Monday, August 3, 2015

The Next Big Thing In eJuice

With over half of a decade of successful mixology tradition we are delighted to introduce you to Cloudchasor signature flavors, the pinnacle in vapor flavor evolution showcasing master blends from years of flavor pairing resulting in mature artisan craft blends.

Our hand crafted micro blends feature the cleanest signature profiles allowing for absolute flavor liberation. Our foundation of quality begins with 100% premium USA sourced ingredients from start to finish with no undesirable additives, our natural approach results in unparalleled flavor sophistication.

Our virgin blends feature 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade usp/ep nicotine, 99.7% pure Kosher vegetable glycerin and some of the purest flavoring ingredients from trusted USA sources that are all USP grade.

Cloudchasor signature blends produce vapor clouds of epic proportions, as they are a MAX VG infusion allowing for a rich and complex balance tailored specifically for the vapor connoisseur.

With the launch of Cloudchasor we took all of our past experience to create a flagship eLiquid line up that caters to the sophisticated cloudchasingvaporer, we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Are you a cloudchaservaporer? Then this vape flavor is perfect for you. This hand crafted gourmet smoke juice blend is tailored to the cloud chaser vapor connoisseur providing maximum vapor output. This premium eJuice blend contains MAXVG (vegetable glycerin) resulting in massive clouds of eCig vapor perfect for eCigarette dripping units and sub ohm tanks.

Cloudchasor LLC is located in Austin Texas and serves local and national vapor ecig retailers with a full line up of rich and flavorful flavors.

Cloudchasor is focused on exceptional customer service to our retailers, we pride ourselves on wholesale features such as No MOQ and no required stocking of flavors. Retailers get to choose what they want when they want.

Many premium brands feature only four or five flavors as creating wow factor flavors is not a easy task. Here at Cloudchasor we rolled out a full line up of fourteen flavors along with a summer season flavor called MisterPink. You can expect many more seasonal flavors along with new editions to the Cloudchasor vapor family or flavors.

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Listed below is the current Cloudchasor line up.

AppleLiscious is a medium fruit gourmet eLiquid flavor that showcases green apple. AppleLiscous is not overly sweet but boy; it certainly is the cat's meow when it comes to an apple vapor flavor. Getting the balance of a flavor is very tricky and our fourth recipe became the final version as the balance came through perfectly, not to sweet and not to harsh, it's sublime.

This is a medium bold sweeter dessert gourmet eLiquid flavor with complex undertones. CrumblinCookie highlights sweet dessert flavors by bringing this cookie to a new level. We perfectly balanced several premium flavors including cookie, caramel and vanilla bean serving as prominent undertone. What sets this flavor apart is the distinct gourmet French cake finish.

This is a bold gourmet eLiquid fruit flavor. ExtrmeMelon showcases watermelon as its primary flavor note. The balance is unquestionably one of the top pure fruit vapor flavors we offer. This is not a overly sweet flavor and the watermelon starts off bright and bold, finishing with complex undertones. You have never experienced watermelon on this level of vapor flavor.

HabanaBanana is a bold gourmet eLiquid flavor featuring both fruity and sweet dessert flavors. HabanaBanana carries a well balanced banana that opens the eJuice flavor with a bright banana sensation which is not to sweet and not to bold. The banana is carried through with vanilla undertones resulting in a rich and complete bold flavor profile from start to finish.

HieZzenBurg (Chai Tea)
HieZzenBurg is a medium bold gourmet eLiquid flavor showcasing the perfect balance of sweet undertones including a touch of exotic spices that carries through all the way to the finish. From beginning to end this flavor gives your taste buds a ride like no other with this complex eJuice featuring premium blends.

LusciousLife gourmet eJuice is a medium fruit flavor. This sophisticated eLiquid flavor delivers on taste from start to finish. LusciousLife is complex and rewarding with hints of vanilla and even slight citrus undertone just to name a few. Let's just say it's luscious to the lips.

This gourmet eJuice offers a bold dessert flavor. SeriousBlummble is our version of Blueberry Crumble with a serious eLiquid flavor profile. The flavors are bold and distinct starting with blueberry undertones carrying through with signature dessert flavors. The finish brings out a bright crumble flavor just like a homemade crust fresh out of the oven.

What's a Snozzberry you ask? It’s a wonderful melody of over seven fruit and berry flavors. Prepare your pallet for a wild ride with this bold gourmet eJuice flavor. We started with sweet melon flavors and then moved into bold berry flavors, by the time we were finished we had an extremely bright and complex eLiquid. From beginning, middle and end it's snozzliscious.

StreachScreech is a bold gourmet eJuice fruit flavor. A rich melody of several fruit flavors, with strawberry and peach being showcased as the boldest eLiquid undertones. StreachScreech is more fruity than sweet so the balance is perfectly presented.

SweetMomma gourmet eJuice is a medium bold fruit flavor with dessert flavor undertones. SweetMomma eLiquid starts with a bright strawberry signature and carries through with vanilla notes ending with a very slight creamy custard undertone. A quick note to the "vapor guru's", this flavor and all of our flavors contain no diacetyl.

UbberBliss gourmet eJuice is a medium fruit flavor. UbberBliss showcases an Asian fruit with full rich exotic undertones. It's a wonderful fruit flavor eLiquid that you just can't put your finger on but it keeps you coming back for more as it's so delicious to the pallet. UbberBliss captured in a bottle for your vaping enjoyment.

NuttyNona is a gourmet eJuice featuring sweet fruity and dessert sensations. NuttyNona is our enlightened version of banana nut bread. We took this hum drum recipe and made both the beginning banana and the ending nut the showcase flavor sensations. We just could not leave well enough alone, so we also balanced the recipe out with a few more slight undertones to compliment the banana and nut flavors. We named this flavor after a crazy Italian grandma, hence the name "nutty' and "nona" as this flavor is at grandma good on the scale of homemade deliciousness.

Whippersnapper is a medium bold fruity gourmet eJuice, A combination of 5 flavors wonderfully blended with a fresh from the vine taste. Hints of orange, raspberry and peach to name a few.Sweet and mellow with a relaxing bouquet in this complex flavor. Are you a whippersnapper? Well this flavor is.

Wunderlust is a medium bold fruity gourmet eJuice, a decadent combination of blackberry and exotic Asian fruit just to name a few. Sweet, with a touch of tart and so smooth all at the same time.

MisterPink (Summer Seasonal Flavor) Limited Edition
MisterPink is a medium bold gourmet fruity eLiquid flavor that showcases Pink Lemonade notes. Just in time for summer! Mister Pink is a limited edition flavor available for the summer of 2015. Mister Pink is based off of pink lemonade with everything being perfectly balanced. Not too sweet and not too tart. A heavenly flavor for summer sun! 

Cloudchasor vapor features 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine which is USP/EP and made in the USA. Only the finest ingredients are used in our MAXVG micro batch eJuices and of course every ingredient is made right here in the United States. A perfect match for your sub ohm electronic cigarette or tank designed for vapor drippers.


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