Friday, December 18, 2015

Doctor Anytime Launches in Belgium - Service Delivers Real-time Appointment Scheduling for Doctors and Patients

(PR Buzz) -- Doctor Anytime, a new company that provides a free online channel for consumers to find and book doctor, specialist and dentist appointments instantly, launched today in Belgium.

“We are to start-up in Belgium, which will help enable us to bring Doctor Anytime’s promise of improved access to healthcare for all patients,” said David Van der Auwera, CEO of Doctor Anytime Belgium. "We started Doctor Anytime to improve the patient healthcare experience, because, let’s be honest, it is a pain and frustration that everyone has felt more than once. The goal is to make patients aware of open appointments for local doctors in real time, anytime, and book those times 24/7 and even minutes before the appointment. Our simple solution addresses a very complex problem that until now had not been solved."

Doctor Anytime Patient Features 

Doctor Anytime's website is fast and easy-to-use and eliminates previous frustrations such as being put on hold or waiting weeks for an appointment. Additionally, Doctor Anytime also puts consumers back in the driver's seat when making healthcare decisions by providing them with detailed background information on all participating physicians and dentists. Doctor Anytime includes user reviews of providers and other relevant background information to help potential patients determine the best provider for them. These reviews are unique because only real patients can leave feedback, and only after an appointment has taken place. Other features include integrated Google Maps and an appointment availability auto-notification via e-mail. The service is available to consumers immediately.

Doctor Anytime Doctor Benefits

Participating physicians and dentists benefit greatly from the Doctor Anytime service as well. Doctor Anytime helps healthcare practitioners grow their practice by giving them wider visibility on the web, as well as attracting new patients, particularly for those practitioners with strong patient reviews and feedback. In addition, Doctor Anytime improves the efficiency of a medical business, helping alleviate productivity lost from the 10 to 20 percent last minute cancellations by filling those times with other patients. Even the best doctors have a handful of cancellations every day that may be lost and wasted, and by helping fill those times, Doctor Anytime creates capacity in an overextended healthcare system.

Cost for doctors

In this early-launch stage, Doctor Anytime is also free to medical practitioners. However, the ongoing business model calls for a nominal service fee of 50 € to be charged to participating practitioners.


Doctor Anytime is now available in Brussels and Antwerp metropolitan areas with already 300 medical practitioners from among over 20 medical specialties and is expanding its service countrywide over the next year.

About Doctor Anytime 

Doctor Anytime is a Belgium based start-up founded in December 2015 ran by David Van der Auwera who combine to bring 2 years healthcare technology experience from Materialise Medical as well as extensive entrepreneurial digital experience from Groupon. For patients, Doctor Anytime delivers an online service to find and book doctor and dentist appointments in real time, anytime. For doctors, Doctor Anytime is a new channel by which to reach prospective patients, and an easy way to fill open appointments, maximizing efficiency of their practice. The Doctor Anytime vision is to use the Web to make healthcare simpler. More on Doctor Anytime can be found at

PR Contact: David Van der Auwera – - +32484942027

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