Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Good Diet Alone Not Enough Protection During Pregnancy

Frontrunners Healths nutritional experts offer essential advice for a healthy pregnancy.

Many whole food advocates believe a good diet is all that's needed for a healthy pregnancy. While this may sound logical, the nutritional experts at Frontrunners Health explain why this argument no longer holds true.

Pregnant women are often overwhelmed by the large volume of nutritional advice offered by everyone from health professionals to well-meaning family members and friends. Making sense of all the advice can be challenging.  Should you eat low carb, high carb, all organic, a raw diet? Is it really necessary to take vitamins?

Frontrunners Health, a well-established company known for their professional grade nutritional supplements, recently took the time to explain why it's vital for pregnant women to take prenatal vitamins to give added protection to their babies.

Naturally, we encourage expectant mothers to eat a healthy diet, but we also suggest taking a prenatal vitamin to fill the nutritional gaps," says Dr. James Mixon, Frontrunners Health's CFO.  He added, "We know many 'experts' claim you can get all the nutrition you need from food. And in an ideal world that could be possible, but most families don't have a backyard garden full of organic vegetables, and can't devote hours each day to cooking."

 According to Frontrunners Health, busy work schedules often encourage people to rely on fast food meals, which aren't likely to meet the ideal vitamin and mineral requirements. To make things more complicated, even fresh fruits and vegetables may not deliver the expected dose of vitamins and minerals.

Frontrunners Health's spokesperson, Kerrin Kuntzman explains, "In the US it can take a full five days for fresh produce to make it from the field to a local distribution hub. Then you add in another three or more days on a grocer's shelf, and often another week in the buyer's refrigerator. That means it may be two weeks before we actually use our fresh' produce. This time delay from harvest to table leads to degradation of valuable nutrients."

Cooking is another factor, as it also breaks down the vitamin content in foods. Water soluble Vitamin C is very sensitive to heat, light, and oxygen. Depending upon how your food is cooked, vegetables may lose a significant amount, often 15 to 55%, of their vitamin C content. Other water soluble vitamins, such as vitamin B are also impacted.

So what's the solution? Most top nutrition leaders, believe it's best to augment healthy eating habits with a high quality multivitamin. Although these recommendations hold true for the general population, it is especially important for pregnant women. Certain nutrients, like folate, help prevent specific birth defects, such as spina bifida and some heart defects. Vitamin supplementation during the early weeks of pregnancy helps to reduce these risks.

Dr. Mixon says, "Baby's Best Start prenatal vitamins were developed to give women superior nutrition in a formula that includes lutein to assist in a baby's eye and brain development. We developed the multivitamin to be bioavailable, but gentle and easy to take, making it a good choice for women with morning sickness. The doctor adds, "Our wish is that every expectant mother gives birth to a happy, healthy baby."

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