Friday, August 14, 2015

Introducing a Smarter Light Bulb to the World


Reagan Or
Creative Bulb
(647) 291-7440

New Startup Seeks Support in Exciting Product Development

CALGARY, AB, August 14, 2015 — The minds behind Creative Bulb have developed a concept that inspires home entertainment in a whole new way. The Canadian company’s inaugural product release is a two-in-one LED light blub with built-in Bluetooth® speaker. Not only are the bulb’s standard capabilities impressive but its features can be controlled via the user’s mobile device, tablet or computer with ease. The Creative Bulb has several practical applications that will surely make it a game-changer for tech savvy consumers such as parties & events, shower ambiance, meditation, sleep assistance, home fitness and more.

The Creative Bulb aims to deconstruct the separation of light and sound; encompassing all into more than a utility but an experience.

We have engineered a unique design and model that is second to none. Not only that, but they are more affordable so do not have to worry about it being price prohibitive. Help us make this product a reality so you can listen to your music no matter where you are in your house with amazing lighting!
Reagan Or, Founder

This young, innovative startup is seeking the public’s support in bringing the Creative Bulb to life. Re-inventing how people live in their homes will surely be an expensive task from prototyping to testing to production and distribution. However, the commercial potential is surely enormous on an international scale. In true grassroots fashion, the company is asking anyone interesting in funding or assisting with the idea to visit

About Creative Bulb
Founded in May of 2015, Creative Bulb designs and manufactures home products that integrate with daily life in a thoughtful way. Their standards of quality and perfection push the envelope in forward-thinking residential technology. Creative Bulb is quickly becoming a prominent brand name in the smart home space.

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