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Joanne Gerrard Young and Christina Kalyani Paes Present Crystal Dwellers Yoga, Raw Food, and Crystal Meditation Retreat


August 10, 2015
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5-day and 10-day retreats to be held in beautiful Brazil

ALTO PARAĺSO, BRAZIL - International raw food chef, Joanne Gerrard Young, and renowned Brazilian yoga teacher, Christina Kalyani Paes will work in conjunction with The Healing Cuisine and Natural Vibe in October of this year to provide an organic raw food, juice and yoga crystal healing retreat. The retreat features five-day and eight-day options, October 17-21 and 17-25, respectively, and will take place at Alto Paraíso, a municipality located in the lush valleys of Brazil. Setting atop a massive quartz plate measuring four square kilometers (2.5 miles), Alto Paraíso is uniquely positioned as a place of positive vibrations and healing power.

Also the gateway to Chapada National Park, Alto Paraíso is home to more than 120 crystal clear waterfalls of all colors and sizes. Seekers from all over the world come to Alto Paraíso, yearning to connect with nature, creating space for practices of well-being, self-reflection, and various artistic expressions. Its municipality hosts upwards of 40 mystical, philosophical and religious communities, including Buddhists, Taoist, Oshoists, among others.

Retreat guests will stay at the Paraiso Dos Pandava Yoga Resort, a Krishna consciousness centre where our planet and personal wellbeing are honoured as our intrinsic link to all that is.

The Crystal Dwellers retreat offers the opportunity to charge and energize with healing foods and healing practices. In addition to delicious living foods meals, superfood smoothies and nourishing juices the retreat includes daily yoga and meditation, chanting at the drop Kaliandra, and excursions to the birthplace of quartz crystals, “Valle da Lua”(a natural water park), and Chapada National Park. Optional add-ons for the retreat include horseback riding, healing massage, Reiki or quantum healing, Amazonian shaman ceremonies, sweat lodges, hot air balloon rides, and a visit with famous healer, John of God.

The food we eat is the most direct connection to the outside world. Adding more living food to our diet is one of the best and most simple ways to improve our health. Guests will begin each day with an organic macrobiotic smoothie. After practice, guests will enjoy fresh fruits, nut milks, and superfood cereals. Lunches will be light and simple, yet full of flavour and nutrition. Dinner will consist of comforting vegan foods, with flavours from all over the world using local traditional foods, herbs and elixirs.

The five-day option features an all inclusive rate of Private Suite 5 days $1550 8 days $2420, shared accommodation for 5 days $1520 8 days $2385, shared accommodation $1450 8 days $2250 USD.

About Joanne Gerrard Young: Originally from Ontario, Canada, Joanne Gerrard Young has been working in the culinary arts and holistic nutrition field since 1991. While living in the resort town of Whistler, British Columbia, she worked with some of the world’s top chefs, a time in her life that opened the door to traveling the world and enriching her cultural experience. Young has gained fundamental healing experience working closely with naturopathic doctors, herbalists, alternative healers, and doctors of Chinese medicine, as well as the general public, consulting and designing healing menus for a variety of health issues. In addition to Young’s passion for helping people eat and live better prompted her and her husband to found The Healing Cuisine. Since the formation of her organization, she has reached out to people across the world, including Brazillian supermodel and environmental philanthropist Gisele Bündchen, actors Brittany Daniel, Mel Gibson, and Superbowl champion quarterback Tom Brady.

About Christina Kalyani: Christina Kalyani, a native Brazilian, has studied and practiced yoga since she was 18. Learning Hatha and Bhakti yoga, she traveled a yogic life in communities, exploring several lineages of yoga in Brazil, and venturing into Guatemala where she encountered Kindalini yoga, eventually participating in a pilgrimage by horse, presenting Asana Choreography and introducing yoga to the poor people of the Peruvian mountains. Her quest for spiritual intelligence continued as she then traveled from her homeland in South America to India to observe the Hindu way of life and study the origins of yoga from Vedic masters. Kalyani’s passion for discovering ultimate truths and ending suffering is gracefully woven into the yoga she shares with the world: “Going to yoga classes and stretching is not enough. We must understand the concepts behind the practice. We must accept the transformation. We must accept the gift of love, the gift of union…when this love can be felt deep within the heart as sparkling light from the window of the eyes, everyone gets touched and remembers that in reality we are practicing not just for ourselves or for our own illumination, but for the entire cosmic evolution.”Kalyani has been teaching and living yoga for the past 10 years in Costa Rica, and has taught yoga and been a massage therapist to Kate Moss and Leonardo DiCaprio, among several others.

About The Healing Cuisine: For 15 years, The Healing Cuisine has been sharing the delicious simplicity of healing with whole organic food and juicing with the world. Through its healing retreats, cooking classes, raw food diet and juice cleanse retreats and private chef services they provide easy access to healthy, lactose free, gluten free, live superfoods and macrobiotic gourmet ingredients, prepared in or delivered to customers anywhere in the world. For further information, visit or find it on Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor.

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