Thursday, July 16, 2015

Project Mazama, a new daily renewal supplement, all natural, in the liquid nutrition category

The new liquid shot is an all natural supplement providing immediate health and performance benefits, essential nutrients, energy renewal, and quicker recovery.

KLAMATH FALLS, OREGON, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2015 -- A New Earth Food and Natural Health Company (New Earth Co.) of Klamath Falls, Oregon announced details about Project Mazama: a new daily renewal supplement in the liquid nutrition category. The new liquid shot is an all natural liquid supplement that provides immediate health and performance benefits, increased energy level, essential nutrients, and packs a powerful physical and mental boost.

The Project Mazama liquid shot is a ground-breaking health and wellness product launch offering the first clean and natural liquid supplement for athletes, active lifestyles, sports performance, exercise, workout recovery, energy renewal, brain health, cognitive function, and mental focus.

The Project Mazama liquid nutrition supplement is available as a Free Sample offer, inviting anyone to try the nutritious liquid shot with no cost and no obligation. The liquid shot free sample is a limited time offer while supplies last.

The New Earth Co. and Project Mazama initiates a new business opportunity for people interested in joining the team, and marketing this groundbreaking liquid nutrition product and business pre-launch. Project Mazama is a ground floor health product MLM, a new MLM opportunity that is launching with the exciting, new liquid shot.

Individuals are invited to join Project Mazama, get the free sample of the new liquid shot, join the new business launch, and become an Associate for Free! The Project Mazama pre-launch offers free enrollment, a Free Associate account, free website, a free Associate kit to launch your own home business, and all the tools needed to build your business.

The Project Mazama liquid nutrition supplement is a one-of-a-kind natural health product with all natural ingredients: cognizin, sustamine, organic wild microalgae, vitamin D, ribose, leucin, blueberry, citrus, and other all natural components. The liquid shot contains no added sugar, no GMO, no artificial sweeteners or colors, no energy crash, and only 26 calories per serving.

The liquid shot has been in product development for 18 months, and was created by an expert team comprised of food and nutrition scientists, a global natural ingredient company, food and beverage consultants, and the New Earth Co. research and develop team.

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