one of Kauai retreats, be it a signature yoga retreat, meditation retreat, weight loss cleansing retreat or the raw Chef Certificate retreat are priceless. Those are the tools that when used in daily life, will increase longevity by decreasing the effects of physical, mental and spiritual stress. Some of the benefits derive from using OMline Ashram’s practical methods are a healthier body, peace of mind, happiness, the ability to truly love and be loved, better concentration, the ability to focus on the positive, the ability to relax and sleep well, the loss of extra weight and so much more…In short, a strong sense of well-being. Feeling as if you have a new lease on life.  Being high on life, intensifies within you the desire to enjoy life to its fullest. It helps motivate you to take good care of yourself. 

OMline Ashram - Host of Kauai retreats

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