Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Join the Vortex of Peace Energy with the World!

For Immediate Release

A January 1st Worldwide Event - 24 hours of guided global meditation.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- (December 16, 2015) -The Magic Happens magazine invites you to join a guided meditation event at starting at midnight, Australian Eastern Time Zone, on January 1, 2016.

Peter Grün McCarthy, co-founder of The Magic Happens magazine and Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari, a globally acclaimed motivational and inspirational teacher, specializing in Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction, will be guiding the meditation for peace on Earth which participants can join by going to beginning at midnight, Australian Eastern Time Zone, and continuing for the next 24 hours.

"Studies have shown collective energies do make a difference in the world, so please lend your energy to this worldwide event", says Kathleen Anne Grün McCarthy, co-founder and Managing Director of The Magic Happens Magazine.

Gregg Braden, in his book The Isaiah Effect, says... "In September 1983, studies were conducted in Jerusalem to explore the relationship between prayer, meditation, and violence. The 1983 studies followed earlier experiments indicating that as little as one percent of a mass population practicing unified forms of peaceful prayer and meditation was enough to reduce crime rates, accidents, and suicides. Studies conducted in 1972 showed that twenty-four U.S. cities, each with populations over ten thousand, experienced a statistically measurable reduction in crime when as few as one percent (one hundred people for every ten thousand) of the population participated in some form of meditative practice. This became known as the "Maharishi Effect." 

This event is sponsored by The Magic Happens Magazine, Life by Magic Conferences, and The Magic Happens Radio Network.

TMH is a free monthly online Magazine and a free radio show with 5 shows a week. In 2007 we hit the web for the first time, since then we have increased frequency of our publication. Today we publish at the beginning of every month. Our intentions are to be an advocate of living here and now in personal freedom, to speed up personal growth through exposing ourselves providing both entertaining and positive growth promoting content. Our team of writers are Thriving contributors that offer many examples, they are award winning book writers, teachers, artists, factory workers, caretakers, farmers and scientists (to mention a few).



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