Monday, October 5, 2015

Professional Grade Prenatal Vitamin, With Major Preventative Health Benefits, Launch Announced by Frontrunners Health


Garland, Texas - United States - October 5, 2015- Frontrunners Health, an established leader in superior nutritional supplements, announced new research supporting the benefits of their prenatal vitamin brand, Baby’s Best Start. Baby’s Best Start prenatal vitamins normally available only through health care practitioners, can now found at select retailers. Learn more about these professional grade vitamins at

Prenatal Vitamins are essential for the health of a fetus. According to The Mayo Clinic, “To reduce the risk of having a child with neural tube defects, women who are trying to become pregnant should get 600 micrograms (mcg) of folate or folic acid a day through diet and supplements.” Early prevention is key to reducing the risk of Neural tube defects, which can include both spinal bifida and anencephaly. With Baby’s Best Start vitamins, mothers-to-be receive 800mg of folate, which is fifty percent more than the recommended daily requirement. 

Another ingredient found in Baby’s Best Start is Lutein, which is vital to a baby’s development both in utero and during infancy. According to Abbot Nutritional Health Institute, “Lutein in neural tissue has biological effects including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and structural actions…” All experts agree that the first year of life is a time when the nerves and nervous system are developing rapidly, consequently the addition of lutein to the infant’s diet could significantly improve long-term health prospects.

Lutein also plays a vital role in the baby’s brain and eye development. An article in HVP Parents states, “During the critical time of brain and eye development, lutein and DHA are important nutrients.” Because Lutein is so important, Baby’s Best Start contains a therapeutic dose (3 mg.) to assist with the proper eye and brain development of a baby.

Baby’s Best Start also contains Vitamin D, which is well know for dental benefits. According to Pediatrics, “Inadequate maternal vitamin D levels during pregnancy may affect tooth calcification, predisposing enamel hypoplasia and early childhood caries (ECC).” With the amount of Vitamin D3 in Baby’s Best Start, a mother can help ensure her child has healthy teeth.

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Frontrunners Health believes in service to customers and delivering quality products at an affordable price. Their mission is to manufacture superior nutritional supplements, including professional grade vitamins that offer high quality nutrition for mothers-to-be and their families. The company works with industry leaders in nutrition such dietitians, nutritionists and scientists to develop vitamins that deliver on their promises. The company invests research, time and money to create the best nutritional supplements available. To learn more about Frontrunners Health, visit:


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